Swimming England apologizes for the “shocking” swimsuit suggestion article

After swimming England was forced to apologize and update their website, the organization attracted some unnecessary attention, and an article suggested that women’s swimwear would make them look slimmer.

“We are proud of providing tolerance and respect to everyone. Earlier today, we noticed that none of our old pages were there,” the National Swimming Agency said in a statement.

“This does not reflect our values, we will remove them immediately. Thanks to all who have caught our attention. #Sorry.”
The “Just Swim” website for swimming in England was criticized for an article in 2010 entitled “Selecting Women’s Swimsuits by Body”.

Simone Webb found a questionable suggestion that she said she was innocent when she considered participating in the sport again. What she found was shocking, and Weber shared some disturbing references on social media, sparking strong opposition.
This article includes suggestions such as “Boyish Body – Try a push-up cup and twisted bandeaux to strengthen your cleavage” and “Slack stomach” – Choose a loose tankini instead of a bikini or a single piece. Bikinis completely reveals a shaking belly, And trying to squeeze into a piece will not weaken your stomach, just emphasize it.”

For women with “plus size”, they suggest “wearing a dark swimsuit because these colors will have an overall minimization effect.”

It also describes the “pear shape” as “the plague of women”.
“If your body is very short to your legs, then you will want a swimsuit that gives you a light impression… try pairing with a striking bikini or tankini top with a dark, soft undercoat. This type of swimsuit will draw attention to your more attractive features,” the article said.

The site also suggests, “Adding curves and subtle cleavage to a small bust, looking for a bikini top in front of a triangular cup and tie.”

“It shocked me,” Weber said in an article on Twitter.

“I can say with certainty that this did not make me feel more inclined to start swimming again.”
The British swimming team apologized by issuing a new guide to encourage men and women to enter the pool and used a more appropriate language.

The organization said: “Everyone should be able to feel confident and comfortable when swimming. There are many different swimming suits for ladies options.”

Millie Mackintosh poses in slinky swimwear on a wellness break in Thailand as Hugo Taylor pines for his ‘incredible’ wife at home

During a healthy break in Thailand, Mulie Mackintosh wore a tight-fitting swimming suits for ladies because Hugo Taylor was happy at home for his “unbelievable” wife.
She and her husband, Hugo Taylor, have been enjoying a new marriage since they entered her marriage and family after getting married in the summer.

On Sunday, at the winter wellness break at the Rosewood Hotel in Phuket, Millie Mackintosh’s wedding life seemed to suit her.

The 29-year-old reality TV star set off a storm in a series of tight-fitting swimwear scenes. She enjoyed a relaxing yoga weekend, Thai cooking classes and sightseeing at Wat Chalong Temple.
The fashion designer showed off her figure in the gym, wearing a striking red and white bikini with a new collection of gowns from socialite Alicia Rountree.

Millie looks at the queen of every inch of style, because she glimpses her lavish champagne breakfast with her fans, pairing her swimwear with a stylish matching gown and vintage-inspired tones.
The former Made In Chelsea star once again landed on Instagram Monday morning, posing in front of the hotel’s mirror, wearing a faded rust-colored swimsuit made by Melissa Obadash and a matching blouse.

Millie and her agent told her followers about the rest time of the girls, how much she enjoyed her weekend rest and relaxation.
Using the Thai greeting sawadee ka, she wrote: “Sawadee Ka. I have been here for 2 days, but I have fallen in love with the island and the kindness of the Thai people I met.

Although Millie seems to be exploding, her husband, Hugo, 32, is struggling for his wife, telling his Instagram fans that he took photos on the couple’s stunning country wedding on Sunday afternoon.

Sunglasses entrepreneurs released a pair of short films on their special day and wrote: “One person’s love… I just had a wonderful Sunday afternoon to see the photos of this summer’s wedding. It feels like a physical experience.

‘Happiness, miracles and happiness will last forever. I like to be the husband of the most incredible and beautiful wife.
The couple married on June 22nd at Whithurst Park, the uncle of Hugo’s in West Sussex, and then spent a romantic Greek honeymoon on Crete and Kefalonia.

Millie and Hugo co-starred with Made In Chelsea for the first time in 2011, but when Hugo cheated her with her friend Rosie Fortescue, she broke up.

In May 2016, Millie reunited with her first husband, rapper Green, after the 34-year-old breakup.

Millie and the musician, real name Stephen Manderson, married for two and a half years, and they announced their breakup in February 2016.
The couple completed their divorce in May 2016, and in the same week Millie and Hugo went to the Monaco Grand Prix to celebrate Hugo’s 30th birthday.

