How do you find the best swimsuit at the age of more than 20?

With the summer’s stuffy promise, what does lazy beach do, the salt on your hair, the sand and Internet break in your eyes, it is worth Instagram card. Of course, a spoiler suit, make you look good phone, feel better. But if you think swimsuit shopping means making two yuan between comfort and comfort, let’s think about it again.

Inspiration, as always, is not far away. The tiny Disha Patani often chooses the function of Instagram gold and her swimsuit, the trend sheet of the net, the vivid outline and the cute ass. Sonakshi Sinha, on the other hand, refused to succumb to the monotonous Tankini, but instead looked like a vibrant seal that kept her frequent beaches.


Remember what

20 means that you have a clean slate to be the person you want to be, so the possibility of plunge into it. Never repeat the same silhouette two – the untougher majority of the 20 – year – old BOD, because your choice is varied from one head of a shabby to a bikini. Speaking of fabrics, avoid the trend of old Lycra support, choose crochet and mesh inserts. Now is the time to play the drama, so that is from the metal decorative Beaded Halter Neck satchel.

Of course, the great swimsuit is great for accessorising. So we need a slogan “do not disturb” the soft beach cap as your perfect match for ootd. Cover up the update of the modern world, for your swimming pool bar sprint candidates include Crochet palace, pure robe and tie dye apron. Leave your earrings at home, and put them on a pair of sunglasses, so that they can rotate.

How to avoid

Not everyone can feel comfortable in the amount of bare skin, and the demand for traditional bathing suits is not for everyone. The key to physical activity is to make you feel comfortable with your body, which is exactly what it looks like, and then you can tell you wisely about what is best for your assets. There are two pieces with the bow bow neckline miracle, a smaller bust, while the Retro High Waist bottom promises to cover and tailor wit at once. Geometric patterns can help tone maps, and color blocking suits can shave off a few inches from your contour, if necessary. Finding a swimsuit makes you feel good, rather than trying to make your choice and the latest trend, and you won’t find yourself sitting all day or wanting to be safe to cover up.

Concentrate on ensuring that swimsuit selection does not cause any space to failure. Once you are in the water, you can’t control it, so when you doubt it, make sure that your suit is very suitable for you, making friends with double sided tapes. When shopping in the lab, the same importance is attached to function and fashion. The neckline on the bikini may look good on the model, but if you can’t move it without disaster, choosing a more fit neckline can better embrace your skin.

Are you ready for the sun and the sand? It’s not that we don’t have the most popular swimming now. Scroll through the size of your choice below the gallery.

Swimwear brand will like you if you really want to move (and look cute) in your suit.

There is a sea – no, a sea! – a new swimwear brand has emerged over the past few years. Yes, that’s a lot of exaggeration, but if you’re on Instagram, it’s hard not to feel like that, because you can’t help, but the discoverer, Hocking, has a budding label that blindly looks over your feed.

However, I find it hard to find out what is not Coachella. Adults should wear photos in their own clothes instead of wearing them once.

Alas, in rolling, rolling, rolling – I finally found a summersalt that offered all the brands I looked for: lovely clothes (mostly very beautiful pieces, plus some two pieces of sports) to block color array and fabric, with built-in UPF 50 + protection. In addition, they are designed for activities everywhere, that is to say, they don’t slip or pop when they are moving on the beach or diving into the swimming pool.

I have been hoarding two swimsuit swan dive and sidestroke and put them to the test. I’m glad I did it, because they soon sold out. “We can’t tell an inventor, founder Reshma Chamberlin. “They have come back since then.” “We really believe that women are sexy, and we attract our customers by creating sexy and wearable bathing suits.”

The following are some of the reasons for my obsession:

1. A pleasing combination of colors

The design of color blocking is surprisingly simple, but it is completely unique. I like a mixture of red and pink, called lava and pitaya (trend) and gold and Navy, named deep sea and mango. “We really believe in a unique way of color,” Chamberlin said. “I grew up in India, and there are unexpected colors everywhere. We like colors that you usually don’t put together.

2. The details like built-in compression make everything look smoother.

There are four levels of built-in compression. I cannot emphasize that this is a victory. Besides, no hardware can be heated in the sun or leave strange marks on the skin. Besides, UPF 50 + cloth gives me a little peace of mind when the sunshine hits me. In addition, they set up mobile: finally, I wore my side stroke to close the side of the ship’s dive, hiking to the beach, playing with my high-powered little nephew. No shoes have happened.

