The company sold to textile swimwear manufacturer China INVISTA

The Waynesboro INVISTA will see the new swimwear manufacturer China owners, next year.

According to reports, the final agreement Invista has sold Shandong Ruyi textile and apparel INVISTA Senior Investment Holdings (a company) of the enterprise, the four business units of a Invista.

Shandong Ruyi Investment Holdings is one of the largest textile manufacturers in China and ranks first in the top 500 China Textile and garment enterprises, said. The company operates 13 domestic industrial parks, serving the global customer base of six continents.

The agreement is expected to be undisclosed at mid-2018 and the acquisition price, said the release.

Clothing and advanced textile business is a global production and marketer of fibers and fabrics including lycra and Coolmax fibers. By INVISTA fibers can be used in diapers, swimwear, sportswear, underwear and many other types of clothes.

Waynesboro factory is Lycra, is a research and development facility, support fiber innovation and new technology. There are 400 employees in the factory.

Shandong Ruyi investment holding intends to maintain the unique identity of business. The current vision, strategy and organizational structure will remain in place, benefiting from the retail experience of global textile and its new shareholders.

It’s not clear how the work will be affected by sales, but from Invista and investment companies, they should not be affected. All of the relevant technology, business, business and administrative personnel, of whom about 3000 employees worldwide, are included in the sale, the statement said.

“We don’t expect any change, because of business transactions,” says Jodie Stutzman, director of public affairs at Invista”. There will be only one different owner approaching.”

The sales include asset related manufacturing, research and Development Center (Waynesboro factory) and sales offices all over the world.

“INVISTA world-class assets and consumer recognition of the brand is the perfect combination of the growth of textile related products we fit,” said Cho on sub pay, Shandong Ruyi investment holdings in the release of chairman of the board of directors. “Over the past few decades, the Lycra brand has changed the clothing industry, and has continued to this day.

“We are committed to pushing this business to a higher level through innovative investment and consumer recognition of the brand’s business portfolio,” continued autumn.” We also see the opportunity to use the existing capabilities of Shandong Ruyi Invest-holding Company, including our spandex manufacturing assets, to further enhance the position of A company in the global market.”

Including the sale of swimwear manufacturer China brands including INVISTA focusing fiber and Lycra fiber composite hyfit, Coolmax fiber, Thermolite fiber and Lycra fiber insulation, Elaspan fiber, Supplex fiber and Tactel fiber products, release said.

Sales also include the production and distribution of terathane poly (THF ether glycol), 1,4- butanediol and tetrahydrofuran.

“The apparel industry has always been a strategic and valued part of our portfolio,” said Jeff Gentry, chairman and CEO of the swimwear manufacturer China, in a press release. “We hired the market because we wanted this business to be created by the company, which could create the greatest value for customers, employees and shareholders. In this case, we believe that the knowledge and capacity of Shandong Ruyi investment holding will enable the business to flourish and achieve success in the long run.

Early in March this year, INVISTA is looking for alternatives, for textile and garment enterprises. The company is looking for a “strategic choice” which means that the sales of clothing and advanced textile business or business retention and further investment in invista.

Now it looks like the swimwear manufacturer China has embarked on a sales route.

China’s “transformation” did not shout

Unlike crossing the border, Hongkong has shifted from a manufacturing shift to a service center

“Over the past ten years, this huge surge in China’s economy, as well as Hongkong’s economic failure to travel with the sector’s extraordinary gains. By missing this window, Hongkong missed an opportunity for economic transformation…”

I usually don’t bother much about this kind of China Hongkong swimwear manufacturer China, but it insists and fools some people to think it may be true. Let’s fix things up.

As shown in the past 30 years, Hongkong has made a great economic transition from manufacturing to service center.

To avoid doubt, I travel apart from these digital Internet service trades. “I have only those industries,” Mr. Tao said. “We don’t have any benefit.” Some failures.

