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Anti-Aging Skincare Hot-Selling Product

This capsule of Elizabeth Arden is actually a topical essence. The innovative use of small package of capsules can not only protect the essence from being exposed to the air and oxidize, but also convenient to carry on the road. One capsule can be applied to Face and neck, and the degradable outer capsule material is not pollute the environment.

As the name suggests, anti-aging, like traveling through time and space, the Elizabeth brand has a deep relationship with anti-aging since its inception. The plant extracts of alfalfa, olive and coconut oil infuses the skin with natural nutrients and restores its elasticity with signs of aging. Moreover, it contains vitamin C. Although vitamin C is unstable, it has a good effect on skin whitening and anti-aging. Packing it in a capsule can effectively combat instability. The unique molecular nail ingredient is Arden’s original creation, which can enhance the barrier function of the skin and better resist the oxidation and damage of surrounding free radicals.

The real evaluation from netizens is: “Advantages:

Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules absorb quickly, and skin complexion is good

How can anti-aging eye cream be ignored? A small fine line is enough to betray age. The tenderness of the eyes is different from other areas, so it must be treated separately and effectively. Therefore, Arden’s Advanced Ceramide Capsules series also has eye capsule essence, which contains CLX complex, which is effective in anti-aging and caring for the delicate skin of the eyes.

Of course, the most important thing to apply to the eyes is absorption. If the absorption is not good, fat particles will easily grow. Therefore, when using Arden eye cream capsules, you must cooperate with the Arden massage technique. An insert: the founder is creating In the early days of Arden, in 1912, he made a special trip to France to learn facial massage. So he had a deep insight into the effect of absorption. When using this eye cream, gently press it to both sides. When you reach the corner of the eye, pull it up to the temple and massage the temple gently.

Regarding Arden’s golden glue, we summarized the bloggers’ evaluations:

“As an essence, it is cost-effective. The moisturizing ingredients include ceramide, and the antioxidant ingredients include retinol-derived and vitamin E. Ceramide is the natural moisturizer of the epidermis. One of the factors, it has a very powerful effect on the repair of the skin barrier. In fact, Arden is really a conscience brand”

“One piece at a time is convenient and hygienic, and every time you gently massage the eye skin around the eyes, you can get a great relaxation and soothing. It also has an effect on dry lines. It is very moisturizing and moisturizing but not greasy, and the formula is also excellent.”


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