3. This price is worth investing.

Summersalt is a direct consumer – oriented brand, which basically means they are not responsible for a big mark like a normal store that they sell to you directly. That means that their suits can be easily sold for 200 dollars, 95 yuan per piece. Yes, compared with target shopping, it is still an investment. But when I bought a suit shop at a lower price, I noticed that summersalt only lasted longer. They also provide a home trial package, where you order four suits and have a six day window, trying everything at home for 15 dollars. You only pay your final deposit.)

Listen, the whole process of buying swimsuits is incredible. That’s why we try to help all our swimwear suggestions. But when we find a new brand, it will be good, will give you the confidence to support you, the summer arrival time is not too much or in the wardrobe malfunction risk, summersalt is worth seeing.

3 kinds of new Kendall + Kylie swimwear all day

When your day includes your favorite artist’s concert, a pool party, a date application and a neon Carnival Party, what are you wearing seriously?

Are you full of clothes in your backpack? No, because no one wants to bring their wardrobe with them all day. Are you going to change back to the hotel a few times? No one has the time to do it. The only solution is layering. Maybe you can store an extra crop in your wallet.

Kendall and the Kylie Jenner sisters two people with the clothing brand spin, who will host the revolvefestival in this year’s competition, have a new Kendall + Kylie swimsuit line, you can easily incorporate your equipment to solve our holiday wardrobe trouble.

Would you like a Kendal Jenna class? Do not try to find out the change of 5 clothes in one day, and choose the multifunctional appearance of swimwear. Check 3 ways to wear a swimsuit all day!

Style 1: under your equipment


This is probably the most popular and the most common way to incorporate your swimwear into your wardrobe. To put it simply, put your clothes on it. However, pay attention to the head and wet bottom after swimming. It’s better to put more underwear in your bag.

Style 2: in your equipment


Keep it simple and match the trend of 90s single swimsuit with a pair of great jeans shorts, sports shoes and epic accessories.

Style 3: (see) through your equipment


Now, lightweight fabrics and beautiful underwear are all anger. You can easily exchange high waist underwear and bralettes swimwear.

Maria mills store designer fashion suit to break the rules, #MeToo and more

Wearing the black from head to toe and her signature blonde hair cut into your recent visit to the bay area, the Maria – mils store’s avant-garde New York style conceals her long career life on a swimwear designed island. Born and raised in Honolulu, the 51 year old pioneer industry revolutionized the launch of her same name line “the bra size Bikinis night shop in mixed and matched separation – 25 years ago for women to find more accurate matching than typical S, M’s breakthrough, my choice.”

Mills, a young swimcat who was fascinated by it, graduated from Cornell University in early 1990s and moved to San Francisco to become an assistant designer of Jessica McClintock. Just then, a roommate at a sports pictorial asked her if she would do anything for the magazine’s logo swimsuit.

“On the day I left my job, I went to all the San Francisco stores in the bathing suit and 7000 light bulbs,” Mills recalls, whose retro design was traced to the low foot profile of 60s. “It doesn’t mean anything to me. The same size of the top cut is the same size of the same fabric at the bottom, so I can’t buy the top or bottom if I want to.”

Mills is still strong and has developed into wearable, accessories and a new lingerie capsule collection. Her products are sold on her e-commerce website; in professional retailers and luxury goods stores; in the nine Maria mills franchised stores all over the country, including the WAL-MART of marlin’s LAK sper.

She also invested in the next generation of educational innovation, with her shop for girls and her support production director, Libby Mattern to provide a professional workshop, to launch her non-profit trading process, a sewer skills training program run by the company Brook forest headquarters. When Mills went to Losangeles to talk about her trip to San Francisco, her style attracted her, the company’s keen philosophy and the skills of buying new suits.

Q: does your Hawaii root affect your way of designing SWIMSUIT?

A: two thousand percent! When we grew up in Honolulu, swimwear is such a ritual. There are professional boutiques, which you like, “your mother will let you buy an online bikini? They are very stylish knitted Bikinis night shops, striped, dark blue and light blue stripes hand knitted. I was about 12 years old before leaving Honolulu. I asked my mother, please let me buy one. She finally took me, but I was completely flat chested, so there is no suitable. When I got home, I took the top and folded it up to make it fit.

