Facekini fever

Face to face is the Chinese beach audience in the most popular social networking hot topic, in the June 28 release in Qingdao, the latest generation after the release, once again aroused the concern of the general public. Driven by high demand, its famous, unique appearance and practical function of sunray protection, facekini has become a niche part of the overall swimwear market, as China’s consumer upgrades have released ambitious entrepreneurs more business potential.

Zhang Shi-fan is a 61-year-old baker’s inventor in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. Since the invention of high-demand products, her products have been moving towards internationalization over the past decade.

The beach mask from Qingdao, also known as the “western face”, attracts many domestic and international headlines due to its unique appearance.

Consumers think this is the most effective and practical way to face sunshine, so in China’s beaches, this hot topic is also pointed out in the media reports.

Nylon products have become a hot topic in Western media coverage, especially Reuters in 2012 in Qingdao Beach posted a picture of middle-aged women.

Last year, a Qingdao residents Jia home, at home to buy five facial skin family, this year and bought two.

“I feel comfortable wearing because of the high elasticity and effective sun protection, because the summer often swims on the beach,” the Global Times said on Monday.

A new trend

Last year in July, a white-collar worker, Li Yang, in Beijing last year, tried to face and found that playing water in the sun was crucial when visiting Bali in Indonesia.

Mr. Lee told the Global Times on Monday that I was shocked when I was wearing it, but I got used to it and realized that it was more important to protect my face from the sun. ”

Facekini not only by domestic consumers, more and more popular overseas.

Zhangjiajie Thursday in the “Global Times” said that some countries in Australia and Southeast Asia can find facekini, and pointed out that “last year online and offline sales of 30,000 to 40,000 facial skin.”

When Mr. Zhang invented the veil for the first time in 2004, she never foresaw the current popularity.

The invention of facekini was intended to be a supplement to the anti-jellyfish swimwear of Zhang Shui’s invention.

Influenced by the needs of Qingdao swimmers and swimming swimmers protected by chickenpox at sea, Mr. Zhang decided to create a anti-jellyfish swim suit to protect her community swimmer and travel to this trip in 2004 The Face to face

“In view of my client’s feedback on the suit, I continued my design by creating an independent mask, only the eyes, nose and mouth, and later became the first generation of” facekini “.

The seventh generation facekini premiered on June 28 in Qingdao seaside, as several young female models showed new features of blue and white porcelain and embroidery to media cameras.

“Porcelain behind the inspiration from the Yuan Dynasty authentic porcelain [1279-1368], now in the Iranian museum display, embroidery on behalf of the traditional Chinese craft,” Zhang said she wanted to express the “Silk Road” concept.

Another highlight of the new generation is to sew the mask on the collar of the swimsuit.

“This improvement comes from my client’s feedback because they think this feature makes it more convenient.” Zhang added.

A new generation of facial skin stock is still in production, is expected to start from mid-July sales.

Still a small business

Beijing’s independent technology analyst Liu Dingding Monday in the “Global Times” said that China’s face-to-face popular behind that China’s consumption is being upgraded and become more diversified.

Shanghai market consulting firm iResearch analyst Guo Shimin agreed that the company has a niche market in China.

“To tell the truth, face to face the first few generations is not very beautiful, but more attention to practicality, because they focus on sunscreen and jellyfish control and other effective features, most consumers are often middle-aged women, Kwak told Monday “Global Times”.

He said that the unique product now attracts young people as consumers, the reason is largely due to social media.

Taobao in China shopping platform on the three stores, Zhang’s Facebook sales in recent years showing a year-on-year growth. Mr. Zhang has been operating body swimwear since 2004 and has been distributing wholesale business over the past 13 years.

However, due to its specific target audience and function, the entire swimsuit market face angle of only 30 yuan ($ 4.42), is the swimwear market, a niche player.

“The product is seasonal and has a very complex production process because of its unique design,” said Mr. Zhang. “Zhang points out that the unique product has the limitations of profitability.