Hugo then raised questions during his vacation in Mykonos, Greece, in July 2017.

Talking about his bride, Hugo tells you! Wedding magazine: “I know they are The One in about five minutes after we got together.”

Millie agreed: “But if we were together when we were young, we would not be together.

‘We must leave, do our own things, and grow like people. We need to separate time. “

9 Australian swimwear labels we are obsessed

As a country that is widely recognized for its beach culture, Australia should have many internationally renowned swimming suits for ladies brands. We shared the brands we are happy to buy this season.


Perhaps one of our most internationally recognized brands, Seafolly has been one of Australia’s most recognizable beach brands since 1975.
Aqua Blu

Designed for local and focused on prints and fits, Aqua Blu is a brand that is inspired by the world’s strong and confident women.
She let me

She Made Me is a small town on the east coast of Australia that has been carefully crafted. Each style of product is of limited quality, hand-knitted crochet, and craftsmanship.

The peony is designed to last many beach days, focusing on the “easy feminine style” inspired by the joys of summer.
Her line

Designed for modern women, Her Line focuses on quality construction and is easy to wear. Each piece is made in Australia.

Fashion avant-garde pays attention to detail, Zimmermann designed the internationally renowned elegance and considered swimwear.

When Ephemera is doing business in Sydney, he prefers to use non-traditional collections and believes that swimwear should be used with ready-to-wear labels.
Bondi was born

Bondi Born is designed and made for women by women. Each style has been carefully designed to fit perfectly.

This is the label for all girls who grew up in the 1990s. As an early pioneer in the women’s surfing market, Roxy has grown globally and has been supporting women in competitive surfing.

Founders Fund leads the series A of the swimwear brand Summersalt

Summersalt, a swimming suits for ladies brand based in St. Louis, Missouri, received $6.1 million in Series A funding. The founder fund leads with the participation of other investors, including Lewis and Clark Venture Capital, the rise of other revolutionary seed funds, Dundee Venture Capital, Breakout Capital, Planting Capital, Victress Capital, Amplifyher Ventures, M25 and Juliana And Bill Lansic.

Press release

Summersalt, a direct-to-consumer swimwear brand based in St. Louis, today announced that it has raised a $6.1 million Series A led by the Founder Fund and plans to launch a new category for modern travelers. Other participants in this round include Lewis and Clark Ventures, Revolution’s Rest of the Rest Seed Fund, Dundee Venture Capital, Breakout Capital, Cultiv Capital, Victress Capital, Amplifyher Ventures, M25 and Giuliana, and Bill Rancic. This round of financing has enabled Summersalt’s total funding to reach $8.7 million.

Summersalt was launched in May 2017 and quickly became the fastest growing and most disruptive brand in the swimwear industry. From the first day, Summersalt has shaken the over-saturated, wholesale-led swimwear market by offering innovative, high-end, eco-friendly swimwear, without the designer’s price tag. A key point of differentiation is the brand’s data support for the system, which uses more than 10,000 real female body scans, measurements over 1.5M, and early patents to recommend clothing based on body type and consumer preferences.
As part of Summersalt’s continued growth trajectory, the brand will use their new funds to develop teams, expand their scale, and develop new categories besides swimwear, including travel apparel and packaging essentials. One of the key learnings that data-driven brands see is that most of the sales come from customers who buy swimwear for upcoming trips. Tourism is the fastest growing market in the world with a market share of more than $1.6 trillion in 2017.

“We are delighted to use our extensive modular design library and fast supply chain to bring our consumers modern clothing to travel with. Summersalt is creating digital products, content and apparel designed to inspire our customers to take risks And promote the connection between people.” – Lori Coulter, co-founder, CEO and president.

As women travel more than ever before, Summersalt makes the most of her experience by providing other items to make the most of the market. Summersalt’s swimwear is already on her packing list, and the brand is happy to continue filling her suitcase.

“We are very proud of the brand we have created for women who want to be sexy according to their own conditions. We have rejected the over-engineering and exhaustive approach to swimwear design and branding – our customers have responded. “Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin, co-founder, chief brand and digital officer.

“Traditional retailers and brands have forced consumers to choose between quality and value, and today’s consumers have failed. We are excited to support Lori and Reshma to continue to build brands and sounds that are consistent with modern shoppers,” Founder Fund Stacy Chang said.
In addition to the new category, Summersalt plans to launch a content platform in early 2019 to connect like-minded women and travelers around the world.

Summersalt has appeared on Forbes, Fast, Today’s Show, VOGUE, ELLE and Refinery29, and is often recognized for its commitment to inclusion and diversity.

