New York swimwear and vacation wear brand, Nager by Nic Hyl will debut at Brooklyn Fashion Week – Nager By Nic Hyl

This emerging brand will showcase this exhibition for the FW | BK Vacation Apparel and ladies swimming costume Fashion in Spring/Summer 2019. A leading fashion event showcasing the talents of aspiring and mature designers from around the world
About Nager By Nic Hyl

Nager By Nic Hyl (pronounced na-jay, French for “Swimming”) creates beautiful pieces that blend fashion and lifestyle. Once she arrives at the beach or pool, make sure that no woman’s style ends. The brand is known for its fit and offers clothing for women of all sizes.

Although the brand is undergoing wholesale overhauls and looking for stores to sell their products domestically and internationally, you can purchase their clothing on their website ( and buy it on Essence Magazine’s new products. Some products. -commerce site, Marche’ ( “We just want to make women feel beautiful. If we do, then we have done our job,” said founder and creative director and CEO Nic Hyl.

Nager By Nic Hyl is changing the narrative of swimwear. The brand compares itself to a lifestyle brand that combines the functionality and fit of the beach, and the brand is rapidly creating a niche market for itself in the booming women’s fashion category, paying close attention to them and continuing to focus on this More information about the brand.

The online-only swimwear retailer recently raised $2.3 million, and since its inception in April 2017, sales have increased by 500% year-on-year.

Online-only women’s swimwear retailer Andie Swim wants to buy the right bathing suit cover ups more easily – even a pleasant process.
“The swimwear shopping experience is broken,” said Melanie Travis, founder and CEO of Andie Swim. She said she set out to solve the problem and save shoppers a store trip, which is often a frustrating experience when looking for a price and age-appropriate swimsuit.

Swimwear retailers sell products directly to consumers on It offers 26 swimwear styles and 135 SKUS, which will increase to 225 SKU when the new vacation collection is launched in November this year. Travis said that Andy Swimming was launched in April 2017, sales increased by 500% year-on-year, and refused to provide specific figures.

“Swimming is a very fragile purchase,” Travis said, which is why has a Fit Finder feature that helps shoppers find the Andy style that best suits her body and personal style.
The Fit Finder test asks the shopper a series of five questions: if she has an hourglass, pear, long and thin, or apple shape; if she likes to wear a one-piece swimsuit, a two-piece swimsuit or both; if she She has a long or short torso; she likes to show off her body parts; she plans to wear swimsuits, such as hanging around the pool and playing beach volleyball with the children on the beach; what is her personal style, such as classic, modern or minimalist. After the results are tabulated in the algorithm, Fit Finder provides some style for the shopper.
Retailers offer free shipping, returns and exchanges, and there is no price threshold to satisfy, so if she is not sure which swimsuit is the best fit, shoppers can order any number of swimsuits. She can then return within 30 days and return the returned swimsuit items. All orders are shipped from the New Jersey distribution center via USPS. “Women usually don’t buy swimwear, they buy when they need it, such as an upcoming vacation or party. So fast transportation is very important,” Travis said.

In March 2018, Andie Swim received $2.3 million in the first round of financing from investors such as Demi Moore and contact e-retailer Hubble Contacts co-founder Jesse Horwitz. The fund round is led by venture capital firms Two River Capital and Sonostar Venture.

To promote further growth and invest in new funding, Andie Swim redesigned and relaunched its website in May 2018, which is based on BigCommerce’s e-commerce platform. Travis said that the new website does not focus all design work and resources on the over-designed home page, but provides more details on the product page.

“We used to have a photo click to see the details of the swimsuit. Now we have an image carousel for each product,” Travis said.
The product details page also includes a size guide, a detailed description of the product, a horizontal view of the customer’s favorite products, a visual list, and customer reviews and questions – supported by the commercial company YotPo, integrated with BigCommerce. “If there are no comments, many people will not waver. It becomes very complete,” Travis said.

The redesign also includes the addition of the Fit Finder quiz, which is located in the front and middle of the navigation bar and adds links throughout the site. Andie Swim also launched a recommendation program for the recommended marketing platform Extole, which is also integrated with the BigCommerce platform. If a shopper shares her purchase with a friend or family member, they will receive a $25 shopping discount and the shopper will receive $25 for the next purchase.
As network traffic and conversions increase, the restart pays off. According to data from network measurement company Similar Web Ltd., within six months of the restart, had less than 5,000 visitors per month (except for 14,700 visits in January 2018), and Andie Swim has seen it. Its traffic increased from 12,000 to more than 45,000 per month in July. In addition, the site’s conversion rate increased by 250%, and return users increased by 300%. Travis said that much of this growth was attributed to its redesign and large-scale marketing promotion.

“We have defeated our goals with the greatest expectations,” Travis said. “Now, we are at the end of this huge season we just had. So, now we start the process again to find out what works and what doesn’t.”

