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5 Best Hairstyle for Short Hair

Women love to play around with their hair. They love to save pictures of their ideal hairstyle and works towards it to achieve it. Hair gives you multiple characters to play with your own life. A different hairstyle defines a different feeling. It’s a fact that a bold hairstyle would make you feel bolder! And the well-maintained side parts hairstyle would make you feel sneaky and classy.

To be honest! Winters are the season of hair and dandruff. Cold weather tends to dry your scalp, and hair happens more than normal. So, hair maintenance and the hair care routine need to be on the next level to manage your hair. Well! Many extrovert lazy girls don’t put that much effort into hair Maintenance and try to skip the season with ease and less effort. They cut their hair to shorter lengths and rock their style to the casual and classy look. This leads to a better hairstyle, thicken hair (as you cut it shorter), and better hair quality. So, today in this article, I’ll mention the best hairstyle for shorter hair for women.

Style Inspo For Short-hair like Yami Gautam

The wavy and messy hairstyle gives you a touch of Feminity with the waves and Curls. It is one of the easy hairstyles to pull off and Flaunt everywhere. It gives you a simple, traditional and elegant look.

Things You need to have – Round Bristle Brush, Curling Iron, Wide-teeth Comb.

Steps :

  • Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and makes sure your hair is dried and conditioner properly
  • Comb your hair straight to remove any knots and locks
  • To provide the extra volume and texture! Get yourself a texturing spray, which not only balances your hair volume and quality but also hold your hair to your desired place
  • Use a 0.5-inch barrel on your curling for better results
  • Grab your hair strands from the front and start the curling process
  • After curling the front part, now keep switching to the other parts of the head
  • Do it until all hair strands are covered
  • Use the round bristle brush and brush your hair in the right direction by creating a side part
  • Now spray the hair setting spray and lock the hair to your desired place

Sport Straight, Short Blunt Lob like Deepika Padukone

If you want to look elegant and stylish with a spark of edginess? Then try this hairstyle and get the maximum attention. It looks beautiful, classy, and well-suited for shorter hair.

What you need to have – bristle brush, Flat iron, hairdryer, shine spray, hair cream, clips


  • Clean your hair with a mild shampoo. Apply the hair cream and blow-dry your hair
  • Brush your hair to remove all the knots and use a bristle brush to create more volume to your hair
  • Divide your hair into FOUR sections and use a flat iron to start the straightening process
  • After the Straightening! Comb your hair into the desired place with a bit of curl and lock it with a Hair-spray

The Bed Head Bun Like Tahira Kashyap’s

The bun hairstyle is simple, classic, and easy to do. It makes you feel bold, classy, and confident about yourself. The hairstyle is suitable for every wear you prefer

What do You Need to have – Comb, Hairbrush, Pins, Scrunchie

Steps :

  • Brush You Hair at the Top to give it an edge and a lift
  • Gather all your hair and don’t tie. Place the messy ponytails on the neck nape
  • Twist The Ponytail to create a circle to form a burn. Use your pins to place their firm.
  • You can go for scrunchie to tie your bun if you feel
  • Tie the hair on top of your HEAD and let a few hair strands on the beautiful face of yours

Glossy Waves Like Priyanka Chopra

The glossy Waves give you the versatility to wear any dress and create a statement. The hairstyle gives you energy and confidence to be creative in your life.

What do you need – Curling Iron, Heat protector, Comb, and a dry shampoo

Steps :

  • Detangle your hair strands with a comb
  • Part your hair normally
  • Use the tail comb to separate your strands and with a clip to tie it and let it stay on your forehead while you form your curl
  • Always use a heat-protectant to safeguard your hair from hair , and damage
  • Now, curl your hair strands with a curling iron
  • How much thickness you like, keep it as per your convenience! Keep your hair in the iron for not more than 4 seconds
  • Now curls your hair strands in a big section. By leaving a few inches at the bottom. The big section of your hair would provide you with a thicker and voluminous look
  • After all the process, spray your hair with power or dry shampoo
  • Lastly, open your hair bands and keep them flowing in your face

 The Low Bun Knot like Sanya Malhotra

The hairstyle enhances your beauty and elegance without much effort. The hairstyle brings romance and sparks to your persona. These hairstyles are best to carry on dates, travel, or parties.

What do You need to have – Heat Protectant, Pins, anti-frizz, boat bristle brush, hair serum

Steps :

  • Part in your in the ideal direction
  • Use the boar bristle brush and prepare your hair for the low-knot
  • Use the anti-frizz spray at the crown part to avoid fizziness
  • Make a ponytail and tie it up using a Scrunchie. Don’t tie it tight
  • Tie the Ponytail end with another Scrunchie
  • Move the ponytail to let the hair go up and lift
  • Roll the Ponytail over the knot to create a bun. Place it there with the help of pins
  • Let some hair strands on your face and create a spark of confidence and glam


So, these were the best hairstyle to choose for short hair types. I hope you like them all and you can use them to enhance your beauty in your daily lifestyle. If any questions or ideas, you can mention them down in the comment section.


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