About Summersalt
Summersalt was launched in May 2017 as a direct-to-consumer swimwear brand that introduces designer-quality eco-friendly suits for $95. Summersalt gained extraordinary appeal and quickly became a well-known brand, encouraging women to sneak into the adventures and experiences of life in their own way, but swimwear is just the beginning. At the end of 2018, Summersalt will expand to every corner of the mobile women’s luggage, offering comfortable designer-quality essentials designed to bring modern travellers from the plane to the pillow, regardless of the adventure-leading style and comfort.

Gemma Atkinson and Gorka Marquez provide us with the goals in the latest couple photos

What is the benefit of Gorka Marquez and Katie Piper being eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing? He can spend more time with his girlfriend Gemma Atkinson! The former Emmerdale star shared a favorite snapshot with her boyfriend on Instagram on Sunday, and we don’t know what we are more envious of – their perfect relationship or chiseled body.

The photo title “Let me smile from the first day” – Shows that Gemma and Gorka are holding hands and staring at each other while laughing on the beach. Take the exclusive HELLO from this couple! The magazine was filmed in Greece during the summer, and it showed that they all wore ladies swimming costume to reveal an impressive bodybuilder’s abdominal muscles, and fans couldn’t help but comment on their “matching abdominal muscles.” “You both look great,” one commented. “Hey,” another person wrote, while another person wrote: “For the absorption of dayzzzz. How beautiful are they?”
Since the Strictly conference in 2017, Gorka and Gemma have been dating. The couple shared their passion for fitness and often shared photos and videos of their joint training on social media, and their personal trainer, Steve Chambers, thought it was the secret of their happiness.

More: Gemma Atkinson and Gorka Marquez’s Manchester Love Nest

“This is the case where the husband and wife train together and stay together,” PT tells you! “It seems to be true in their case. They obviously have a lot of interest in fitness. I think this is one of their common reasons.”
He added: “Even if they are not with me, they will send me a video of their workout. This is what they like to do together. They train three or four times a week, depending on their schedule – one hour Training.”

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Gemma has never concealed her love for Spanish dancers and told HELLO before! “Gorka is like my best companion. He is very supportive and understanding of my career. I support and understand him very much. His work is very good. I hope he is The One, otherwise I will not be with him. “

Emerging trends and demand in the women’s swimwear market from 2018 to 2025

Marketinsightsreports has added a new report in its research database, “Global Women’s Swimwear Market Insight, Predicted 2025,” which conducts a top-down market survey of revenue and developing business sector models. The summary includes business overviews of major players, product offerings, revenue sharing, strategies and services.

This report covers several key areas of the swimming suits for ladies market. Analyze global market trends based on available data on the number of women’s swimwear companies and their sales revenue. The report discusses the latest developments in the women’s swimwear market, the ethical issues in the women’s swimwear market, and the challenges and barriers that may limit the market.

Review and discuss the history and current status of the women’s swimwear market. An analysis of the industry structure, including sales, market share and key market drivers.

Please visit https://www.marketinsightsreports.com/reports/0904821130/global-women-s-swimwear-market-insights-forecast-to-2025/inquiry?source=acryptonews&Mode=15Request a sample report

Top Women’s Global Women’s Swimwear Market (2018-2025): Speedo, Aimer, Arena, Zoke, Yingfa, Triumph, Bluechips Apparel, American Apparel, Dolfin Swimwear and Beachwear, Few, La Perla Group, Lufthansa Garment, Parah SPA, Perry Ellis, Platypus, Sanqi International, Adidas, Nike, Forever 21, Decathlon, Patagonia.

In the women’s swimwear market research report, the following points and in-depth research on each point are included:
Production Analysis – Analyze the production of women’s swimwear based on region, type and application. Here, the price analysis of the main participants in various women’s swimwear markets is also presented.
Sales and Revenue Analysis – Research sales and revenues for different regions of the women’s swimwear market. Another major aspect, price, plays an important role in generating income, and this section also evaluates each region.
Supply and Consumption – Continue to sell, this section examines the supply and consumption of the women’s swimwear market. This section also clarifies the gap between supply and consumption. This section also gives the import and export data.
Competitors – In this section, leading companies in the women’s swimwear industry will conduct research based on their company image, product mix, capacity, price, cost and revenue.
Other Analysis – In addition to the above information on the women’s swimwear market, trade and distribution analysis, it also provides contact information for major manufacturers, suppliers and major consumers.
Women’s swimwear market is classified by type

Split type


In addition, the women’s swimwear market is segmented based on apps like this.

online store


Direct store

Browse the full report:


This independent report guarantees that you will have a better understanding of the situation than your competitors. Through a table and data review of the women’s swimwear market, the report provides you with a one-stop visualization of the main product, submarket and market leader market revenue forecasts and 2025 analysis.

