The silhouette fashion show celebrates the end of 70 years

70 years, De Montfort University, Leicester (DMU) led the fashion in shape, training designers to allow the industry, so that stars and set global fashion trends.

Now, a new exhibition designed to showcase its decades of fashion opens on campus to celebrate its historic anniversary.


DMU Heritage Center has been transformed into a fashion paradise, as it demonstrates student work from the past 70 years of work and future trends and current discipline leader Gillian Proctor prediction.

The Leicester Academy of art’s straitjacket school (formerly DMU) was founded in 1947 in the Great Britain’s Corsetry Guild as a post war effort to stimulate the rising part of local designers.

Before the course, many fashion custom swimwear manufacturers came out of the silhouette houses of Paris and the United states. The outline fashion curriculum, which emphasizes design talent and technical expertise, marks the new era of British fashion and has fostered generations of designers that will change the face of the intimate clothing industry.

Now known as the bachelor’s degree program, fashion has become a widespread recognition among industry experts and considered one of the best in the world.

Over the past 70 years, thousands of students have dared to push the boundaries of innovation and technology to promote the evolution and achievement of this famous program. The exhibition will review some of the most memorable moments of the course and showcase contemporary student work.

The temporary gallery is a collection of H and a rare insight into some of the groundbreaking clothing produced by the R and Symington Symington archives. It’s a comprehensive collection of fashion tights, foundation and wearing swimsuit advertising materials, photo support, custom swimwear manufacturers equipment and recorded memories.

In many ways, Elizabeth Wheelband curator says the exhibit – Symington tells the story of women’s Liberation in particular.

She said: “if you want to wear clothes in the Vitoria times, women are restricted whalebone corset, wearing the heavy, a lot of underwear. They can even dress up and swim.

“Gradually, along with the dress reform and change the positive attitude of women we see based on weardesign and fabric technology – women will need to cope with changes in circulation, tennis and more and more activities in Vitoria and the late Edward era.

“The first World War has brought about great changes in fashion, women don’t want to bend silhouettethey to the invisible, to supplement their loose clothes to a clothes, bra and 30 extension belts and DMU in 1947 began its stylish degree when it is on the use of small cloth for rationing.”

The exhibition will see a range of clothing from the collection, highlighting the seminal design or technological advances that affect the basis of fashion.

It is running at the Leicestershire Museum of service that is based on the Fashion Book Foundation: Symington tights collection 1860-1990, by Philip Warren and Sarah Nicol.

Five, the Hongkong swimwear brand is a blend of fashion, sustainability and affordability

With international clients of foreigners, tourists and travelers of the locals, friendly business tax systems, world-class infrastructure and neighboring China and Nanyang manufacturing centers, Hong Kong is a good place to start a fashion business. In the hot, sunny weather, six months of the year, living in the beach, garbage boats and swimming pool lifestyle, where can better launch swimsuit brand?

In recent years, some local swimsuit brand began to start. One of them was mint escaped by Hong Kong resident Diana Vo and her friend Anna Biller launched in March of this year.

“In Hong Kong, it means that there are a variety of private label swimwear manufacturers swimsuit in your closet that is a long summer fashion that is smart for ladies in Hong Kong,” Vo said.swimwear-manufacturer-China

How young Hong Kong designers are turning their hands on clothing

Both women have experience in finding and developing collections for international apparel brands and their own brands before they start a company. For them, the “mint voice” is to create a reasonable swimsuit, it will not compromise on the quality and style, but to maintain the trend of fashion under the premise.

They also stressed the mix and separation of the game, they found a gap in the market. “It finds a lifestyle shop with complex and modern swimsuit in Hong Kong where you can mix and match the size and style that is almost impossible according to your size,” Biller said.

Petra Greening is the founder of the swimsuit brand and the founder of Shek O, who also had a fashion design career before the release of the trademark in 2013. She does not want a reasonable price in Hong Kong, finds fashion swimsuit and decides to create a series of stylish Bikinis nightclubs with minimal aesthetic.

“I do not want my swimsuit to feel like wearing my consumer,” Greening said. “I wanted to create some timeless and classic beautiful low-key colors instead of a typical summer palette.”

