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A new private label swimwear swimming in Perth fashion label Tang trouble

private label swimwear manufacturers

Sports physiologist Shannon Donovan, a swimsuit designer, hopes her label will swim to create waves on the Perth fashion scene.

Last month, the private label swimwear manufacturer was posted in the south of Perth Yacht Club, Donovan said she used to live in the UK and she had always dreamed of making a swimsuit label, but given the weather it was impossible.

“I was born in the UK, moved to Australia in 2009, enjoyed fashion in magazines and clothing stores, but never thought of having a swimsuit in a cold England.”

“Since I live in central England, seeing beaches twice a year, parents taking us to summer vacation, and long-distance car trips, I and my siblings compete for” Who can see the sea? ”

“The beach has always been my favorite place, I will never think of living nearby or in the design of a series of swimwear in the tile city.”

Donovan said that after completing her studies and college, she realized that engaging in the sports physiology industry was not what she wanted to do.

She said: “I never studied fashion or design, but I think I can create works by my own style and image.”

“The beginning of Don Swim was to create an elegant, fit piece, and I worked hard to find myself, and that was the beginning of the first line.”

The purpose of my swimsuit is to make women in all shapes feel comfortable and amazing. I do not want to design the most uncomfortable small part, it is best not to be most women wear.

A year ago, Donovan described the design as simple and classic. Every piece of my design is my favorite. The first design I think I came here is a film that does make the quest for making a private label swimwear brand, “she said.

“Our first season is simple and timeless, classic pieces that fit and cut to complement any silhouette, every piece of design and love, and name it as a special person in my life.

“I started designing to make up for this gap and slowly formed a line from it.”


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