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Anna Heinrich travels to Perth to participate in a swimwear show

It is no stranger to participate in some of Australia’s most prestigious fashion events, and Anna Heinrich will join the front row of the AMP Capital Swimming + Vacation Series next weekend.

With this year’s show celebration icon, there are very few Australian summers that reflect dreams better than Sydney criminal lawyers, her cascading blonde locks, perfect beach body and men’s candy, this is her new husband Tim Roba Here.

Leaving Robards back to Sydney, Heinrich will fly next Thursday and then participate in all the activities that began this Saturday. Bec&Bridge will showcase its new swimming and resort collection pool at the luxurious Crown Towers, a space that will turn into a runway and an exotic Club Tropicana theme oasis.
“I am very happy to see Bec&Bridge, this is one of my ultimate Australian brands, so I am very happy to see what they have,” Heinrich told AAA Weekend.
“(Last year) I often saw people uploading pictures from the show and it looks great – super sunny, really energetic, so I have the same expectations for this year.”

Heinrich will also participate in the inaugural fashion show at the Matagarum Bridge, featuring Ambra Maddalena, Kirrikin, Morrisonand Natalie Rolt and Seafolly.

“I heard that there is a show on a bridge that is making history,” she said.

“These three activities are in my alleys. I like different brands. I like swimwear and then listen to a fashion show on the bridge. I think this year is very exciting.”


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