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5 Ways to Match A Woman Floral Shirt

A woman’s floral shirt is similar to a man’s. To differentiate between the two, you look at the buttons. A men’s shirt has buttons on the right, while a woman’s shirt buttons are on the left. Ladies’ floral shirts come in various materials, including satin, silk, and cotton, linen. The floral shirt is charming; the challenge comes when you want to pair it. Here’s how to compliment your floral tee.

  1. Match Your Pants to Your Prints

Gone are the days of straining about matching outfits. The trendy mix and match work well with floral shirts. Pull-on, a long-sleeve button-up floral shirt with a plain color pair of pants, to raise your style points up even more.

  1. Color coordinate Your Shoes

You can never go wrong with head-to-toe monochrome. Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel also does well. To pair your shoes with a floral shirt, make sure one of your shirt colors is the color of your shoes.

  1. Keep it casual

Floral shirts pull out a unique design in casual events. Choose a loose tunic style and complement the look with skinny jeans and sandals. You can add a sun hat to stay cool during summer.

  1. Go for daring colors.

It comes down to wearing a floral shirt to realize how bold the look is. A broader and more appropriate form produces bold colors. Throw a floral shirt to pose like a rock star, with slim-fitting black jeans and ankle boots.

  1. Mix prints and colors

When you have big prints on your floral shirt, make sure your bottom has tiny printing. Prints of similar size can compete with one another. Look for prints that share a color or have the same tones.


Search for the linen or cotton when choosing a floral shirt. The fabrics are breathable and wick moisture naturally and can, therefore, work in most climates. Choose the proper size too. Make sure the seams on the shoulder match up to your shoulders. You wear the floral shirt open or tucked in. This lovely shirt brings straight tropical vibes to your closet.


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