Q: How did the first job in Jessica and Mcclintock design clothes come into being?

A: I learned a lot, because I fell in love with Jessica McClintock when I was a teenager, but I have grown up. When I accepted this job, my style was not the same style. Because of this, I can see from the outside — understand people’s love for products, and why they are such a loyal fans for so long. I think if I had been in Ann Demeulemeester, because I liked the brand, I might not be born with curiosity. So I always tell people that they don’t have to pursue the work of your favorite brand. The pursuit of the greatest opportunity.

Q: what is your unexpected source of inspiration?

Recently, we began to make swimsuits with clothes as inspiration. How do you peel the coverage instead of taking it away? We like the pied piper. It has a high neckline and wide shoulder top. We add bands and ties to your packaging, so it almost feels ready to wear. This is inspired by the dancers. The dancer has an incredible way of layering. You have to move, so you need high arm holes, and you need a specific type of leg exercise. You can’t get out of it in front or side. There is a kind of cover feeling that is really fascinating.

Q: what is the biggest mistake of women when choosing swimsuits?

Answer: No, I can’t wear stripes; I can’t wear colors; I can’t wear retro, or I can’t wear too small. You must be prepared for all explorations, go out and see all the options. Yes, you will try something, and you will laugh. Yes, this is ridiculous. You will want to take it away at once. But don’t be so strict with yourself. It’s not you, it’s a suit. Keep trying!

Q: considering that almost all 35 of you are women’s exceptions to Frank, do your knives have the way of doing METOO business?

Answer: absolutely. My # is part of the election. We know exactly who we want at the White House. When we bravely posted something on our website, we made a bikini, saying that the dirty woman on the back of the crystal, we had our “future women” t – shirt, and we sold a ton – I don’t think we really made it clear that any of our information was represented. So I wrote an e-mail to all the customers. This means that we are sad, but we must be united and shoulder to shoulder. We must step by step to make the next year as possible as possible. I also said to our team, we have to see everyone in our business. We must see if there is equality between men and women. We saw our bank, our fabric suppliers, our lawyers. We have a deep understanding of all the people who do business with us and say, “we need to make you reach a higher standard.

Emily ratajkowski is dizzy in the hot new swimsuit.

It is still snow in some parts of North America, but Emily Ratajkowski has been in the best possible way of bikini season.


The model and the whole year superbabe are looking at her new swimsuit, which is called mistress swimsuit. She may have been swimming with emrata, but her line… It’s not ours!

Emrata is very lucky new husband, the movie producer Sebastian Bear McClard who is wearing sportswear, and even forced into several shots. Rub it, why don’t you?


She even made several fragments of Instagram, which is as good as the final product.

Go on swimming, Emily Ratajkowski.


Chantelle’s new season swimwear is in the summer


Because of its curvilinear embrace and the design of women’s underwear, Chantelles’s beaches and tours reflect the brand’s signature aesthetics from 2012. Better, the expansion of brand products in old lord, Chantelle Beach Collection in Dubai city of Paris boutique is now available, plus Emirates and Yas Mall department stores.

Using this brand of underwear is suitable for professional support and comfort, and the avant-garde swimwear series put these intuitive shapes of sand. A Bikinis nightclub, long robe and cover up all the reclining chairs, including the core and seasonal release, the sun completely covered up and down, is doomed to follow us from the sea to the sun with the classic Chantelle rotation.

Encourage women’s mashup swimsuits to fit their own body curves. The shape of various swimming tops can be from Taylor 2018 spring / summer, from the fashionable hair band, to support the memory foam cup underwear. And the holiday destination inspired printing – that Bali, Ibiza and Tulum – have aroused our attention. This is the brand’s stand out. Tan emphasizes the separation of colors, including the classic black, the hot red, and the bold pink, which will be the backbone of our summer clothes.

Your beach looks ordered. What’s left to do is to answer the most difficult decision in summer. Maldives or Seychelles?

Hansen showed her in the Bela Gio Hyde swimsuit, from the model of Joanna Krupa’s help


If someone knows what a woman wants for a swimsuit, it’s the Norway model designer Monica Hansen. Since she started modeling 1997, Hansen boarded the ELLE cover, the gentleman and the adage, and so on. Now, she’s the boss, the famous designer behind her, the Monica Hansen swimsuit.