Travis said part of the process is to update the collection with new styles and colors, including the holiday collection released in November and the new spring of 2019.

Three swimwear styles will make a splash this summer

From small bikinis to glamorous retro designs, excited for the warm weather, and sneak into these three swimwear styles to make a splash
SPRING is here, it’s time to blow up your inflatable flamingo again.

The new ladies swimming costume styles come with warm weather, and Tigerlily designer Catherine Thorbecke says we see three trends: small bikinis, vintage two-piece suits and tube top swimwear.

“There is no doubt – a little bikini is here,” Catherine said.
“Classic bandeaus and sporty straight shapes are also trendy and effortless diving styles.

“We are also very excited, and the retro-style soft steel bikini bikini and high-waist pants are rejuvenating.”

Tigerlily’s Voyage collection will take you on a swim.

“Our Voyage series pays tribute to the fascinating life of the free-spirited 1960s and jets,” Catherine said.
“It has a modern style of retro style – French, Spanish and Italian exclusive exclusive production, playful and unexpected styling, Lurex lines, beautiful embroidery details and custom hardware.”

Catherine recommends choosing a top that fits a bikini, if you wear a curved figure to add comfort.


“For those with curves, we really like our new C/D (cup) longline three, sporty Bianca bra and feminine Elle bra style, all designed for larger bust ,”she says.
For sports figures, Catherine said that the tube top style gives a wider bust of illusion.

“For those who are slimmer and sportier, we recommend that you try our new straight Eden bikini bra style or our new sporty high-strength Elle pants, named after the Queen Bikini – Elle Macpherson, Catherine said.

Use it as an expert tip – The short shoulder strap on the hips gives the illusion of a long leg.
For those who are a little self-conscious before the weather in bikinis, Catherine said that confidence is the key no matter what clothes you wear.

“I have always liked this sentence: ‘The skin is very sexy. The body shape is very sexy. This is not a bikini. Catherine said that if a woman is sexy, no matter what she wears (from) Angela Missoni, she is very sexy.

“Although having a beautiful, fit bikini is essential, but it looks good in a swimwear, just to have the right attitude.

“Look up, walk proudly, enjoy your time in the sun.”

The best summer swimwear is not sold out yet

Take one of the last vacations in the summer, or because these options exceed those you found in Jan!
Finding the perfect swimsuit is nothing better than this. On the eve of a long weekend, this may be your latest opportunity to rest in your favorite new bikini or one-piece water. But if you’ve noticed that stocks fall into the store and think it’s too late to find a suit you’ll like this season, never worry, because there are many options, and many are on sale. Now grab one of these eight players and you will be ready for the long weekend of the future. Reward: If you have plans to spend the cold weather in the new year, you will thank yourself for your current actions and avoid looking for swimwear in vain in the winter.
This bikini has a vintage feel, but the fresh tones make it correct in 2018. You will also get a lot of support from balconette style tops.
This unique suit is not only well suited for high cut trends on Instagram, but is also made in Canada. Also, who wouldn’t want to wear their favorite snack?
Everyone needs a black piece that looks and feels good (a bit like a swimming suits for ladies LBD), and Friday’s left-hand suit is like this. Headquartered in Canada, the company launched a spirit this spring to create a suit that combines form and function.
The red suit sometimes turns to the Baywatch field. But wearing a bikini, especially a bikini with the extra elements of this white piping, no one would mistake you for a local lifeguard. Oversized straw hats and large sunglasses will also help.
You can make a mistake on this emerald green dress because it looks great. The drawstring on this suit allows you to adjust the height or low of the hip line of the suit you want.
Like the nautical look, but don’t like the anchor or the captain’s hat? Choose a suit with a yacht-style red, white and blue stripe and a white midi skirt for the perfect pool to brunch.
Inspired by the work of the painter Sarah Cale, this limited edition handmade bikini from the Canadian company Minnow Bathers is a work of art. If you want this before Friday, please start using it as soon as possible – usually it takes at least three business days for the brand to make one.
The stripes are never out of date, and the soft stripes on this single piece remind us of the old-fashioned beach replacement tents. Pair it with high-rise denim shorts for a chic beach look.
This polka bikini is not only pleasing, but also gives you all the support you need, thanks to the mesh-lined steel bra top. We like the fresh combination of black and blue and white tones.

J.Lo Just Just A swimsuit photos and her ass look incredible

Jennifer Lopez once again returned with an incredible ladies swimming costume photo. She recently posted a self-portrait of her own 49th (49th!) birthday on Instagram, and now she is sharing a bad photo of her signature ass.