“A swimming product swimwear manufacturer China once told me that they were more willing to do a couple of swim trunks than a noodle pants because the mask needed to work harder,” Mr Cheung said.

Mr. Liu said that despite the current market situation is obvious, but the business is not yet in place. “Meet the needs of specific consumer groups – in this case, China ‘s middle – aged female beach players – should actively encourage aspiring entrepreneurs so that they can pursue the niche market.

Designer Focus: Andy Carefree shopping at home for ladies active swimwear

New York’s online swimmer start-up company, Andy, is trying to reverse the popular nostalgic shopping experience by designing a new “own-brand” shopping option for its designer swimwear.

“We know from the experience, whether it is in the store or online, clothes, shopping is terrible. Swimwear is particularly challenging!” Andie Cofounder Tess De Paula said.

Andie specializes in designing high-quality single-piece swimsuit at a reasonable price point. Investigated more than 500 women before a year ago to identify key market issues. Catalina, Montauk and Tulum are three of their first online collections in the range XS / 0 – XL / 14. The current colors include black, dark blue, white, and the latest addition of forest green. Andy also offers a convenient, risk-free home shopping option. Building your own box is an extension of this model. The suit price is $ 125.

Prior to the launch of Andy, co-founder Melanie Travis served as Director of Activities after two key consumer technology companies, Kickstarter and Foursquare, in the pet-based subscription service company Bark & ​​Co.

Co-founder De Paula is a senior business development and marketing strategy expert for Siegel + Gale. After earning an MBA from the New York University Stern School of Business and a bachelor’s degree from George Washington University, she worked for L’Oréal, the first of its global brand development team, and then served as president of the American Orchid Americas President.

Christina Moore: Andy’s new “own box” is how to work, why would it be attractive for busy professional women?

Tess De Paula: We are pleased to introduce the next generation of Andy experience: to build your own box. This is a simple, simplified shopping experience and now has a delightful selection element. Ladies can come to our website, just a few clicks, you can create a custom home attempt, from our three single-piece style to choose three suit, each color can be three colors and five sizes The

And then they pay a small deposit, we usually within 24 hours to the container shipped to the door. Then come to the best part: they try a comfortable suit in their home – drink a glass of wine, show their best friends or other important and spend a week to decide what they like. At the end of the week, they put any clothes they do not like into the prepaid mail in the box and send them to their postman. When we receive the mail to our office, we will receive their saved mail and deposit it in the order.

Our model attracts business professional women because swimwear shopping is usually stressful, uncomfortable and time consuming. Swimsuits are the most transparent clothing that most women will wear, so it is almost impossible to find the perfect suit for your aesthetics, price points and body type through the screening of the endless grid or bikini’s sea area. Add experience in the decoration room – small rooms with fluorescent lamps, thin curtains and comfortable sales staff – your stressful recipes. We want to simplify the whole process, let us find a woman like us can feel a good suit, so that they become simple and interesting, and not because of the decision to worry, or waste the entire afternoon from the store to the store All day long.

Melanie Travis: Andy is created in a busy professional woman, so we try to be as simple and painless as possible.

What inspired you to work together to launch Andy?

Travis: Tess and my wife Leah met each other, almost all together – they went to high school (Pittsburgh). So I am also familiar with Tess, but we have been working in different industries. A few years ago, Tess’s husband, Marcus, and my wife had a project at SXSW, so Tess had dinner with me and knew each other. We found that we had a lot of interrelated interest, so when I first had a single swimsuit company’s idea, Tess was the first person to call me. We can talk about the night and the weekend, to understand what the company can do, and how to solve all the problems we have observed in the swimwear industry. We have different backgrounds, but complementary skills, so in the end we decide we should do this together. We left our work, the rest is history!

Why only one swimsuit? Is there any plans for Andy Bikini?