She explained that the hollow swimsuit also has the elements of sustainable development. “With the big rubbish, water sports and the beach going to the community we’ve been in Hong Kong, I noticed that the ocean is our dear Hong Kong people. It is very important that I have come to create as little waste as possible so I created a reusable The bag, my swimsuit is not a one – time use of non – recyclable plastic packaging.

Another focus on protecting the oceans in Hong Kong is to go beyond the basic swimsuit brand, launched by actor, TV host, model Jocelyn Sandstrom earlier this year by Kickstarter. She and her husband Anthony use Italian pure nylon material called econyl, which is made up of recycled fishing nets and rugs, making your own elegant and sustainable Bikinis nightclubs.

“I am passionate about the earth and green life, so I think it is perfect to combine the two,” she said. “If we do not protect and take care of our oceans, we will not have a beautiful ocean to swim.” Both go hand in hand. ”

Adam Raby, Hong Kong’s men’s swimsuit brand Matsu’s founder, also highlights the marine protection. In particular, he wanted to raise the awareness of the Indian Pacific Humpback Dolphin, or the Chinese White Dolphin, which – due to overfishing and pollution – there are still 60 waters around Hong Kong.

“In order to raise awareness of their plight of survival, we created the Indian Pacific Humpback, Linge, our shorts for Tai O and Pearl River’s model,” Raby said. From each of these shorts sold to Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society.

Raby launched its own brand in the 2014 show Asian inspired luxury holiday after wearing the world to note that the men’s private label swimwear manufacturers based on the Asian market gap. He is currently working on the use of sustainable materials such as recycled fabric blends and bamboo for the upcoming design.

“Sustainable buying is a long time, and that’s why sustainability is not cheap,” he said. “It is important for me to be how Matsu as a company’s carbon footprint and responsibility to maintain our environment.”

Hong Kong’s e-commerce brand, Grana, has just begun to compete in the swimwear manufacturer China, adding to men and women’s design, which is in June. Brand, founded in 2013, based on the requirements of consumers from the 3000 active, the formation of “granalab” decision, sharing and feedback network.

Grana is by selling high-quality fabrics directly to consumers disrupting the traditional retail model. In the swimwear category, it has maintained two to three times the original, six to eight times higher than the traditional retail price.

Men’s works made of special blend of blends called “Taiwan Science and Technology”, are smooth, lightweight and fast dry. The woman’s work is made of a material called “Italian sensitive”, which is known for its fast drying ability, ultra-smooth touch and “second skin”.

“We looked at the high-end brands of mid-market prices and fabrics, [we] from the source of high-quality fabrics,” said Brand founder and CEO Luke Grana. “We reduce the market cost by 20 30%, into the sweet spot of our millennial customers.”

Aquifil carpet recycling factory in the United States, the manufacture of fashionable industrial fibers

The same interface, and Milliken’s manufacturers, as well as clothing brands such as Adidas and Volcom, use aquafil’s econyl yarn – from 100% recycled nylon – to produce sports clothes waste, swimwear and carpet. Now, the new plant in Feinikesi will recycle 6 of the waste from carpet to raw nylon material, give Aquafil more econyl yarn and increase supply of textile and carpet swimwear manufacturer.


Aquafil, which produces polyamide (or nylon 6), has established its own energy and recycling economy, 2007 promoting the company’s sustainable development activities. Through research and development, the company developed a econyl recycling system that will waste from nylon 6 carpet.

The system helps the company to participate in the “recycling economy” is an important business driver of the swimwear manufacturer, aquifil said. Aquafil is the first to open the carpet carpet recycling recycling facilities, aquifil (ACR) # 1, Feinikesi. When the equipment runs normally in 2018, it will collect and process 35 million pounds of carpet each year, and reuse the waste, or else go to the landfill, according to the company.


Carpet recycling has historically been a challenge because of the use of many different materials, as well as a design that is not easily separated. Aquafil said that it has been with more than 160 brands, providing them with econyl yarn, date, and claimed that it helped to make the fashion industry sustainable development.

Aquafil also creates nylon econyl 6 fishnet. A joint report by the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the United Nations Environment Programme says about 640000 tonnes of abandoned fishing nets in the ocean make up 1/10 of all marine waste.

Earlier this year, Adidas launched their negotiation ranges from swimming econyl yarn. Most recently, Yutong brought sustainable swimwear brand “fishnet Bikinis nightclub” by econyl London Fashion week.