The mainland has never made such a change. The success of the high tech, you hear so much exaggeration most unusual. The vast majority of the continent’s economic production has always been based on low levels of hard labour.

This includes digital devices, by the way. They are high-tech in design, but low in assembly, which is the most important practice in the mainland and also one of the reasons for the rapid rise of other countries in the world.

We have an intellectual property royalty of $27 billion a year.

We do not have about 150 million of the swimwear manufacturer China developers in Hongkong, with our own people with negligible salaries and poor living conditions, because they don’t have official registration for the places where they work.

So we don’t have any children in the whole village, and their parents give up their work.

When you hear it saying that the mainland is running ahead of us, remember that our economy is $44800 per capita. The equivalent in the mainland is $8300.

Yes, they have been on the long road for the past 30 years. So do we. Over the past five years, our gross domestic product has increased by about $460 per year. For the mainland, it’s $115.

They don’t add up across the border, of course. They tend to express themselves in a way of growth because they start from a lower base and thus get a higher percentage change. But would you be more rich, $460 or $115?

When you use consumption to measure, the gap is even greater. For everyone to talk about how consumption is the next thing in the mainland, in Hongkong, about $30000 per year per household spending is 10 times across the border equivalent.

It’s getting faster and faster. In the U. S. dollar, the mainland’s quarterly report actually had a downward trend. It’s kind of awkward. Let’s talk about something else.

In fact, University of Hong Kong has just been named the “4 world”, because of its high research standards, Hongkong swimwear manufacturer China researchers contributed key design elements, breaking the gravity wave discovery equipment?.

We are rated as the world’s freest economy, our brilliant financial position, and Beijing’s debt record. Hundreds of other towns have come to the fore.

What’s hot in Hongkong this summer swimwear?

Popular trends — whether it is a jacket, shoulder pads or even pockets from 1980s, are making a comeback on the runway. Swimming suits are no exception. Fortunately, only the best years have been distilled into swimsuits. Here is how you can turn back this summer.


Think of 1980s

“80s rule – so high legs in suits and Bikinis nightclubs is crucial,” says Aisling McKeefrey, the designer of the women’s fashion retailer ASOS.

The triangle, its signature neon swimwear manufacturer China swimsuit with a beach storm, a few years ago, exchanged neoprene for this season’s velvet. A high skinned bottom with a round neck. Velvet bikinis ($89 / HK $693) are available in a range of interesting colors – purple, blue, mint, green, coral and bright yellow – have been found in celebrities such as Courtney Kardashian.

For those who love a little at the bottom, high waist pants also become fashionable for a time. To avoid looking like you’re wearing grandma’s pants, go to a romantic and sexy Tulsi like lace panel bikini (HK $4225) for the Australian brand Zimmermann, featuring mesh specifics.

An adjustable strap at the top. With the rest of the collection, this is a resort and poolside gorgeous, because you won’t want the sand to be made of its exquisite material.

Bold print and pattern

In the 80s of the last century, bold colors and patterns were given to the mind. Local swimwear manufacturer China brand Mint escape debut collection, this year by the Vo and Anna designer Diana Biller launched, interesting and creative patterns, such as tropical foliage, Heliconia flowers and soft flowers by the Japanese garden.

Each print a variety of styles such as fine, balconette is available, and you can mix and match different bottom (HK $770-hk $850 a). Some color at the bottom of the net e details aside, a nod to the knitting and crochet trend appeared to stay in here last year.

A smooth piece of

It’s also a one-piece swimsuit this season. They are more tolerant, but not necessarily sexy (remember them?).

“A big news, they also offer a sleek and sexy for all types, can give some parts of structure and confidence of female consciousness,” said Natalie Kingham, an online retailer purchasing director

According to Kingham, this year is clean lines and limited embellishment. Limited but creative, make swimming costume interesting. “The collection of historical documents is filtered through women’s tights swimming – lace details and sets,” McKeefrey says.

