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China is the Australian label “copy”: Swimsuit designer, 28, ask foreign companies to plagiarize her photos and even use her photos

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A young private label swimwear manufacturers designer in Australia attacked a Chinese company on suspicion of copying her photos and taking half the price of her photo.

Katherine Hampton, the boss of the private label swimwear manufacturers camp, was interviewed by social media this week, and she claimed that two companies had tore out her design.

Hampton grabbed and posted a other company’s advertising screen in this week’s Instagram as a warning to her client.

“No more. Not only to steal our designs, but to use our photos, “the 28 year old wrote the Chinese company teeshirtscn.

She also posted a screen to grab from the site of the wardrobe and wrote: “and the other.”

Ms. Hampton was contacted by two different people, and they noticed that her design was sold elsewhere.

“I’m a mechanic who texting all the swimsuits. She said someone was copying our design, and she told the daily mail Australia.

“I also have a friend who told me about a different company and she saw Pinterest.”

The printed matter was sold as part of the 16 area of the northern hemisphere of the Camp Bay.

Ms. Hampton said she commissioned a local artist, Luke McGrath, to print and photographer Akila Berjaoui to take a photo site.

In this case, they used illustrations. She said, “this is a picture of an artist we used to print.”

Customers don’t even know what they get because other companies use the image of our products. ”

Ms. Hampton says her price is between $80 and $90, and the whole is $160.

Teeshirtscn sells the Bikinis nightclub, which looks very similar, for $29.99 and $19.99 in the Lilly closet.

Ms. Hampton said she had contacted the two companies to prove that she had original works, designs and photographs, but that she had not heard back yet.

“I have asked them to reduce the price of the product, otherwise I will take legal action,” she said.

The daily mail Australia has contacted the comments of the Teeshirtscn and Lili closets.


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