I thank the counterfeiters for having the owners of the business

In a seemingly unlikely scenario, the owner of a well-known manufacturing company revealed that cheap counterfeiting was one of the best things that ever happened in his business.

Sean Ashby, founder of the men’s underwear and swimwear manufacturer Aussiebum, told me that his sales were due to counterfeit products – contrary to the generally held belief that the next copy of the loss maker actually increased.


“I would like to thank the counterfeiters for their development in Taiwan and the good part of China.”. “I didn’t spend any money,” he said.

“Because of its poor quality, those who buy it or read my website to buy the product, they will come back for me, because they will spend money to get the highest product, because they just love this brand.”

Sean said, often asked why he did not take the initiative to shut down those who copied his products, but his reaction is that this will only distract him from developing their own products and business focus.
“You close one factory and the other opens.”



Instead, Sean has always taken the lead in a very positive manner, counterfeiters, whose products are inevitably always in the final season.

The trick is to stay ahead. We launch new products every week, and we have new campaigns every week. No factory can keep up with what we are doing. “What kind of management is this,” he said.

However, Sean believes that the product is always copied, and trying to stop it from happening is a battle that can not be won at all.


He said, “if there is, it’s a big city, basically our design, and then put it in their retail store.” Today, it’s only part of the business. Once you feel comfortable, it’s less scary.”

“At first I [was] a very big compliment.” There is a brand, international brand, copy things, STICH, STICH. I remember seeing it in the shop: I was so excited that I had to take a swimwear manufacturer picture with me. Look at this, we did it, we did it.

European swimwear market analysis, growth, type and application trends of major companies, forecast analysis to 2022

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Swimwear market report comprehensive introduction to global and European swimwear manufacturer. This shared history data is from 2012 to 2016 and predicts from 2017 to 2022. The report helps decision makers make informed decisions and take strategic actions to achieve excellent results.

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The key players in the market: swimsuit, (France), Decathlon (France), HOSA (China Hongkong), Vitoria (Germany), the triumph of the secret (US) and many more…

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Introducing RE-SWIM CLUB

The fashion world is a famous waste. When the finest cloth comes into our wardrobe, more remains on the floor of the cutting room.


In witnessing (apparently contributing to this level of waste), the Adelaide designer Natalie Ivanov inspired the creation of the re-swim club, an environmentally-friendly swimsuit label that uses only recycled or discarded items.

She said: “synthetic products are bad for the environment, whether in the manufacturing process or after discarding, and if I can use up a small part, I feel I am achieving something.”

Ivanov’s works are hand crafted scraps, remnants, rolls, DEADSTOCK vintage fabrics and buy recycled fabrics. She began sewing this way when she was young, using leftovers from her tailor’s mother’s creations. Ivanov said: “I have been doing with the doll on the leftovers of clothes.”


At first she bought her day’s work in swimwear manufacturers and retail stores to build designs and fabrics in Sydney’s warehouse, supplying the remaining fabrics, designers and factories. Ivanov also offers a sustainable fabric – recycled nylon by 78% – from online store Eclipse. “I don’t know what I’ll get until I find it,” she said.

This means that – although simple and classic designs – each piece is unique, because each style is a song by means of a song by means of Mandolin May (Maggie, Young, Turks, Wind, etc.)

These designs are currently available only online, but Ivanov has been focusing on space updates for Adelaide’s future storefronts and design studios.

Drupe: international staff around the world

When Maria DeAndrea told her parents that she was going to quit their job in the bank, in Geneva, Switzerland, they started a fashion route, and they thought she was crazy. Fashion seems to be on the other side of the financial world.


De Andr, who studies the administration of industry and commerce, a decades old home Real Estate Company in Valencia, Spain, on her to her next job in switzerland. But the bank is not her bag.

She finally convinced her parents that fashion is her hobby. “I’m creative,” she says. I like drawing. Working in an office is a nightmare for me. My life is not full.

Her father finally accepted her career transition, but on one condition. She had to find a financial backing. She doesn’t need to see very far. Her brother, Dimas, who in the family’s commercial real estate business, become a new swimwear manufacturer and her co-founder, investors called drupe, produced by palm trees and other fruit stone.

De Andr moved to Losangeles, began her new company, a lifestyle brand, so that men and women casual clothing and swimwear.