Kingham suggests that on the island, a Italy brand is the new online retailer. With distinctive white or black, its lace V collar Swimsuit (HK $2720) maintains simple stylish modern silhouette. Attractive lace detail at the front and a deep spoon come back to add an interesting touch.

H&M has just released its online store or swimwear manufacturer China in Hongkong, offering similar designs. Its latest swimwear collection consists of plain bikini (HK $149) and a black swimsuit (HK $299) front lacing.

Inspired by sports and athleisure

Swimsuit flagpole athleisure herd, it is functional, comfortable and chic. The latest collection of colors, in coral and green tones, is inspired by seasonal fruit, especially watermelons in summer, according to founder and designer Megan Balch and Jaime Barker.

Jade ($385) is characterized by deep cuts that are very popular this season, but in other areas do not expose too much skin, and remain elegant and elegant. The Colourblock design and architecture department in the swimsuit gave an illusion of slender waist and fabric properties last year.

Sexy swimwear in summer in Hongkong

Bikini top (HK $1200) Vilebrequin. Chanel trousers (HK $17900). Sandals (HK $2180) by Max & Co. earrings and bracelets (HK $4600) (HK $3400) by Emporio Armani. Pearl Necklace (HK $15000) and dove Necklace (HK $4000) by Dior swimwear manufacturer China.


Bikini set (HK $1100) MilaKrasna Angle Etro (Consulting: 23929696). Earrings by Giorgio Armani (query: 25327700). Gold fringed NECKLACE by Emporio Armani (query: 29180699). Chanel pearl necklace (HK $26500). Bracelet (HK $4600) and ring (left hand: gold, HK $3500, black, HK $2950, right hand, HK $2300), all by Dior swimwear manufacturer China.


Bikini top (HK $422) iris and ink Pants (HK $8100), coat (tied at the waist; HK $9100) and Earrings (HK $3100), all by love Mpurio Armani. Shoes (HK $9650) Jimmy Choo. Necklace, tassels (HK $980) by MAX&Co. Beaded Necklace (HK $3350) Red Valentino. Flower Bangle ($4950) of Salvatore ferragamo. Dior (HK $3500).


Versace swimwear (HK $3200). Wrap skirt (HK $6850) by the French Marie van damme. Dior Earrings (HK $5000). SWAROVSKI short necklace (HK $1760). Pearl Necklace (HK $26500) and bracelet (HK $5100) for Chanel.


Swimwear (HK $1580) Acacia Caelum Greene (landmark, central). Jackets (HK $10000), belts and sandals, all by Emporio Armani. Caps (HK $5300) and Earrings (HK $3000) by Giorgio Armani. SWAROVSKI short necklace (HK $2140). Long necklace (HK $4000), ring (left hand, HK $2950, right hand, HK $3500), all paid by Dior. Bangle (HK $17000) Chanel.


Swimsuit (HK $2560) by the French Marie van damme. Shirts (HK $15700) Etro. Sunglasses (HK $3270) of the Vitoria Beckham from Puyi light. Earrings (HK $4600) by Emporio Armani. Black Pearl Necklace (HK $5600) by Dior swimwear manufacturer China. Chain crystal necklace (HK $18650) Prada. Bangle (HK $5700) Herm S.


Bikini top (HK $870) from Acacia Caelum Greene. Clothing (HK $9800) of Attico company Joyce. Fishbone Necklace (HK $2380) Tory Burch. Beaded Necklace (HK $2350) Red Valentino. Ring (left hand, HK $3500; right hand, HK $2300) by Dior. Giorgio Armani purple bangle. Emporio Armani white bangle. Sandals (HK $7100) Herm S. bag (HK $16500) Salvatore ferragamo.


The Hongkong model launches the company to make eco chic bikini lines from old carpets and fishing nets

The ocean is close to the heart of Jocelyn Luko Sandstrom. That’s why actors, TV presenters and models, and her husband, Antony Sandstrom, have launched an eco conscious brand that goes beyond swimwear.