Travis: I have a personal experience, I try to find a retreat for the company. I’ve been to the place where I see a bikini, there are some terrible pieces, all cut (not practical), there are pineapples or emoticons stamps everywhere (baby supplies), as well as Nike’s and Speedos. After talking to many female friends and colleagues, I realized that I heard the same voice, saying it was hard to find a good price point. So that’s what we have to do. Now we focus on one, because that is where we think the greatest demand.

But since we started our business, we have seen that buying Andy a customer also wears a bikini. So when we do not have any direct plans to make bikini, and finally we want to serve all the swimsuit needs for Ms. Andy, so I will not exclude it in the future.

When the wet time, Andie’s white Tulum swimsuit how to see?

Travis: opaque and sexy! I do not know why people are afraid of white suits. We use double-layer lining of high-quality fabric, so really no perspective. Look at my Instagram (@melanietravis), I’m wearing Tulum pictures in a variety of water – it happens to be my favorite style.

Investigate more than 500 women how to strengthen Andy?

Travis: One of the biggest things from measuring women is to try [shopping mode] at home. We started Andy’s goal is to make the best one. However, through extensive research on women in the development of products, we quickly realized that the swimwear shopping experience has been completely broken. Woman hates shopping swimsuit. In fact, many women prefer to have a cavity instead of buying a swimsuit. So we realize that we can not only focus on building a better one; we have to re-imagine the entire shopping experience. This is the home of the attempt was born.

But the investigation also in a more subtle way to strengthen Andy. We understand that women of all shapes and sizes have a variety of body parts, so we can make a body that can show off these parts. We understand the color and fabric preferences. Through our survey, we have been able to build Andie as a customer-centric brand.

How can you maintain an accessible price without sacrificing style and quality?

Travis: Our way of production is more like an innovative technology company, not a dusty fashion brand. Because we are selling online, we are not hesitant to the traditional fashion season, so in the production of our series, we work with the factory, for their work schedule, in the case of excess capacity cut into lines to get better cutting and Sewing costs. Then we pass these savings directly to the consumer.

I would like to note that this does not mean that we are working with the overall reduction and sewing cost of the factory, which usually shows that workers do not get a fair wage. We visited dozens of manufacturers in the United States to find a manufacturer who can treat workers well and pay fair wages. We finally made our first series of factories in Los Angeles city center with a sunny 5th floor studio. This is a woman owned and operated, they provide workers with leave and sick leave, which in this industry is very unusual. They are a true high-end manufacturer, making a swimsuit for Barneys selling more than $ 400 lines.

We do not have the traditional fashion brand profit margins, because we sell directly to our customers online. By cutting the middleman and producing our own clothing, there is no inflated cost or profit, and we can offer high quality products to our customers at the highest possible price.

Why did you decide on a sliding scale price?

Travis: Our price is a sliding scale, because a customer is more suitable for home, the less we pay for the transport, as a brand spirit, we save us directly through our customers. We ship all USPS priority messages, which charge us a fee by weight. As a result, the more swimsuit the customer skips from home, the less the return fee we pay (we pay the shipping in both ways). So if we save money when our customers keep two pieces of clothing and send them back, we will transfer the savings to the customer and reduce her every cost. Similarly, when a customer to keep three suits, she should be less for each piece of clothing.

De Paula: We also know from experience that when we find what we like and work for us, we stick to it, whether it’s our favorite coffee shop, jeans or peanut butter. We want to encourage and reward the kind of loyalty to enjoy the time (without having to want a new swimsuit every time to reassess each brand) with Andy’s woman.

Andy is 100% “Made in China”. Is this intentional? If so, why?