The beach type brand organization in the new millennium fashion, and de Andre E and her staff are scattered all over the world between the Skype conference. Her designer, Lucia Ribes, is in Valencia. She prints designer, Anna Caldas, is the o Paulo —- Brazil; her public relations, who is in Losangeles; and her swimsuit factory in Barcelona, spain. She has freelance designers in britain.

Bankers switched to clothing and swimwear manufacturers to describe the line as “relaxed, colorful, sexy and avant-garde.”

She works with her Brazil designer to come up with unique photos, such as green spotted Ladybug or printed Lycra swimsuit fabric. Her silhouette is many reversible and may be less or more gentle. The bottom has a simple bikini form or a higher rising shape that covers more areas. Is at the top of the triangle and the headband and reins.

The wholesale price of each bikini set is about $45. Although most swimwear manufacturer sales have been online, de Andr will expand its sales shop, she completed a large market in Mykonos, the Greek line, later this summer.

The growth of Stella Macartney’s eyes, underwear and swimwear

The British luxury brand Stella Macartney has a long-term cooperative relationship with the authorized ISA spa signed, to improve its underwear and swimming product categories to the “next level”, and improve the position in the international market and growth potential.


Under the terms of the agreement, Italy textile manufacturers will produce, develop and distribute underwear and swimwear products for the 2018 quarter of winter and autumn.

The collection will be launched online in July next year at the Stella Mccartney store, and in the choice of global retailers including Harvey Nichols, Harrods and Selfridges department stores in the UK, Neiman Markus luxury stores in the United States, like DELL and Sax Le Bon Marche in Fifth Avenue, France, Australia and Myer and David Jones.

“Underwear has been an obsession for me for a long time and I’ve been inspired by it,” says Stella Macartney.” In swimwear manufacturer, I want to encourage women to feel confident and comfortable with themselves and their clothes. For Stella Macartney, this is a new chapter, I think we found a perfect partner, we truly understand the brand and the quality, ability and level of commitment to the next chapter.

The Stella Macartney underwear series was first introduced in 2008, followed by the 2016 swimsuit. The range now includes pajamas and a pair of bras after mastectomy.

The series will complete the transition to a new business partnership with ISA spa, committed to the establishment of new product categories, the strategy of global growth and expansion of the Stella Macartney range of lingerie and swimwear, firm growth, the main brand.

Founded in 1959, is a spa, is a leading swimwear manufacturer of textile clothing, accessories (thin silk, scarves, hats, gloves, ties), underwear, swimwear and sportswear for the luxury goods market. Today, the company has more than 40 luxury brands, including Ermenegildo, Zegna, China, Jimmy, Choo, home brand, zero RH, milazb, as well as other national and international luxury B2B brands.

“Our strategy is to establish a long-term brand portfolio to ensure our customers a unique and exclusive partnership, Stella Macartney, we will be able to create a successful common path,” spa CEO Mila Zegna.”

Our mission is to support brand DNA, core values and social responsibility beliefs, thanks to a team that takes advantage of our product knowledge, luxury market knowledge, and a dedicated sales strategy.
Stella Macartney lingerie range in price range from gbp25 to gbp350 ($33 to $456), while swimwear ranges from gbp55 to gbp325.

Small town conversation: CEA sunrise people, from anti culture, childhood to book writing

Bush: anti culture, remote areas of education, glamour, haute couture, followed by sound, the best assets of any biographer. The suburban lifestyle of the husband and three children will be icing on the cake. In fact, that’s how CEA sunrise people signed: best seller author. This is based on the normal and near normal North champion Collins, tells the story of her first 10 years in Alberta, a remote tent, an international fashion modeling career at the age of 13, and now the family lives high on the North coast. Along the way, she designed and produced bikinis for bikini worn by Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan and other actresses. Young writers understand that it took six years and 20 rewrites to publish their first book.


Second, fifth doses for one week, and it sells for 24 hours.” Then there is a roman-a-clef-hinting novel, a young woman (named winter), who is waking up and learning to overcome her inglorious past.” The person, who can write 5000 words a day, has put the manuscript in manuscript at the end of this year, 70000 words. Like any biographer, with a novel, “the vast majority of all the different directions of a story,” you can go.” It can be applied to the spade program, the psychological thriller two model moved to Paris.” At the same time, he spent a summer and winter ten years on the canvas of the mother, living in a certain extent sustenance from around the lake and Bush, believe that children learn the importance of nature is crucial, “so they went to camp, right? “No!”! Never!”