The main highlights of the women’s swimwear market report:
Women’s Swimwear Market Overview
Manufacturer’s market competition
Industry chain, procurement strategy and downstream buyers
Marketing Strategy Analysis, Distributor/Trader
Analysis of market influence factors
Global Women’s Swimwear Market Forecast (2018-2025)
The Women’s Swimwear Market Report includes a new project investment feasibility analysis that will help determine if the project is technically feasible, feasible within the estimated cost, and profitable.

Swimwear designer reveals how long it takes to pay attention to physical differences after exercise

Swimming suits for ladies designer reveals how long it takes to pay attention to physical differences after exercise

Karina Irby is the active body creator and CEO of Australia’s famous Moana Bikini collection.

Entrepreneur and Instagram stars from Port Macquarie are also the founders of Bikini Body Burn and are known for the personal changes they have made on social media.

While some people see the benefits of moving to a healthier lifestyle faster than others, Ms. Irby reveals in her official blog the positive changes that most of us should notice after changing diet and exercise programs.

According to social media, making major changes to your health and health should allow you to see clear results in two to eight weeks.

However, Ms. Irby admits that everyone responds to diet and exercise in different ways.

She said: “If we put 10 girls on a desert island, they will eat the exact same food and complete the same exercise [even after a few months they will have different results.”

Physical outcomes of a healthy and more active lifestyle are displayed in a variety of ways, depending on your age, heredity, body size and hormone levels.

Ms. Irby said that the timing of your results may also be related to your metabolism, which she said may be damaged by extreme diet or fasting.

Ms. Irby added that the results also depend on whether you invest 100% and suggest that anyone seeking to change their weight should ask themselves some personal questions.

‘[You need to ask yourself] Are you really trying to train yourself? If you feel uncomfortable after each time, you need to increase your strength.

Ms. Irby recommends incorporating some “dressers” from the exercise guide into your exercise program, such as fleas, toe touch sit-ups, and side panel twists.

“Are you eating at least 90% of the time? If not, then it is time to reassess your goals.

“What’s more important to you is to see the results or enjoy cheating with your friends?” she said.

The biggest mistake women make when buying swimwear – and the best cut for each size

With the arrival of summer, women began to look for their swimming closet
Bikini shopping is hated by the vast majority of people
The creative director of the swimming giant Seafolly revealed the biggest mistake we made.
Swimwear influencers share tips for finding the perfect suit
With warm days and the ocean calling our name, women across Australia are preparing for the summer and everything that comes with it – a new swimming suits for ladies.

But as the country waits excitedly for some of the much-needed seasonal sun, many people are less interested in the prospect of finding a fit and flattering bikini.

Genelle Walkom, creative director of Sydney-based swimwear giant Seafolly, said there is a simple reason why women continue to struggle with swimwear shopping.
In an interview with Whimn, Ms. Walkom revealed that the difficulties are due to the fact that women do not know their bodies.

Ms. Walkom revealed that the key to finding the ideal shape and texture is to “keep an open mind fand explore new contours and design features” that may be a miracle for your unique body.

Designers caution not to buy the latest trends just for fashion, as they may not add to the problem areas of the hips, stomach, chest or leather.

She said: “You want a style that can support your troubled area to ensure you are confident, sexy and relaxed.”
In November 2017, Australian swimwear influencers Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman shared their expert advice on selecting the most flattering items for your body size when speaking for FEMAIL.

According to the girls, the most flattering bikini is the “Classic Tie Triangle Bikini”, which is popular for its versatility in any shape.

For women looking for larger breasts and smaller women behind, social media stars recommend wide shoulder straps and adjustable pants.

Fashion News: The Upside Launches Swimwear Collection

The company announced that it will launch its first swimming suits for ladies collection at the end of October. The brand was founded five years ago and is known for its chic shapes and styles of printed sportswear, and has decided to enter the swimwear. Inspired by Saint Tropez’s Mediterranean coast and coastal costumes, founder and creative director Jodhi Meares created a range of products, including bikinis and gowns, overcoats and wrap skirts to expand The Upside’s products. “Designing swimming is very natural for me and the brand,” Meares said. “We have developed a family of beaches for more than 12 months now and I am very happy to be able to launch the Australian summer in time.” [Vogue Inbox]

Mytheresa will launch an exclusive 13-piece capsule line with Jimmy Choo, featuring tweed shoes and a bag with a red and blue color scheme. Buying items in this collection range from classic high heels to pointed flats and high-heeled ankle boots, so be sure to start online on October 24. [Vogue inbox]