Travis: Yes, it is intentional, but not because you might have heard the strange marketing reasons from other brands. When we started Andy, we did not have any experience in garment manufacturing, so we wanted to learn this process and really see our clothes life. One million things happen when we start the company, we can not imagine planning to travel to a distant country, in this country, we will not speak all the other languages. Honestly, we are just obsessed with Googled for some time to learn about China’s garment industry, where high quality swimwear factory is located. We have produced a large number of factory spreadsheets and their location and professional. Then we began to visit the factory specializing in high-end swimwear. We met the owner and saw the cut and sewn the floor. Once we decide where to make it, we will stop on a regular basis, and our suit is on the line and watch the suit come. And there is no better quality control method than the site.

So our swimsuit is 100% of the “Made in China”, really because we lack the experience of garment production and desire to learn! And if i’m so crisp, I think the Chinese are very clear about Andy. Yes, our government is a mess, we are very decentralized, but I still think that no country in the world can have an idea to start making it a reality and finding success. People here really respect the entrepreneurial spirit, willing to give two women a dream opportunity.

As a fashion technology start-up companies, you are currently facing the biggest challenge is what?

Travis: My answer is changing almost every week, which may be normal for early fashion technology startups. Now I think our biggest challenge is to hear on the noise. There are many e-commerce fashion start-up companies. It’s not hard to throw a website and start selling it anymore. But this is not Andy. We are building a brand and creating an experience on a bathing suit: a better product, a passion for one thing, and a happy home trial. So now we spend a lot of time to make sure we are communicating this story.

De Paula: I agree with Melanie’s point of view and add that we are struggling to meet the challenges of day-to-day operations, as well as how we develop and provide Ms. Andie with a better swimwear experience.

What’s next? Do you see Andy in three years?

Travis: It’s hard to say because we really have a customer-centric way of growth. Since our goal is like a fashion label, like a technology company, which means a lot of iterations, listen to customer feedback, and then more iterations. I have some guess, where Andie will go, but we can help our customers set this way.

Whatever it is, my three years of hope for Andy is that it is a brand that improves the customer experience and makes shopping fun. But six months ago, when we stressed the assembly and reassembly of a prototype, I would not say. At that time, I would say that I want Andy to become the largest single swimsuit company, our name is synonymous with a single swimsuit. That would be fine! But we are listening to the customer, yes, they like their Andy one, but they are really celebrating our experience, so as we grow, we will continue to work hard.

How do you add your creativity and energy?

Travis: Honestly, come from our customers. It sounds like the most delicious thing. But I am meeting in the surrounding area of ​​the city, and they may be long and sometimes painful. But after each meeting, I opened the phone, view customer reviews, text, email and voicemail, they are all very good. The customer wrote to thank us for our experience. They wrote to us that they were very satisfied with the swimsuit, or that they had so much praise in the pool. This is just the best energy boost. I can feel my old self rolling my eyes in such an answer, but when you put everything you put into a little company, then people like it – there is no greater feeling in the world that it motivates me to keep the noise The We have a Slack channel, we express the praise of the customer, so everyone in the team can see people for all our good things, I scroll at least twice a day this thread.

De Paula: Agree! I also like to go back, like a consumer, watching other brands experience so that I am pleasantly surprised, whether it is to send flowers or boutique hotel accommodation, and consider how we learn from the experience of Andy’s future.

Drupe: international staff all over the world:

When Mireya deAndrés told her parents, she was out of the bank business in Geneva, Switzerland, and started a popular line where they thought she was crazy. Fashion seems to be on the other side of the financial world.

DeAndrés, who studies business administration and management, worked for several decades of real estate in Valencia, Spain, and then went to the next job in Switzerland. But the bank is not her bag.

She eventually believed her parents, fashion is her passion. “I’m very creative,” she said. “I like painting, and it ‘s a nightmare for me in the office, and my life is not fulfilled.

Her father finally accepted her career transition, but there was a condition. She had to find an economic supporter. She does not have to look far. Her brother, Dimas, worked in the family’s commercial real estate business, becoming a co-founder and investor in her new company, called Drupe, a stone fruit produced by palm trees and other fruit trees.

De Andres moved to Los Angeles, creating a new company, which is a lifestyle brand, designed for men and women casual wear and swimsuit.