Cherchez people: Ontario put forward Lily Heise and wrote two books Ji T’AIME… Maybe? I and T’AIME, about her 17 years looking for a romantic Paris. There are also hiking heyse. She quickly released Ji T’AIME… Is to disclose further dallyings dozens of people, including the nobility and a rock star, along with useful strips of relevant data, hotels, swimwear manufacturer, etc.. Haize read recently in Vancouver literally rigid lace studio corsetiere Melanie Talkington sold to embrace their design work and related clothing. The history of her incomparable corset display in the Louvre Museum in Paris in 2014, appeared in a popular book, although there is no heyse.

Wine carpet bingo: the picnic atmosphere at Parc des Buttes Chaumont Park, Paris, was reproduced recently at the UBC campus. The French vodka maker grey goose celebrated its twentieth anniversary on the lawn of Cecil Green Park, where 1921 graduates donated $7 million for the green institute. The guests see Gaul theme in the driveway Citroen remain closed P Tanque bowling alley on the lawn, in blankets, picnic basket containing Paris chef Justin Kent goat cheese and champagne in salad, pariet Kim Moutard and RIZ milk. Rich, too straight Martini, Le Grand cocktail wine cooler, Du Vin rouge, goose Martini meal Espresso.

Once again: sometimes actress Salli Pateman helps kickstart Yaletown’s restaurant scene 1994 her Deniro bistro. When other actors, Robert Deniro, threatened to let the law lose her privacy law, 3, she changed the names of more and more restaurants (3). The 2012 year, is more likely than the film star blowing because stars rent. 2015, has the rich Chinatown focus on once the restaurant, Pateman redeveloped closed restaurant, recently re Xi Yu offal neon (sun, August 9th). If she chooses De Niro for him, “are you looking at me?” “OK,” Pender Street diners might say, “sure.”

Going to gold: the twenty-one Commonwealth Games will be held in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, and April 4, 2018. Thirteen months ago, the queen sent a relay baton during her 230000 kilometer trip from Buckingham Palace. It was flown to Sierra Leone, a neighbor of Garner, known as Gold Coast in colonial times.

The baton has recently passed through Hamilton or Hamilton, Edmonton and Victoria through Vancouver. In the conference, the Australian consul general and Trade Commissioner Kevin Lamb and Gold Coast leaders pointed out that it reflects the infinite energy, spirit and vitality of Gold Coast, Queensland (Olympic Games). “The reception also featured one of the Maryann, Talia, Pau, and Brisbane museums, a mission of stellar end violence installations that will accompany the game.

Madam: look, Mrs. Gaga skipped the glorification of the party’s Vernard Goud and Georgia’s main staged following her recent concert. She may get some beautiful costume from the Fraser Valley grad Rebecca Zubel fashion design and the creation of mother Brenda’s former Abbotsford University, all size garbage swimwear manufacturer.

Parryscope: the recent death of Jimmy Gray’s son Hao Streeter Joey, Chris Nielsen and various son-in-law friends to commemorate the Vancouver Canadiens Friday – Frosties Salem Keizer volcano game, “seventh gold in gray (he loves nickname) will undoubtedly have priority in.

Fashion history class: Celebrity clothing line dates back to nineteenth Century.

It’s almost impossible to list celebrities who have been acting as designers for all these years, and they’ve just broken into the fashion market with their celebrity and a sense of style. The consensus between them seems to be: if you can’t put a household name on a label, what’s the point of making more money and a pile of cash?

In recent years, one is not put your name into the brand’s success than Kardashian and Jenna / West Group, although the leverage in sustained profitability in the hope that their 15 minutes of fame practices can be traced back to long before the era of Instagram and tv. In fact, as long as the popular media already exists, the use of recognizable names to promote and promote fashion products has become an integral part of the retail industry. In recent history, more and more celebrities have gone beyond spokesmen, choosing to be spokesmen for their brands, making their careers limited and short lived. Some celebrities, such as Vitoria Beckham, Mary, Kate, Olsen, even reinvent their careers and become real designers, allowing them to act or sing like an unsophisticated backstories career.