At present, in its pre launch stage and production process, beyond will launch the congregation raised platform Kickstarter May 23rd, Bikinis nightclub available for sale in mid June, through the company’s online store, $98 each.

“I prefer swimming to my clothes.”. “It’s because I was born and raised in Hawaii,” said entrepreneurs in Japan, Austria, Ireland and france. “I always wanted to be a swimwear manufacturer China swimsuit brand, but I didn’t have the courage until this year.”

The couple’s efforts to build an environmentally friendly brand are partly due to their efforts to live sustainably. “We’ve been cleaning ambassadors in Hongkong for nine years, so we know how much garbage was found in the ocean. In addition, swimwear and the sea go hand in hand. If we destroy the ocean, then we have no place to swim.”

The key to development is econyl beyond the use of pure nylon fabric, Luko Sandstrom, found from her friends. In addition to the use of old carpets, econyl was acquired by old fishing nets from farms, fisheries and marine clean-up projects. Garbage recycling, and then converted to the use of fabric beyond.


The reason why there is such a special focus is known in the fishing industry “GhostNet” fishing net, because of their devastating effects. Ancient nets can be stored in the ocean for 500 years, floating in vast waters, killing marine wildlife. Through recycling, econyl may not only save lives, but also provide new life, discarded materials.

“Manufactured from fishing nets, econyl also uses 75 percentage points more than fresh materials, so not only have recycling benefits, but also less waste,” said husband Sandstrom. “This is a wonderful material. It came out last October.”. We’re having an exciting material revolution, and hopefully all our clothes will be made of this material in the future.

He added that it was difficult to find environmentally friendly swimsuits at the moment. “Even if you search for Google or the global resource fair, there are only a few options. This must be a growing market. I hope the more we push our career, the better the environment will be.

In addition, although most people in the industry are trying to prevent others find their means of production, but we still think: maybe we will lose some money to share the news with everyone, but it is for the greater good.

Beyond the ecological focus also extends to the intelligent and versatile design of its swimwear manufacturer China products. For example, Bali has removable straps at the top so that wearers can either take them to avoid tan lines or use these extra support. The pieces are reversible and each side has a different color that allows customers to exchange between the two.

“I have a lot of broken pieces of swimsuits, but they’re not as good, I think,” said Luko Sandstrom. “So when designing this collection, I want to change this and tweak it to make it more feminine. Especially, it is difficult to find a strapless Bikinis nightclub Strapless piece holds everything in place! I tested a lot of different methods and fixed it to keep it in good shape. They also helped to put a woman’s curve together.”

In the future, couples want to expand their reach. One of these initiatives is to provide a recycling scheme where customers can use used products in exchange for a 40% discount on new products. Sandstrom is also keen to later attract male population to provide men’s swimming shorts, which will come from recycled plastic bottles.

“Although our swimwear manufacturer China is small, a modest team of couples, hopefully we can change the world,” Sandstrom said. “We just want to change a bikini world at once.”


Women’s swimwear market is expected to reach 276 U. S. dollars, 2022 U. S. dollars.

Women’s swimwear market showed steady growth. In addition to being a style statement, women’s swimsuits also protect against sea water and chlorinated water in the swimming pool. Women’s swimsuits come in all kinds of materials. The report, compiled through, provides in-depth analysis of the global women’s swimwear market forecast for the period from 2017 to 2022 and presents key insights into the future market direction.

Scope of fact. Sir’s report is an analysis of the unbiased and accurate readership of the global women’s swimwear market during the forecast period from 2017 to 2022. Women swimwear manufacturer China, stakeholders and suppliers of the global sports industry can benefit from the analysis provided in this report. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of what may be of interest to major trade magazines and sports magazines.

The report begins with a brief overview of the global market for women’s swimwear. The executive summary defines the tone for the rest of the report and provides the scope of the report to the user. Executive summary includes important facts and statistics on the global women’s swimwear market.