Kristen Dunst, along with other influential people, worked with Sonia Rickel to support the special cause of creating generous sweaters. Sonia Rykiel’s creative director, Julie de Libran, chose people like Dunst, Kristin Scott Thomas, Liya Kebede and Langley Fox to help design a series of knitwear capsules to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brand. Sales of the collection will be launched on November 5th and its proceeds will be donated to charities including La Maison des Femmes, Planned Parenthood, Ving and Hope&Home for Children. [WWD]

Tommy Hilfiger continues to grow and announces that its latest global 2019 spring ambassador will become Zendaya. The actress will work with Hilfiger to create a TommyXZendaya capsule series that is expected to follow the footsteps of Tommy Hilfiger Ambassadors Gigi Hadid, Lewis Hamilton and Hailey Baldwin. “Fashion is not just wearing cool clothes,” said the greatest Showman star. “This is a way to celebrate self-expression and personality, which is very influential. That’s why I am proud to work with Tommy Hilfiger.” [Vogue inbox]

Fendi announces the launch of its latest capsule line #FendiMania. The term “FendiMania” is defined as “extreme enthusiasm or desire; fascination with Fendi, the new collection of fashion brands with bright tones, its iconic motifs and the famous ‘Fendi / Fila’ logo, including all kinds of ready-to-wear and Accessories. If you are looking for a street style statement, this collection of wonderful women’s underwear and patterned cowboy boots is your best choice. [Vogue Inbox]

The Opera House has launched a 45-year-old staff uniform that will not disappoint. Inspired by the famous Australian designer Dion Lee, he draws inspiration from the architecture of the Opera House, which will be moved by staff in December. “I feel very honored by further designing the Sydney Opera House uniform to further deepen the relationship I think is so special,” Li said. See the monochrome navy uniform preview below.

This large size swimsuit series is designed in rainbow colors and is absolutely beautiful.

If you like to wear stripes, especially in the days of ladies swimming costume and sunshine, then you will panic about some of the big-size swimwear collections that have just been released. Brazilian swimwear designer Bruna Malucelli and size fashion and lifestyle blogger Katie Sturino creativity, from the lineup so simple – they are perfect for one-piece and a bikini, all of which have color linear pattern. It is bright, easy, and inclusive AF. This is also the time for such things!
“Plus swimwear usually looks like it’s for you to add, or just like it tries to hide something. I just want a suit that a non-oversized friend wants to buy, not something I have to buy, because there is no Something else is available,” Sturino explained as Refinery29. “We still have very few choices in the swimwear market, and when we do, they usually look like they are made for large women,” adds Malucelli. “I don’t believe that women with curves want this, they want to have what other girls wear, and they want more choices. Not just screaming plus size.”

Go Sturino’s blog The 12ish Style, you will find her not just like swimsuit season, she likes it. In an article, she even used the label “#lovesummerhateeverythingelse” and thought that on May 22nd, National Swimwear Day, her “favorite festival.” In other words, the girl knows her swimsuit and she understands what makes a good swimwear so good and turns it into a new collection of design ace.
According to Refinery29, the designer said her swimsuit collection has a simple goal:
Top coverage. I want to make sure my girl is fit to wear a suit, not an adventure pop up or an unconscious deficiencies. I also want to make sure that the suit feels fun and celebrates, not too sexy or super-covered.
Check out this series of products, you will find that her goal is top of the triangle T. Toid, which includes two bikini top style, offer comfortable coverage, with a spaghetti straps, and one with thick straps. Single-piece as well as a thicker strap – they are classic maillot of cool style. In terms of stripe patterns, some are iridescent, some are two- or three-tone; some have horizontal lines, while others have parallel lines. However, all of this can be customized by hand embroidery, so if you want to add a name, abbreviation or anything else to your swimsuit, now is your chance.

The series is exclusively released through CoEdition, a new fashion e-commerce site dedicated to the 10th and above. Brooke Cundiff, co-founder of CoEdition, told Refinery29, “CoEdition is a powerful platform for creating changes in the retail space, serving women who are overlooked by traditional retailers. So when we think about the first collaboration, we naturally think of it. Bruna and Katie.Katie are great advocates of physical enthusiasm, inclusiveness and personal style. Our values ​​fit perfectly with Katie and we are very happy to work with Bruna. Her Brazilian style is very suitable for CoEdition, she has created a female favorite Unique and fascinating design.”
Each swimwear in the collection retails for $229 and initially looks a bit steep and can only be worn in a fraction of the year. But when you consider the idea of ​​creating each style, their high quality, and the fact that they are legally more reliable than 90% of other swimming products, it is completely worth it.