The beach-facing brand is organized in millennial style, and De Andreas and her employees are meeting around the world with Skype. Her designer Lucia Ribes in Valencia. Her printing and graphic designer Anna Caldas in Sao Paulo, Brazil, her public relations officer in Los Angeles; her swimwear factory in Barcelona, ​​Spain. She has a free designer in the UK.

Bankers turned clothing, swimwear manufacturer China will be portrayed as easy, colorful, a little sexy and avant-garde.

She worked with her Brazilian designer to present a unique print, such as the ladybug or green spot of the Lycra swimwear manufacturer China fabric she used. Her silhouette, many reversible, can be clumsy or more gentle. The bottom is an abbreviated bikini form or a high-level shape that covers more territory. The top is formed in triangles and Bordeaux and harnesses.

Each bikini package is priced at about $ 45. Although most of Drupe’s sales have been sold online, DeAndrés will expand sales this summer after a large-scale promotion in Mykonos, Greece.

Manufacturing Hate For ‘Made In America’

In Washington, DC, it was “Made in America” ​​for a week. You will think this is the reason why the two parties celebrate. Who can oppose the ingenuity, self-reliance and success of our country’s local entrepreneurs and manufacturers?

Enter Bill Kristol.

Deep-rooted Beltway experts laughed at the White House on Monday at the White House, and President Donald Trump hosted all 50 state companies to showcase their US-made products.

“Maybe just me,” said Cristall, “but I found something to make the White House an American tchotchkes exhibition hall.” (This is useless jewelry for Yiddish).


Told engineers at Hytrol, a conveyor manufacturer in Arkansas, who brought their mechanical display to the national restaurant. Tom Loberg, founder of Hytrol, began acting as an electronic component factory in the Great Depression during the design of naval turbines, hydraulic pumps and cylinders into the conveyor belt business, and improved the seeds of transport machinery and tobacco farmers The

Hytrol’s state-of-the-art products are now used by companies such as Amazon.com and Office Depot for the world’s leading pharmaceutical, retail, food and publishing group. As a pioneer in the material handling industry, Hytrol employs 1,300 high-skilled workers and will monopolize more than $ 200 million this year.


Told employees of the Pierce manufacturing company in Wisconsin, where the company exhibited 30,000 custom fire engines on the White House lawn. Pierce began as a car body shop operating from a converted church, now having a staff of 2,000 people. It produces the iconic air tillers, pumping units, tankers and rescue vehicles driven by the nation’s first responders every day.


Told Blake Waldrop, founder of RMA Armament from Iowa, a former navy and police who was inspired to create more powerful armor after losing Iraqi comrades in Iraq. His ceramic plates are also featured on Monday in the “Made in America” ​​event, purchased by the police department of Baltimore, Los Angeles and Iowa Waterloo. Waldrop is partnering to bring his products to the US military and overseas.

“I always tell people that I have not invented the armor except Steve Jobs invented the computer,” Waldrop told Des Moines earlier this year. “I just found a better way, just like him.”


Delaware’s ILC Dover also participated in President Trump’s “Made in America” ​​exhibition. Since the Apollo project, it has made every American astronaut wear a space suit. Abram Spanel, the son of a Russian-born Jewish garment worker, separates it from its huge latex business group, which separates everything from belts and swimsuit from food and lifeboats The

ILC Dover produced high-pressure suits and helmets for the Air Force prior to obtaining a contract with NASA’s design contract. In addition to demonstrating the space suit planned for the space shuttle and the International Space Station, the company also provided the White House with the DoverPac flexible isolator system used by the pharmaceutical company in its manufacturing process; its Sentinel respirator used in the health care industry; its SCape escaped the respirator To protect US government officials from carbon monoxide, chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear pollutants.