Standing at 5 feet and 11, the industry is a clear call, but the desire to become a boss is always in her mind. “I’m really shy, believe it or not,” Hansen admitted on the phone, with every occasional Norway accent. “It’s a natural change for me, because it’s what I’ve always wanted to do.”

2013. The birth of the Monica Hansen swimsuit in the envisioned year of his own sketchboard. Just a month ago, Hansen packed up his clothes and moved her life and her same name from Losangeles to Las Vegas. Serious impact on bold sexy long legs, waist cuts in 80s and 90s, her design is likely to be worse than the hot desert sun better runway.

In April 3rd, Hansen collected the 2018 months of Miami fashion week for friends and supermodel Joanna Krupa for Vegas swimsuit party Bela Gio Hyde and Hansen. It doesn’t make sense to join her many years friend, Hansen, at Vegas, Krupa said.

A former actor, a real Miami housewife and dancing with the stars, Krupa Hansen said, “in business,” my cheerleader Krupa started his modeling career. Although two people have known each other for many years, Hyde’s party will be the first time that two models have held any party in the city of sin. “The most interesting part is that you can relax and have fun,” Krupa said, Vegas. “You don’t have to worry about getting up in the second morning to go to work.” You have a good time there. ”

Swimsuit connoisseur Krupa admitted that he had more than 1000 gift suite events. He had to attend the first 50 attendees’ gift bags, including Bellini Tan and discount products from Monica Hansen swimsuit. 2017 sets will be on display, so that guests can get a cut of the feeling, buildings and fabrics, including black and gold from the French Saint Tropez stunner, which was in a string bikinis, moving parts or in a sexy.

Everything is handmade in Italy. We need to pay special attention to details, customize each color, test it in dip dye, purchase fabrics, test patterns and cut. “It’s a big problem to get the right health,” Hansen said. She spent most of the night calling and answering e-mails and communicating with manufacturers in Europe (they were nine hours earlier than us in Vegas). But the long days are worth the price.

“This is what you get or you don’t know,” Hansen said, who really spent her entire career preparing for this very moment. Her inside knowledge of industry will only help her smart swimsuit. “Since I started modeling, I’ve been trying to design,” Hansen said. “This is the most important issue I have now.”

Ookioh is the new swimwear brand on your radar you need


The new swimwear brand ookioh has just put the first set of fashion swimsuits inspired by modern design, the post-1980s nostalgia and the resonance of California. All the body and water body, the brand’s work is designed to “reflect your wear on land”. Because 90% of the women do not do the swimming pool with high heels, we have created a swimwear that makes you feel like you, only waterproof.


The name from the Japanese word EDI refers to the pleasures of the Japanese Ukiyo-e, way of life, the word is “floating world. “With this fulfilling, ookioh has been concentrating on the beauty of women and the celebrations that live in the present time and the” evasion of life. ” At the choice of color and style, the work is the best combination of 80% recycled materials with biaxial tension. The material also has the properties of chlorine and sunscreen, as well as the protection of ultraviolet light. The design, with all the flat bodies, and all the complexion, all the parts retail less than $100, is perfect for the summer.

In the gallery of the above brand lookbook, look, head to the OOKIOH shop appearance.



A pollute micro fiber bomb “swimwear”

swimwear manufacturers

There is no way, you can only see but alleyton swimwear swimmers are made from discarded plastic bottles and recycled fabric nets collected from the sea to tell.

“There’s so much garbage in the fashion world that it’s very important to play your role,” Pirra Griffiths’s home swimwear designer and founder.

At the age of Sydneysider revealed her from Italy econyl Allerton swimwear fabrics.

“It’s a very expensive fabric, so I need to try the importance of educing the market,” Griffith said.

She launched a letter of 201550000 dollars in savings, families, friends and “small business loans”. Alleyton swimsuit is stored in the Forever 21, mark of $50000 last year, turnover and Fraser.

Griffiths in Miami swimming week even tried to get pop star Rhianna to wear her Bikinis nightclub

“As a small label, I’m doing my best now,” Griffiths said.

In Australia, the annual market for swimsuits is expected to reach 2 million 100 thousand, and all of these suits will pollute our oceans by 2021.