In the new lens, J.Lo appears in a thin, one-piece pose, and her a-mazing butt is clearly on display. “Everything is just superb,” the 49-year-old wrote in the title. “Knot your ordinary peach. Peach blossom yourself. Practice your peach.” (If you don’t know, peach emoji is usually used to refer to someone’s ass, so…)
And the fans are completely scared. “What do you think of this?” wrote one person. “Really, stop,” said the other.

J.Lo is super open to the fact that she works hard for her body. She told the American Weekly in 2015 that she “rarely skipped the exercise”.
“Sometimes, I worked too late the day before, I like it very much, ‘Hey, I can’t do this.’ But I told myself, “Just do it. It’s only an hour,” she said. “It’s just talking about being a lazy tramp. ”
J.Lo works with trainer Tracy Anderson (who has experienced her own incredible body deformation) and his approach focuses on exercising smaller muscle groups by performing small movements for a large number of delegates.

She and Anderson exercise four or five times a week. “I and I did the warm-up of the upper body,” Anderson told people. “We made two songs without weight, then we added three pounds of weight, and sometimes I added a song that weighed five pounds.”

According to reports, she also sweated with her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez at TruFusion, a gym that offers a 103-degree temporary workout.

Obviously, this is useful to her!

Emily Ratajkowski photographs her own swimwear collection behind the lens, featuring Lena Dunham

The 27-year-old model, Emily Ratajkowski, released a photo of the behind-the-scenes Playboy, showing her all in one swimsuit womens series Inamorataswim. Ratajkowski is called her 19.4 million fans @emrata on Instagram, not just a pretty face. The title details her role as the artistic director and photographer of the swimwear company launched in 2017. All her business, wearing a white top and a high-waisted jeans, because she ran around on the beach (just look at her Instagram) and the iconic secret wedding (Vanity Fair) to handle her business. The businesswoman looks calm because she has raised a lot of cameras to take pictures.

The picture features Lena Dunham, Ratajkowksi tagged the photo, wearing a leopard-print high-rise piece and a large sunhat. The physical active activist Dunham put out his tongue in a playful way when Rataykovsky plundered. Dunham also showed some tattoos in his swimsuit, which only shows the atmosphere of the photo. Ratajkowski commented on the process in the title, saying that she is working with a group of “unbelievable women” and that the whole thing is “very interesting.” Ratajkowski’s love of women’s work is not as amazing as an actress. She showed her biological “feminist” in her other professions.
The location of the location is not yet known, as Ratajkowski does not use Instagram’s geo-tagging tools to mark it, but indoor photography is accompanied by a background that reminds of the 1970s and mood lighting. Ratajkowski does tag the in-photo tag feature to mark the bar in New York City’s Primo’s, so people can think of it as a place to shoot.
Ratajkowski also marked more people she worked with, including model Alessandra Garcia Lorido, stylist Emma Jade Morrison and model Coco Baudelle.

If you dig deeper, you can find the images you have taken on your swimsuit’s Instagram account. Obviously, Ratajkowski has the ability to support her status as a photographer and art director because she received more than 600 favorite images in the first hour of the release. The title tag is Ratajkowski as a photographer. One of the photographs taken was posted to announce one of the leopard prints (the exact one worn by Dunham). In this photo, Dunham crouched down and arched her back while giving the camera a sultry look. Her orange hoop earrings are definitely a trend as the colors of the 1970s are recovering.
Ratajkowski released more posts shortly after posting another photo of her swimsuit series. In the title, she proudly claims art direction and photography credits.

Swimwear market growth opportunities, industry analysis, scale, share, geographic segmentation and competitive landscape report to 2022

The Swimwear Market Research Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the swimwear industry over the past 10 years, forecasting 2017-2022. Global and regional bathing suit cover ups market reports provide information on major players, major types, major applications, etc. for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, traders, customers, investors and more.

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Manufacturer segment analysis of the swimwear market: Speedo (Australia), Arena (France), Decathlon (France), Hosa (Hong Kong, China), Triumph (Germany), VICTORIAS SECRET (USA), Adidas (Germany), YINGFA (China) ), ZOKE (China), Aimer (China), Nike (USA), MESUCA (Japan), Roxy (Australia), Stylestoker (Korea), LASCANA (Germany), SANQI (China), Rundo (China), Haoshou ( China), EmbryForm (Hong Kong, China), TNZI (Hong Kong, China), ManiForm (China)

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To provide information about the competitive landscape, this report includes details of key players in the swimwear market. For each player, product details, capacity, price, cost, total revenue, and revenue figures are given. Swimwear Market Area Analysis: North America (USA, Canada and Mexico), Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia, Spain and Benelux), Asia Pacific (China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia and Australia), Latin America, USA (Brazil, Argentina and Colombia), Middle East and Africa

The key questions answered in this report include:

Market size and growth rate in 2022 – Global and regional market size of swimwear for 2013-2017 and development forecast for 2017-2022.

What trends, drivers, challenges and obstacles are affecting their growth?

