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30 Days to Practice the Swan Neck, You Can Do It!

Each person has a different level of temperament which can be regarded as a style that gives the impression. Often, people get attracted to a similar temperament and it is seen from body movements, and the relevance of joints, muscles and skin. In brief, temperament is the performance of flesh, also, avoiding to put on clothes is part and parcel of temperament. Inn case you desire to transform your temperament, then it is advisable to train your own body and behavior to be adjustable.  Practicing the Swan Neck method has a quicker upgrade to your temperament. This is how to do it in thirty days.

Swan Neck & Swan Arm

It is necessary mastering this method of improving your temperament. However, it comes with an additional side effect on the weight, height, neck length, and the back. Also, it relieves neck discomfort giving you a more dignified expression. For instance, take an example of the flower girl in the picture below; she is uneasy because her chest, body muscle tension, and the movements of her hands are much public with men. At times, despite of the make up you do, having shoulders that are naturally sagging, with a neck that seems elongated makes you uncomfortable. However, here are some tips you can use to practice swan neck.

1-Long Term Study of Ballet

The is one of the most recommended ways of practicing swan neck. Being familiar with the ballet gives you that integrated and elegant look, and a swan neck in your temperament that is considerable. The ballet helps you maintain your long neck standard and perfect posture. Therefore, do not hesitate practicing the ballet. Follow the following actions when practicing ballet:

  • Action One
  • Relax your neck by stretching its neck muscles as many times as possible. This must be done in full accordance with the posture of your figure, your arm facing one direction, and head in the crook’s direction.
  • Action Two
  • Swing your neck to the left and right, then up and down as many times as possible as this is important in stretching the muscles at the back of your neck. Simultaneously, slow the action, twisting your neck slowly to the maximum angle.


  • Action Three

    Keep on practicing and avoid applying too much pressure. Your muscle shoulders will be taut, and you will be able to feel its trapezius on touch. This helps open up the tendons.

  • Action Four
  • This forth action is helpful in giving your neck full expansion. Start by slowly swinging your neck from side as you increase the rhythm gradually so as not to hurt your neck. As you practice this, make sure you don’t lean forward, your head should be slightly lift, and your shoulder and chest should be naturally relaxed. Try following these steps for thirty days and the results will be evident.





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