The next section outlines the women’s swimwear market. This includes an introduction to the market, and a standard definition of the product – women’s swimwear. In this section, readers provide market value and annual growth rate. During the forecast period, the growth rate for readers provides a broader growth model.

The follow-up part of the report focuses on drivers, constraints and key trends from the macroeconomic, demand and supply perspectives. The report contains a weighted average model of growth drivers for impact analysis in order to better provide decision insight into the customer.

In order to provide readers with updated information on the latest developments in the global women’s swimwear market, the report provides updated information about market opportunities that will help leading women swimwear manufacturer China. With the development of the sports industry, keeping records of the latest trends and trends is the basis for women’s swimwear manufacturer China to develop key business strategies. This section provides detailed insights into raw material purchasing, supply chain pricing analysis, distributor lists, and cost structure.

Taking into account the broad range of global women’s swimwear market and providing in-depth insights, in fact, Mr. reports provide a breakdown of the analysis and prediction. The global women’s swimwear market has been categorized by product type, fabric type, pricing, distribution channels and territories. This segmentation analysis is comprehensive, coupled with detailed country forecasts for all parameters.

The final part of the report includes a competition for the global women’s swimwear market to provide the reader with a dashboard view of company analysis and market participants. This competitive intelligence is based on the category of suppliers on the value chain, and their presence in the global women’s swimwear market.

Five, the Hongkong swimwear brand is a blend of fashion, sustainability and affordability

With international clients of foreigners, tourists and travelers of the locals, friendly business tax systems, world-class infrastructure and neighboring China and Nanyang manufacturing centers, Hong Kong is a good place to start a fashion business. In the hot, sunny weather, six months of the year, living in the beach, garbage boats and swimming pool lifestyle, where can better launch swimsuit brand?

In recent years, some local swimsuit brand began to start. One of them was mint escaped by Hong Kong resident Diana Vo and her friend Anna Biller launched in March of this year.

“In Hong Kong, it means that there are a variety of private label swimwear manufacturers swimsuit in your closet that is a long summer fashion that is smart for ladies in Hong Kong,” Vo said.swimwear-manufacturer-China

How young Hong Kong designers are turning their hands on clothing

Both women have experience in finding and developing collections for international apparel brands and their own brands before they start a company. For them, the “mint voice” is to create a reasonable swimsuit, it will not compromise on the quality and style, but to maintain the trend of fashion under the premise.

They also stressed the mix and separation of the game, they found a gap in the market. “It finds a lifestyle shop with complex and modern swimsuit in Hong Kong where you can mix and match the size and style that is almost impossible according to your size,” Biller said.

Petra Greening is the founder of the swimsuit brand and the founder of Shek O, who also had a fashion design career before the release of the trademark in 2013. She does not want a reasonable price in Hong Kong, finds fashion swimsuit and decides to create a series of stylish Bikinis nightclubs with minimal aesthetic.

“I do not want my swimsuit to feel like wearing my consumer,” Greening said. “I wanted to create some timeless and classic beautiful low-key colors instead of a typical summer palette.”

She explained that the hollow swimsuit also has the elements of sustainable development. “With the big rubbish, water sports and the beach going to the community we’ve been in Hong Kong, I noticed that the ocean is our dear Hong Kong people. It is very important that I have come to create as little waste as possible so I created a reusable The bag, my swimsuit is not a one – time use of non – recyclable plastic packaging.

Another focus on protecting the oceans in Hong Kong is to go beyond the basic swimsuit brand, launched by actor, TV host, model Jocelyn Sandstrom earlier this year by Kickstarter. She and her husband Anthony use Italian pure nylon material called econyl, which is made up of recycled fishing nets and rugs, making your own elegant and sustainable Bikinis nightclubs.

