Rosie Huntington in the secret great swimsuit


“This is very important. Collecting all the fragments is machine washable,” Rosie Huntington Whiteley told fashion signature tour to collect her exclusive second Rosie preview.

Finally, a swimsuit designer understood the frustration of the swimsuit and carefully put it on the air (on a flat surface)! In the light of the sun! Two wear after deformity or discoloration. Luckily, Huntington Whiteley is prescient. Leica’s extra life technology extends the chlorination pool and the sea bathing suit at the affordable price point, creating a diverse 21 collections.

“Over five years with the design team in M & A, I have developed the technical knowledge of building, underwear and swimsuit,” Huntington Whiteley explained. It is this expertise that enables her to understand what women really want to wear and what they feel good knowledge, so that Rosie’s Signature Series has been dealt a consistent blow for many years.

Well, what makes the great swimsuit Huntington Whiteley, who is Ira McPherson’s inspiration for her own beach. The two word: “Bardot,” she said thoughtfully. Her signature swimsuit with her own smooth technology and luxurious production, she promised to improve the figure of any woman. Not convincing yet? Huntington Whiteley has finished her homework, with retro swimwear characters (cleverly placed a high waisted silhouette, decoration) and modern shape (her best-selling plunge bra blueprint), she said, as a model and a new mother.

In the last vigorous development, the essential scarves and gowns were wrapped together with her. She revealed Rosie’s Autographed highlight cream: “sleek” added a lovely glow to kiss the skin. Looking at the 2018 spring and summer movement, you know Dorset was born, and the people of Losangeles really have finished her homework.

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Now you have a chance to have a part of the sports pictorial swimsuit history! This is the first time in history, the first SI swimsuit and activities you can buy, a collection of creation and Raj swimming, with 85 unique style, to meet the needs of women of all shapes and sizes.

Sports pictorial swimming and active line planning everyday women open the beaches of the beaches of the range of the design, and everything between them. The swimming series includes Italy fabrics, all kinds of texture and luxurious hardware details, and actively collect breathable fabrics, bold signs and bright neon lights.

So what are you waiting for? The next five looks like 2018 pages of a sports pictorial swimsuit, and now it’s yours! The entire collection of the store is at, or scroll down to select a functional SI swimsuit.

In a woman’s fatal asymmetrical Barbara Parvin

A femme fatale asymmetry is to provide this season’s fashion rose gold outline, will make you look impressive.

Chase Carter in rebel rebel Bikini Bikini

Rebel rebel cold shoulder bikini top sports pictorial provides a classic black and white stripe in a fresh new silhouette asymmetric cut, we are ready for warm weather.

Ashley Graham Loose Bandeau Bikini in fruit juice

The sports pictorial juice is loose and simple on the top of the bikini offering a bright color, bold design and brand logo.

Fall into a Hailey Clauson in the rebellion

A beautiful blend of gradual color, low chest neckline, and an exposed and sexy touch of classic flattery.