Natalie Welden, an assistant research assistant for marine pollution, said at University of Portsmouth toxicology and microplastics, most clothing releases tiny plastic fibers, and it rushes to the water every time.

The washing machine wastewater treatment can filter out most of the plastics. The swimmer is “super fine fiber bomb”, when the plastic worn to the beach will directly enter the consumption of water and marine life.

Welden said that the swimmers made from recycled materials do not completely prevent plastic from being released into the water but greatly reduce the rate in the coils made of fiber and plastic.

“Any reduction in the production level of new plastics is helpful,” she said. Recycled products not only reduce the manufacturing level of new materials, but also prevent the existing plastics from being thrown into landfills or other less desirable places, such as our ocean. It also puts the topic at the forefront of people’s thoughts.

Amber Boyers knows that the environmental issues of the swimwear are beginning to blog (consciously reduced) and the Instagram account is concerned with moral fashion.

“Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, every business or large or small, if they need to be responsible in this industry,” Boyers said. I think this fast fashion mentality has taken the lead. Especially when you see nylon, it produces more emissions than other fabrics.

The 23 year old entrepreneur in Brisbane has been asking her readers and followers about swimsuits, so she resolutely decided to start her own swimsuit line, Baiia, from econyl.

Baiia is online sales and in the local market.

“We also use the most environmentally friendly selective dye that I can find. It’s water-based ink printed on paper, and it is heat transferred to fabric, so we do not wash dye into the waterway,” Boyers said. All swimsuits are reversible, and you’ll get more use of each swimsuit.

The South China Sea is trying to cut down on the classic Baiia design.

“All my spirit,” she said, “is that if something is eternal, it won’t be out of date, so you don’t have to buy so many things.”

Large swimwear manufacturers are lagging behind small businesses in the use of environmental options.

Speedo is an exception that produces some of its swimmers from econyl.

“It’s hard for small companies to put pressure on big companies so they can act consciously and consciously,” Griffiths said. Everyone has a responsibility to invest in textiles that are less harmful to the environment. “

Hanalei reponty from swimsuit model swimsuit designer

The model says a sustainable private label swimwear manufacturers swimsuit is set up.

“When I was fifteen years old, when I was on the Internet, I always started surfing my things Ripcurl… Make it look lovely. I always thought in my mind, I just love a diving suit, the girl’s love of the sea, but still want to look sexy, confident, “Tahiti born model Hanalei reponty told me over the phone. “So, it’s all in a different age, and travel and ideas really come to a climax.” But in 2014, I really started looking for suppliers and manufacturers and everything, and then I created the label. ” Reponty, the tag in front of her is Abysse’s spring / summer 18 collection and launch. For example, Internet and model entrepreneurs, who have 153000 followers in Instagram, explain her design from the model and why she chose a sustainable business mode.

This label has an ecologically conscious mantra. In what way do you put it into action?

“I think I am a surfer, you have such a strong connection to the ocean and nature, so it is always close to my heart.” There is a sustainable label that I really feel strong. Through a lot of research, I find really amazing material. [line] limestone based diving suit, neoprene, or all Bikinis nightclubs are recycled nets.

I think sustainability is a big problem. I think people want to buy a more expensive dress, but in the long run, they will continue. And obviously, buying that dress will help the planet. So I think it’s a great element for us. ”

What’s your favorite environmental sign?

“Reform. They are really great. The really good regenerated jackets in Patagonia are also great. I don’t want to wear fur unless it’s absolutely old-fashioned. I think it’s true to find the right balance. I really love it, Aesop. I love their skin care products, I use their mask, moisturizing. I like their deodorants and grind ointment, and I can almost buy everything. It was great for me to go there. ”

Do you have a fitness habit besides surfing?

“Yes, I love Pilates. It’s great, especially because it’s hard to have a consistent daily exercise. I think, Pilates, all you need is a cushion and your own body, so it’s really interesting to explore, your core is very good, and your balance. I’ve been practicing yoga recently, and after a long day, stretching feels great. It’s just a good time to put time in your body.

I’m really grounded right now. I think it’s called grounding. I like to walk around barefoot… It’s just taking time to connect to the earth and take a moment. Connect yourself to the earth. I think this is a good thing, just listen to your physical needs, you must really drink a lot of water, sleep well, I think this is very simple, but it really takes a long way to your daily life.