“I am passionate about the earth and green life, so I think it is perfect to combine the two,” she said. “If we do not protect and take care of our oceans, we will not have a beautiful ocean to swim.” Both go hand in hand. ”

Adam Raby, Hong Kong’s men’s swimsuit brand Matsu’s founder, also highlights the marine protection. In particular, he wanted to raise the awareness of the Indian Pacific Humpback Dolphin, or the Chinese White Dolphin, which – due to overfishing and pollution – there are still 60 waters around Hong Kong.

“In order to raise awareness of their plight of survival, we created the Indian Pacific Humpback, Linge, our shorts for Tai O and Pearl River’s model,” Raby said. From each of these shorts sold to Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society.

Raby launched its own brand in the 2014 show Asian inspired luxury holiday after wearing the world to note that the men’s private label swimwear manufacturers based on the Asian market gap. He is currently working on the use of sustainable materials such as recycled fabric blends and bamboo for the upcoming design.

“Sustainable buying is a long time, and that’s why sustainability is not cheap,” he said. “It is important for me to be how Matsu as a company’s carbon footprint and responsibility to maintain our environment.”

Hong Kong’s e-commerce brand, Grana, has just begun to compete in the swimwear manufacturer China, adding to men and women’s design, which is in June. Brand, founded in 2013, based on the requirements of consumers from the 3000 active, the formation of “granalab” decision, sharing and feedback network.

Grana is by selling high-quality fabrics directly to consumers disrupting the traditional retail model. In the swimwear category, it has maintained two to three times the original, six to eight times higher than the traditional retail price.

Men’s works made of special blend of blends called “Taiwan Science and Technology”, are smooth, lightweight and fast dry. The woman’s work is made of a material called “Italian sensitive”, which is known for its fast drying ability, ultra-smooth touch and “second skin”.

“We looked at the high-end brands of mid-market prices and fabrics, [we] from the source of high-quality fabrics,” said Brand founder and CEO Luke Grana. “We reduce the market cost by 20 30%, into the sweet spot of our millennial customers.”

Reality TV star Chloe Khan Sexy Bikini Design by young entrepreneurs in Scotland, looks sensational

Half naked real-life stars and Playboy models, 26, were shot out of the Glasgow swimwear brand fruit ban.

Founder Lorna Stewart launched the business and may hope that her gorgeous works will be taken by people in Ibiza and Marbella.


She told her after the joy of some of the designs displayed by former X Factor candidate Khan and former beach player Che McSorely, 19, social media.

Lorna, near Glasgow, Giff Knock, said, “we only launched about a month and a half ago, and it was pretty slow to start until we got the word.”

“My main point is to connect all the blogs on Instagram. I’ve just sent them to all of them, all of them, because that’s a good exposure.

“I want to start the summer in Ibiza, that’s what I want to see when people wear my Bikinis night club, in pool parties, in places like Marbella, and gorgeous.

“There’s a Che McSorley wearing sequins on the beach in Ibiza, her Instagram page. Since she wore it, I’ve sold so much, I never thought it would be so popular.

“Chloe Khan really sent me text messages instead of other methods around. She said she took a picture of her, she absolutely likes roses, bikini and sunflower bikini, and if I can send her out, she will put my great image.”

Lorna, who was learning how to become a PE teacher, but gave up pursuing her dream of being a businessman, said to let her own personal style, after a lot of praise, she decided to let Bikinis nightclub.

She said: “I went to Miami for vacation, when I had girls every year, just kept coming up to me and asking me where I came from, Bikinis nightclub.” They are usually from Chinese online sites or swimwear manufacturer China, and they are not great quality or material.

“I realized I could do them better, and obviously there was a huge market. I found a girl who owns her own lingerie company. I don’t have a fashion background, but I’ll draw my thoughts. She’ll do this on the computer color I want.

“Then she bought me a swimwear manufacturer China in Glasgow. It’s more expensive to make them in England, but I think your products are of better quality. Each design is completely different from the other – everyone has one.

“Chloe Khan is a 34G and she orders number 14,” she said. “At her Instagram, it’s the best for her.”

