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5 Good Storage Items to Double Your Wardrobe

Have you ever searched for your costume endlessly in the closet? Or tried to look out for shapewear in messed-up clothes in vain. Probably you have tried to tidy up your wardrobe, but it ends up being messy. It merely sends a message to you that you need to double your wardrobe space.

A clean and organized closet streamlines your daily routine. You can see everything clearly, and picking out what you want would no longer be an issue. Try these five useful storage items to make the most of your space.

  1. Add wire-shelves divider

A wire-shelf elegantly separates your clothes on display by using stainless steel and chrome shelf dividers. They are great for bulky items, whereby you can fold many t-shirts as high as possible.

  1. A folding shirt board

A folding shirt board keeps your closet neat and organized. It folds a t-shirt, shirts, pants, jeans, and a tidy size in a few seconds. It helps you to stay in control of your closet.

 3.Double closet board

The double closet board is simple and minimalistic in design. It ensures your clothes are wrinkle-free. Hence, making your work easier when in a rush.

  1. Tank top hangers

A tank top hanger holds 6-8 garments. Most tank tops are hard to fold and get wrinkled quickly. With a tank top hanger, you will save space, and all your scarves, tank tops, and pants can be hanged for easier access. The circular loop allows you to choose what you want, and the rounded design in each prong prevents clothes from slipping.

  1. A closet door and wall rack solution

Have your rolls of wrap neatly kept in a door rack. Your accessories will look cute and easy to locate in a wall rack. The door and wall rack are budget-friendly solutions that will keep clothes and shoes well organized, with no need for a full redesign of the wardrobe.

By making little adjustments as mentioned above, you will maximize your wardrobe space. Your clothes will be neatly stored and out of the way. If your budget allows, have built-in wardrobes, which makes the most of all the height and width of the space provided.


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