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5 Pleated Pants: Style Tips

Let’s talk a little about trousers with pleats, among the must-haves in the bottom wear category and perfect for going to work and for leisure time.

They have a very formal look, most of the proposals are high-waisted, which makes them the perfect garments to combine with a blazer of the same style, or even in contrast, and a soft voile blouse.

Alternatively, for free time you can combine a comfortable and soft oversized sweatshirt or a warm pullover with braids or sequins and beads applications.

Therefore, pleated trousers are the items to have in this cold season and that will continue to win us over in the future, just as they did in the past.


What are pleated trousers? This is the first question that arises when it comes to this type of trousers. With “pleated” we mean the folds with internal seams that shape the trousers just below the belt. The folds, which we remember can be single or double, close or more distant, are perfect for giving a more refined and glamorous touch to the garment.

What are they for? Pleats generally serve to have more fabric available for the silhouette. This means that the width ensures that, when you put something in your pocket or sit down, the trousers do not stretch too much or cause discomfort.

Pleated trousers undoubtedly have a comfortable fit, so don’t worry too much before buying them.

Another point in favor of these garments is that they look good on everyone, without contraindications. In particular, they are recommended for those with an apple or pear body, who do not like too tight models, and who want a formal chic look.


Having said that these trousers are suitable for all types of silhouettes and for multiple occasions, especially the more formal ones, all that remains is to find out which ones to buy.

You have a wide choice because the brands have definitely worked to present various cool and fashion creations, from the Zara collection to that of Mango.

You will find trousers with wide pleats, practically palazzo but also straight and wide on the leg, as well as you will easily come across more slim fit types.

Among the various proposals, you will discover paper bag trousers with pleats, so in addition to the pleats, you will also find the belt in the same color and in the same fabric.

We suggest you buy a gray or black one, for a touch of pure formality, but there are many colored ones, especially in purple and brown.


Trousers with pleats, as we have already widely anticipated, do not require who knows what precautions to create the latest fashion and flawless looks.

Having said that, it seems quite clear that you can try your hand at experimenting and always new outfits.

Any advice? For sure they give their best with the shirt, so green light to the simple ones or even in denim together with all the dandy style proposals with bows at the neck.

Sweaters? Yes, they look great with pleated trousers, even wide ones, as long as they are not overly long, so as to show the iconic pleats.

The same goes for sweatshirts with or without hood, and for all types of t-shirts, which we recommend you always wear inside your pants, to show off a splendid hourglass silhouette.

To these are added the crop tops, which can be coordinated with cardigans or worn without anything, when the season allows it.

On the shoe front, you can alternate sneakers with those with heels. As for the boots, however, you prefer the ankle boots, but also the combat boots can be ultra-cool!


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