There are five different varieties and 50 e 80 e from the online store between the retail fruit tour at Bikinis nightclub.

Lorna said that if her swimsuit business takes off, she hopes to develop a complete garment line.

She added: “some swimwear manufacturer China sell customized Bikinis nightclub by 200 people buy four or five of their holidays, but our most expensive one by 80.

“I just love the Bikinis nightclub. Once all this goes on, I think we’re going to start designing clothes, too.”

The rise of swimwear: how brands exploit market potential

The market potential of water sports has been highlighted in recent ISPO, Munich, and ISPO, Shanghai, through the water sports village, which defines water sports as one of the hottest sports trends in the summer of 2018.

Experiencing water activity, interest rates will continue, highlighting the trend at the moment, appearing in the ISPO textrends, summarizing the summer 2019 consumer sentiment, the number of individuals experiencing more than personal property. Consumers will embrace travel, whether it is to go to the nearest coast in the car, or to more exotic locations in water activities, therefore has been increased in advance in the field of technical fabrics with interest in the development of sports inspired swimwear brand. This development is the development of brand associations, especially lingerie brands to enter the market athleisure sports bra, to the existing technology applied to a new market applications.

swimwear-manufacturer-ChinaSwimming with SkiCardo Paris, a swimwear brand for the fitness industry, offers truly chic swimwear and accessories, and has launched high-end collaboration with the ski wear brand fusalp. The result is four sports chic swimsuit, molded injection zipper capsule collection, waist compression fabric, nod the fitting ski pants soft shell

By Claudia Riegler D e N e reaz approved, alpine skiing champion Clementine Lucine in the water skiing world champion, visual impact and technical characteristics of the combined range. Sustainable development: from natural ingredients to recycled plastics, bottlessustainable applications, swimwear manufacturer China, water sports departments are increasing, pioneered by Patagonia environmental leadership, neoprene free diving suits. R3 silver neoprene free diving suit accepts ISPO gold medal winner for 2016/2017, using FSC certified rubber mixture, flexible and durable.

Plant silver gum reduces dependence on oil and makes at least 70 less carbon dioxide emissions. For the past eight years, the company has pioneered the use of natural rubber raincoats. Surfers and manufacturers can now choose plants instead of oil. 2016 / 2017.performance textile ispo prize winning gold medal winner now following and unity to launch a more sustainable recovery route, suppliers, the plastic bottle recycling fiber called REPREVE, Finch swimwear brand.

Finch’s swimsuit for women, men and children, is specially made from yarn fabric Repreve to provide natural UPF 50 + UVA and UVB sunscreen, without adding chemicals.

Finch’s signature photo is repeated after the season, Finch season is a new recipient project is a seal of approval, is the first ever China Brand Award, which is the company’s commitment based on transparency and build a sustainable supply chain. Finch designed is a brand with only three brands approved in winning swimwear categories, in more than 115 nominations. The complete packagewhile hardware becomes an increasing area in its own right from the plate kayak to an enhanced styling swimsuit opportunity, with sand / City clothing and accessories having potential growth. Brand featured models of the city of Paris and Interfiliere, lingerie and swimwear show, highlight this direction, sexy styling and technical fabrics, through the complete collection of accessories to define the overall appearance.

Brands are looking to promote the appeal of sporty styling and sexy elements. Create a strong look forward to seeing cutting-edge brands of tropical fish sports, fashion and ekena Bay mesh insertion and zipper teams with technical fabrics. The accessory is also available primarily with Susan Bijl, offering a new nylon bag and an extension specifically for the beach backpack series, her signature nylon shopping bag.

Adidas sees the potential of this market, fashion and sock shoes look good, knocking on the pavement is going to the beach of primeknit pull feature merge.

It is obvious that swimwear manufacturer China are shifting from stylish swimwear fabrics to combinations of existing fashion designs, but with added value of performance components. At the same time, swimwear brands are also embracing water sports, combined with sports lifestyle and high levels of performance.