Who is the main manufacturer of the swimwear market? – The world’s leading manufacturer/supplier of swimwear, company and product introduction, the position in the swimwear market.

Analysis of factors influencing the swimsuit market

What is the status of the swimwear market? This overview includes scope, prospects, growth trend analysis, sales by region, manufacturer, type and application.

Swimwear market manufacturing cost analysis – the cost and profitability of swimwear, as well as marketing conditions.

Changes observed in consumer demand or customer preferences

Swimwear market forecast (2017-2022)? – Consider sales, revenue, growth rates, prices and trends for regions, types and applications?

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In summary, the report provides detailed statistics and analysis of the state of the swimwear market and is a valuable source of guidance and guidance to companies and individuals interested in the market.

Global swimwear swimwear market growth (2018 – 2023): Platypus, Dolfin Swimwear, Pentland Group and Arena’ latest report analyzes the various factors associated with the global swimwear market performance and envisions the market’s growth trajectory during the 2018-2028 forecast period. The report assesses the current state of the swimwear market based on market trends, drivers, challenges and potential growth opportunities for established companies in the new swimwear and swimwear market. While assessing market opportunities, regional and national level analysis of the swimwear swimwear market is also considered. Readers of the Swimwear Swimwear Report can use the annual compound growth rate and year-on-year growth rate to learn about the progress of the global swimwear and all in one swimsuit womens market in the next five years from 2018 to 2023.

The first report provides a market overview, a description of the swimwear swimwear market definition, a market segmentation (based on product type, application and region, etc.) and an exhaustive compilation of swimwear swimwear market dynamics, such as drivers, restrictions, market restrictions, and growing swimsuit swimwear based on the region. Market, industry news and policies. The swimsuit swimsuit market has been segmented based on historical data, and the current market conditions are calculated in US dollars Mn. In addition, the report also provides a detailed assessment of the absolute dollar opportunity, demand and supply chain structure of the swimwear swimwear industry, including revenue expectations for the global swimwear swimwear market.


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“I just don’t care about wearing a swimsuit.” Chrissy Teigen talks about her relationship with the body.

Chrissy Teigen “don’t care” wearing a swimsuit and look good.

The 32-year-old model – with Luna, two and Miles, three months, with her husband John Legend – prefers to be able to “eat something of love” instead of focusing on her figure.

She told Rita Braver “Best on Sunday: Celebrating CBS Sunday 40th Anniversary”, she said: “I really like happiness, I like food, I want health, but I just don’t care about wearing a swimsuit and look good. I guess this is the only way.”

After two pregnancies and a fight against her health, Chrissy now has a completely different perspective on her body, and she doesn’t care if she doesn’t wear another bikini anymore.
She added: “To be honest, I don’t have to wear a black high waisted bathing suit anymore. From the age of 20, I have this weight in my heart, or I should be. I have already been there. I am used to this number for 10 years. Then I began to realize that this is the weight of a swimsuit model.

There is a big difference between wanting to be healthy and wanting to be happy. “Chrissy previously admitted that she was “worried” about her second postpartum depression during her pregnancy.

She said: “I am worried about this little boy? I know. But I also know, if it does happen – if it does – I am ready. I have perfect people around me. That’s why I represent me. The real core crowd around.”

Georgia Toffolo squeaks in a skimpy swimsuit: ‘Unbelievably gorgeous! ‘

But just as we started to miss her hot swimsuit, Georgia Toffolo decided to start it again.

Uploaded to her official Instagram account, the 23-year-old stunner saw a small polka dot on a small boat.

It looks great, Georgia shows off her trimmed waist and bodybuilding legs as she throws her typical million dollar smile on the camera and passes her hands through her hair.

She said in a shameless voice: “She wore a small, youthful blue polka dot cheap high waisted swimsuits.”
For frank shooting, make-up free makeup, TOWIE Baby looks effortlessly confident and actually exudes enthusiasm.

Undoubtedly, Toff was soon known for her fame, and she found herself overwhelmed by the comments of 1.9 million Instagram followers who were very impressed with the film.

One user exclaimed: “STUNNER! Absolutely gorgeous.”

The second claim: “You are a natural beauty, Toff.”

Although the third follower wrote: “You are so incredibly gorgeous!”
Another added: “This lady is physically and mentally healthy, cute lady xx”

The last fan joked: “In a world full of fake TOWIE girls, become Toff.”

A few weeks before the release of Toff’s latest news, there were rumors that she had contacted her former jungle player friend, YouTube, for sensational Jack Maynard.

Although the fans never saw the sparks flying on the screen – because Jack was removed from the show after some very offensive tweets were mined – it seems that behind the scenes, romance may bloom between the two .

Jack added fuel to the fire last month, and they shared the gorgeous duo, who enjoyed a day in the game and they looked really comfortable.