“Anyone can become a designer, and now is part of the culture,” the Fashion Critic Suzy Menkes wrote in the magazine as early as 2012, and the affirmative trend has not stopped since then. To better understand the endless appeal of celebrity designers, we briefly review the concept of celebrity fashion lines and what problems these brands bring to non celebrity designers today.

Although some sources claim that the concept of celebrity fashion line originated in 1930s, it is possible that their appearance can be traced back to 1850. In this year, a Swedish Opera named Jenny Lind signature become a cultural phenomenon in the United States because of the huge publicity for her first American tour performer Barnum production. In addition to high box office ticket sales, the records show that there is a wide range of Jenny Lind brand goods sold, including gloves, hats, scarves and other fashion items. Although it’s not clear how many singers who connect themselves to any of these products have exposed her name, the so – called “Lindomania” proves that celebrity culture and branding have reached a whole new level.swimwear-manufacturer

In 1920s, the emergence of the film gave people an unprecedented reputation and public admiration. In 2008, the dancers and the silent film star Irene Castle from New Star consumers to connect the start of the first “real” celebrity fashion brand, means a series of clothing, is in her name and credited to his design show ingenuity. Known as the “American best dressed woman”, a castle is known to every family name, when she started before that has great influence on Western fashion; she is also considered to promote the Bob style of women.

From about 1917, a castle named Corticelli Silks swimwear manufacturer a series of high-end jobs with textile manufacturers, ready to label the “Aileen Castle” Corticelli fashion under fashion.” Celebrity and brand is different from the previous form, the castle role beyond endorsement: she was promoted to the actual design, behind the product advertising, as she said in her dress design for each “interest”. Whether it’s true or not, she serves as a promoter / model to help create a template for enterprising celebrities, and we’re still looking at the present.

The entertainers influence on the fashion world is really great, but the famous athletes in the product endorsements, and even create their own clothing brands have been equally successful. For example, with complex French tennis star Ren e crocodile. In 1927, he broke the traditional tennis attire design short sleeved shirt in a waffle knit decorated with his signature crocodile logo. By the end of 1933, he had made commercial production with the largest French knitwear maker, and could still buy it in millions of wardrobes around the world.

But crocodile is not the first celebrity athlete’s own innovative sportswear market. Annette Kellerman, a professional swimmer and silent movie star from Australia, promotes and sells a groundbreaking one-piece swimming suit for her, she says, has invented a line for 1905 swimwear. Her name and signature suit design broke the news about her wearing such tights at the beach near Boston, 1907, after being arrested and became famous. The scandal attracted people’s attention to her unique swimsuit, which was sold and sold in her name.

In the golden age of Hollywood in 1930s, the role of stars in consumer culture underwent a permanent change, and film companies quickly took advantage of the growth of star power. Many fashion scholars wrote about the ability of the screen to produce consumer desires through images, in fact, how Hollywood stars were the most powerful force influencing fashion throughout the entire period. Although their clothing line is not common with the actors, but their images are often used in endless product marketing, especially in the “bundling” retail activities, promotional activities to promote the sales in department stores have inspired clothing.

Many years later, screen legend Gloria Swanson will launch his own clothing line with the Puritan swimwear manufacturer to further adopt this celebrity endorsement strategy. 1951, she introduced a dress called “Gloria Swanson forever young”, in order to break the reputation that she looks much younger than her. Although Swanson was unlikely to design her own clothes herself, she did sell her brand and, surprisingly, continued until she was 1981.

The relationship between celebrities and consumers will become more tense in 1960s, thanks to new sources of celebrity news and increasing numbers of disposable teenagers. Adoring her big eyes, dolls look, Twiggy became a “Youth Sports” fashion face, so it’s 17 year old London model in 1966 to release its own clothing production line to make perfect sense. Although the clothing is designed by the model of personal clothing designers, from the time of their participation in the creation of Twiggy emphasizing the process, in fact, she can veto any love when she is not the final product news articles. Selling their models through advertising and fashion shows is colorful, short skirts and tight pants that are adored by fans who are willing to pay thousands of extra for celebrity endorsements. In an article in the New York Times, an American buyer from 1967 was quoted as saying: “prices are in the world [[in the world]]…… ] but it’s propaganda will do it.”