Consumers are keen, whether involved in water sports or just part of the beach bar, where swimwear is mirroring the effect of athleisure on life trends in sportswear. Enhanced flexibility and adaptability to swimwear, fabricshigh compression in warp knitted fabrics and woven fabric features, providing mixed garment styling, core stability is critical, UV protection is the key. Protecting the sun appeals not only to the adult market, but to children as well.

Through the compact structure of the fabric, through the novelty of yarn and protective agent to prevent ultraviolet damage, so as to achieve the purpose of anti ultraviolet. Protection is also inspiring Swimsuit Silhouette, long sleeve, long back, excitation and print features.

What is clear is that the sports swimwear manufacturer China presents a new lease of life, embracing the key ingredients in the market, from super chlorine resistant spandex to recycled fibers and UV protection, but most importantly, have a stronger style. Fitness swimwear and Sporty FashionIt are more than just high-performance swimwear, embracing performance textiles, holiday swimwear, water fitness and surfing beaches, which seem to be in tune with an athletic inspired accent.

Want to see this market consumers are also doing yoga surf board, yoga mat and switch cycle development, summer interest growth.

Eco swimwear brands are recognized

Finch designed to use recycled fiber in its product Repreve China swimwear brand, is the new recipient of the project only approved seal. Finch’s design is the first Chinese brand to win this award, based on the company’s commitment to transparency and the creation of a sustainable supply chain. Finch designed is a brand with only three brands approved in winning swimwear categories, from more than 115 nominations.

An important player in Finch’s design supply chain is the unified manufacturing company Repreve fiber production, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. Repreve can be traced and certified through a unified, proprietary, trusted verification program, and one purpose is to provide customers with increased Repreve transparency levels with integrated authentication procedures. As part of the US trust program, fiberprint technology is unified, a unique tool that allows third parties to analyze fiberprint signature fabrics and unify them to demonstrate the level of Repreve content.

Only project approval is based on environmental and social practices for the brand. In addition, the project considers only availability, accessibility (size and price), quality and aesthetics.

“Finch”, consistent with the slow fashion movement, repeats 85% of its prints and fashions year after year to encourage eternal, responsible purchases. We design our signature photos in-house, and work is just manufacturing partners to share our core values, responsible for social and environmental production, “says Itee Soni, founder of Finch.

Since the launch of Repreve fiber from 2013 swimsuit, Finch has quickly established the name of the most luxurious partnership with some travel, including six senses, W Hotel, Mandarin Oriental, Ritz Carlton, Bai Yue and the naked ecological tourist destination.

“When we start, we’re looking for a supplier that understands the task of providing a transparent supply chain for our customers,” says Heather Kaye, founder of Finch. “We find our commitment in collaboration with unity; and through the use of Repreve, they can help us create a good environment and quality products for our consumers.”

The regeneration of Repreve swimming trunks men and boys in women and girls category, Finch is essentially a one-stop shop for ecological swimwear. In addition to being environmentally friendly and stylish, the Finch swimwear is also high performing, providing a minimum of 50 sunscreen UPF levels for each item.

“We are proud to support Finch, and the project they received was just a well deserved honor,” said Jay Hertwig, vice president of global brand premium value, to join PVA. “Sparrow” for the entire family, stylish swimwear, functional and environmentally friendly.”

Finch design and ecological awareness of the global traveler’s mind launched in June 2010. Founder ITEE, SONY and Heather Kaye add up to 25 years of clothing design and manufacturing experience, and established the core printing design and sustainability of Finch in their DNA.

Finch offers timeless, sustainable, luxury swimwear manufacturer China, signature prints, holiday dresses and accessories. Finch’s swimsuit for women, men and children, is made exclusively from REPREVE yarns. Finch fabric provides natural UPF 50 + UVA and UVB sunscreen, without adding chemicals. Finch’s signature photo is a repeat of the season, easy brand recognition and nod after the slow fashion season.