This is an abominable disgrace, D.C. infected with the mind, only the successful manufacturing of products to the United States can be the real power and shocks hostile. Patriotism was as incurable as Bill Kristol, who supported Duran Trump’s nationalist nationalism, and he supported Hillary Clinton · Hillary Clinton and foreign aid.

Is Trump and his family’s own company doing better in the United States hiring the United States and manufacturing? of course.

Can the White House freeze foreign workers at both ends of the wage level and put the American workers in the first place? Undeniable.

But the invitation of our commander-in-chief provoked that producers and job creators were proud to show off their merchandise, especially anti-Trump’s madness and arrogance in the national capitals.

“Maybe it’s just me,” Christopher made in the “Made in America” ​​week. The Road.

Yes, just you, Cristall, and other Beltway swamps “schmendricks” who put their nose in “tchotchkes” to help save lives, move mountains, and break obstacles across galaxies.

The rest of us praise and thanks.

The Australian Swimwear Brand Kylie Jenner Actually Buys

Australia is famous for its beaches, so it is perfect, it is also the return of some of the hottest swimwear brands. One of them is Frankie Swimwear, a label in Sydney, released by Rebecca Klodinsky, 27, who was actually studying forensic psychology before, and then postponed attention to her brand.

For four years, Frankie Swimwear has been used worldwide, already has more than 218,000 users of Instagram, and was wearing a few major celebrities. We are talking about Rihanna and Kylie Jenner. we know . The The next. Level.

So, because we are obsessed with the brand (and Kelly Jena liked this fact), so we sent an email to Rebecca and asked what answers we needed. Read on to learn how Frankie Swimwear was successful overnight.

Australia POPSUGAR: When did you launch Frankie?

Rebecca Collinsky: Frank was launched in November 2013.

PS: What do you do?

RK: When my sister came home from the day of shopping, the penny really fell and proudly showed me the new bikini she had crossed, and I felt that something had to change. She has worn a bikini! If my sister is doing that, sure she is not alone there are hundreds of other girls there doing? There is a hole in the market, at great prices to buy a great swimsuit.

PS: What did you do before starting your own label?

RK: Before Frankie, I went to college. I studied dual degree in forensic psychology and psychology, although I postponed the course in the fourth year, pursuing the development of my company

PS: Who is your brand’s first celebrity?

RK: Rihanna is the first in 2014 to wear Frankie swimsuit celebrity!

PS: Kylie Jenner is also a fan of your swimsuit, and in the form of a 19-year-old birthday in your black bikini with her own face self-timer Instagram lens self-timer – what’s going on?

RK: This is completely organic! Until my two staff reminded me of the images I knew. We quickly find the source of sales, confirm that we are! This is not a paid post, it is completely organic, the suit is purchased by Kylie from the website.

PS: How important is Instagram to your brand?

RK: very! Instagram alone exposes Frankie Swimwear to an international market that has not yet touched. We have become an internationally recognized label, our online coverage is almost unlimited. Frankie swimsuit is strictly online and has the power of Instagram, the social media platform has promoted our labels in Europe, the United States and other regions. We have been internationally recognized and thank you for our strong online presence and coverage, and our labels are readily available to anyone, regardless of their origin.

PS: why do you think your brand has seen its success?

RK: I’m lucky because I caught the “Instagram wave”. At the time of this platform, I was able to really connect to an unaffected audience of e-commerce marketing that had not yet been through a social media platform.
I do believe that this one-handed help to drive Frankie to the place today.

PS: Do you have any suggestions for someone to want to start their own tags?

RK: do not hesitate I really want to see women in business has made a belief in the leap and success. There is such a strong male shame associated with the label “Entrepreneur” I like to see women break this cycle in business.

PS: So far, what is the highlight of your career?

RK: Drive my first Frankie Swimwear billboard. It was a cool moment!

PS: What’s next?

RK: Frankie Bebe! Mom and Bubble are the time to be excited – we have released a small part of the seamless Bebe swimming, but in the summer of 2018, when Frankie Bebe’s fun really started.