Other British stars followed suit and began their own swimwear manufacturer in 1960 and 1970s, including Sadie, Shaw, Lulu, and even the legendary beatles. In December 1967, the band opened its own clothing store in London, known as the apple boutique, the first commercial adventure outside the entertainment. The experimental and psychedelic styles that the store sells are not designed by the Beatles themselves, but by a collective artist called “the fool”. In any case, fashion is closely related to the Beatles’ image: musicians, their wives, and other members of the entourage wear clothes in public.

In the 70s and 80s of the last century, there were different types of celebrity brands, including more famous people and their famous names. The railroad heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, known as designer jeans, was released early by a series of cowboys decorating her back pocket with her own signature. The French Countess Jacqueline de Ribes hailed her as a more posh arbiter of style, launching high-end fashion labels, 1981 in her friend’s encouragement, and Yves Saint Laurent. De Ribes is thought to be a rare celebrity who is actually responsible for the design that bears her name, proving that her designer pedigree is beyond her social status.

Celebrity fashion lines are ubiquitous in low-cost retailers, probably dating back to the 70s last century’s supermodel Cheryl Tiegs, who launched a signature line for Sears’s clothing and accessories to return to 1981.” Charlie’s Angels “actress Jaclyn Smith found her female fashion series Kmart similar success in 1985 launched. Kathy, Ireland, became another supermodel to lend her name and image, a low-cost retailer selling Kmart, 1993 from clothing such as “design”, swimwear, sportswear, sweaters, etc.. Unfortunately, after the popularity of celebrity fashion brands in low-cost retailers has become 1996 of the news, human rights organizations report that the bottom line of clothing sold at WAL-MART Kathie Lee Gifford is sweatshop. Normally, this debate will target CEO and other business leaders. However, due to the brand of such a famous celebrity Association, Gifford was forced to go on television to explain that she was not part of his own line of clothing, opened the curtain, revealing too much involved, many celebrities in the creation of their eponymous series.

By the end of the 90s, hip hop singers and other pop singers became the dominant force in the celebrity brand clothing market. 1998, rapper Jay Z discovered that the success of his clothing brand, ROCAWEAR, in the world’s retail industry, quickly became a license for all female intimate friends, including baby clothes. However, Jay Z just follows the footsteps of other hip hop clothing lines, such as the playful nature and the Wu Tang Clan creation community, while also paving the way for other rap star fashion labels to come. The musicians become fashion designer reputation forever changed in 2004 when Sean “Diddy” combs won the coveted CFDA Award for best menswear industry respected brand Sean John to help him, so that these types of clothing.

Madonna, Drake, Jennifer Lopez, Kanye Omari West, Mandy Moore, Justinn Timberlake, Farrell Williams, Outkast, Beyonce e, Nelly, Avril Lavigne, Eminem… To roll out its own clothing line, the list of musicians seems interminable in the last twenty years. Unfortunately, those short-lived lists are almost the same length. However, both Gwen Stephanie and Jessica Simpson love the success of their respective lines of clothing, which may be due to their business, skilled team and relatively clean reputation.

And this phenomenon has been given to many actors and musicians, and it is also an important question how it affects non celebrity designers without a resounding name to lever.

2007, Vera Wang, who acknowledges New York Times, says, “celebrities have real designer efforts.” It’s no secret that a young designer survives in the fashion circle, and today’s chances are slim, even with the famous design, education and innate talent of the year. At the same time, celebrities are often able to create high box office clothing brand their name is called the unknown personnel and employees to work hard, have their own clothing line to sell merchandise in less time than it usually requires a “real” designer land contract in magazines and retail. Even when a line connects to a celebrity, is a veritable fashion icon, whether it is Sarah Jessica Parker’s own brand or little Kate Moss’s cooperation, and this does not, the playground is equal.

Regardless of their merits, celebrity fashion lines can provide consumers with something that cannot be acquired through most traditional fashion brands: the ability to copy or live the essence of the celebrity they admire clothes and accessories designed and sold by celebrities are like the physical parts of a celebrity lifestyle that no one in the past could touch. The concept is also evolving to include a variety of formats and business models; now things seem to be gaining maximum speed, and “celebrities” are protean thanks to the definition of social media.

For better or worse, these licensed fashion brands will continue to proliferate as long as consumers want to emulate the lives of celebrities, even if that means paying $179 a pair of sports pants.