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Trending Colors in Autumn Fashion This Year

Soon the seasons will change in the subtropics. From September to November, the season will change to fall. This change in weather which is becoming cooler, certainly also brings a number of changes to fashion trends. Apart from the design aspect, color also brings fresh air in 2023.

Fashion trends in fall are more focused on clothes that are closed and thick. Then, bright and solid colors also tend to dominate the fall 2023 fashion trends. As if welcoming the year with a more optimistic aura, bold colors will fill the trend. Seasonal changes bring different color trends. Soft, warm color shades will offset cold weather. Earth-tone colors are also present. For example mustard yellow and olive green. Then what color will be a trend and will be very suitable for use in the fall?

Red Cherry

Red is the color that dominates the catwalks of various fashion week events. It’s no wonder that red is considered to be one of the trends for fall 2023 fashion. Red is 2023’s brightest and most unapologetic fall color. It continues to dominate as a bright, commercial color with a familiar trans-seasonal appeal. Besides giving a bold impression, red also gives an optimistic and warm impression. The very bright cherry red color also gives a fresh impression.


Hot pink is one of the most optimistic bright colors that is becoming a trend right now. Moreover, this color is currently viral because it is identical to Barbie’s color. A film that has been on the rise lately. So using pink can be said to follow the current trend, For you men using pink is not a bad idea.

Bright Yellow

Bright yellow is the perfect color to wear this fall. A bright and cheerful yellow color that symbolizes optimism, energy, and happiness. Using yellow is like the sun that warms in the cold weather. This color is also suitable for events at night because the color is striking and looks fresh.

Soft Blue

Switch to softer, more muted colors. Here is a soft blue color for color recommendations that are suitable for you to use in autumn. A number of soft blues are rated as flattering in spring and summer. The Pantone hue consists of a slightly greyish-blue color scheme. This color gives a bright and fresh impression. This color is also suitable for formal or informal events. This soft blue color will also be suitable when combined with neutral colors.


Colors that are more often associated with clothes give the impression of shade. This earth-tone color will be very beautiful and elegant when you wear it. Outfits with green always give the impression of peace. This hue is green, a reflection of nature. so don’t hesitate to make a collection of green clothes.


Brown is an earth-tone color that has been loved lately. Because the color is neutral and soft. In addition, this color is also very representative of autumn. Plus, when combined with the color of the falling leaves, it will add to the impression of beauty. This color is very suitable combined with soft pink, black, and army green.


Lavender is the color of 2023 according to WGSN and it will be the main fashion trend of fall and winter 2023. The purple hue similar to lavender is full of femininity. But not until that, this color also brings a calming impression. A soft, calming lilac shade that calms and balances the bold jewels of fall and winter in the palette.


This new, calm color will also enliven the 2023 fashion trend because it gives an elegant, classic touch. In addition, gray is a neutral color, which is in the middle of black and white. This gray color is very suitable for formal events. It is also very suitable to be combined with soft blue, pink, and other neutral colors.


The color of a million people, no one doesn’t have this color in their wardrobe. This color is very easy to combine with existing colors. So you don’t need to bother to find a suitable pair of clothes. Black is a simple but elegant color. This color can be used in formal or non-formal events, even suitable for parties.

Each color has its own hue. The color predictions above can be your reference in choosing clothing colors this fall. Choose colors of versatile and trans-seasonal appeal. The key is playing around with color. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright dopamine this season for a fresh twist. Balancing the color palette is very important in this autumn and winter period.


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