A pollute micro fiber bomb “swimwear”

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There is no way, you can only see but alleyton swimwear swimmers are made from discarded plastic bottles and recycled fabric nets collected from the sea to tell.

“There’s so much garbage in the fashion world that it’s very important to play your role,” Pirra Griffiths’s home swimwear designer and founder.

At the age of Sydneysider revealed her from Italy econyl Allerton swimwear fabrics.

“It’s a very expensive fabric, so I need to try the importance of educing the market,” Griffith said.

She launched a letter of 201550000 dollars in savings, families, friends and “small business loans”. Alleyton swimsuit is stored in the Forever 21, mark of $50000 last year, turnover and Fraser.

Griffiths in Miami swimming week even tried to get pop star Rhianna to wear her Bikinis nightclub

“As a small label, I’m doing my best now,” Griffiths said.

In Australia, the annual market for swimsuits is expected to reach 2 million 100 thousand, and all of these suits will pollute our oceans by 2021.

Natalie Welden, an assistant research assistant for marine pollution, said at University of Portsmouth toxicology and microplastics, most clothing releases tiny plastic fibers, and it rushes to the water every time.

The washing machine wastewater treatment can filter out most of the plastics. The swimmer is “super fine fiber bomb”, when the plastic worn to the beach will directly enter the consumption of water and marine life.

Welden said that the swimmers made from recycled materials do not completely prevent plastic from being released into the water but greatly reduce the rate in the coils made of fiber and plastic.

“Any reduction in the production level of new plastics is helpful,” she said. Recycled products not only reduce the manufacturing level of new materials, but also prevent the existing plastics from being thrown into landfills or other less desirable places, such as our ocean. It also puts the topic at the forefront of people’s thoughts.

Amber Boyers knows that the environmental issues of the swimwear are beginning to blog (consciously reduced) and the Instagram account is concerned with moral fashion.

“Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, every business or large or small, if they need to be responsible in this industry,” Boyers said. I think this fast fashion mentality has taken the lead. Especially when you see nylon, it produces more emissions than other fabrics.

The 23 year old entrepreneur in Brisbane has been asking her readers and followers about swimsuits, so she resolutely decided to start her own swimsuit line, Baiia, from econyl.

Baiia is online sales and in the local market.

“We also use the most environmentally friendly selective dye that I can find. It’s water-based ink printed on paper, and it is heat transferred to fabric, so we do not wash dye into the waterway,” Boyers said. All swimsuits are reversible, and you’ll get more use of each swimsuit.

The South China Sea is trying to cut down on the classic Baiia design.

“All my spirit,” she said, “is that if something is eternal, it won’t be out of date, so you don’t have to buy so many things.”

Large swimwear manufacturers are lagging behind small businesses in the use of environmental options.

Speedo is an exception that produces some of its swimmers from econyl.

“It’s hard for small companies to put pressure on big companies so they can act consciously and consciously,” Griffiths said. Everyone has a responsibility to invest in textiles that are less harmful to the environment. “

The Australian Swimwear Brand Kylie Jenner Actually Buys

Australia is famous for its beaches, so it is perfect, it is also the return of some of the hottest swimwear brands. One of them is Frankie Swimwear, a label in Sydney, released by Rebecca Klodinsky, 27, who was actually studying forensic psychology before, and then postponed attention to her brand.

For four years, Frankie Swimwear has been used worldwide, already has more than 218,000 users of Instagram, and was wearing a few major celebrities. We are talking about Rihanna and Kylie Jenner. we know . The The next. Level.

So, because we are obsessed with the brand (and Kelly Jena liked this fact), so we sent an email to Rebecca and asked what answers we needed. Read on to learn how Frankie Swimwear was successful overnight.

Australia POPSUGAR: When did you launch Frankie?

Rebecca Collinsky: Frank was launched in November 2013.

PS: What do you do?

RK: When my sister came home from the day of shopping, the penny really fell and proudly showed me the new bikini she had crossed, and I felt that something had to change. She has worn a bikini! If my sister is doing that, sure she is not alone there are hundreds of other girls there doing? There is a hole in the market, at great prices to buy a great swimsuit.

PS: What did you do before starting your own label?

RK: Before Frankie, I went to college. I studied dual degree in forensic psychology and psychology, although I postponed the course in the fourth year, pursuing the development of my company

PS: Who is your brand’s first celebrity?

RK: Rihanna is the first in 2014 to wear Frankie swimsuit celebrity!

PS: Kylie Jenner is also a fan of your swimsuit, and in the form of a 19-year-old birthday in your black bikini with her own face self-timer Instagram lens self-timer – what’s going on?

RK: This is completely organic! Until my two staff reminded me of the images I knew. We quickly find the source of sales, confirm that we are! This is not a paid post, it is completely organic, the suit is purchased by Kylie from the website.

PS: How important is Instagram to your brand?

RK: very! Instagram alone exposes Frankie Swimwear to an international market that has not yet touched. We have become an internationally recognized label, our online coverage is almost unlimited. Frankie swimsuit is strictly online and has the power of Instagram, the social media platform has promoted our labels in Europe, the United States and other regions. We have been internationally recognized and thank you for our strong online presence and coverage, and our labels are readily available to anyone, regardless of their origin.

PS: why do you think your brand has seen its success?

RK: I’m lucky because I caught the “Instagram wave”. At the time of this platform, I was able to really connect to an unaffected audience of e-commerce marketing that had not yet been through a social media platform.
I do believe that this one-handed help to drive Frankie to the place today.

PS: Do you have any suggestions for someone to want to start their own tags?

RK: do not hesitate I really want to see women in business has made a belief in the leap and success. There is such a strong male shame associated with the label “Entrepreneur” I like to see women break this cycle in business.

PS: So far, what is the highlight of your career?

RK: Drive my first Frankie Swimwear billboard. It was a cool moment!

PS: What’s next?

RK: Frankie Bebe! Mom and Bubble are the time to be excited – we have released a small part of the seamless Bebe swimming, but in the summer of 2018, when Frankie Bebe’s fun really started.