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Denise Welch took off his clothes and vowed to continue wearing a 60-year-old bikini.

Dennis Welch may have been 60 years old this summer, but loose women’s team members believe there is no reason to start becoming shy.

It’s been five years since she was 12 years old, and in order to celebrate her re-creation of her last favorite diet bikini shot, she posted a “current and current” photo online.


There is no troll that can weaken her body’s confidence.

“If I am embarrassed by my children, I will definitely do this when I am 90,” she said.

Is there a problem with it? Everyone. She does not mean her soul.
She said: “I don’t care about the door knocker – there is no pun. I won’t let anyone tell me that I can’t wear a swimming suits for ladies at the age of 60. I have a swinging butt, my chest is not in the right place.

“I have a mole, a lump and a stomach. I have two children. But I don’t look bad on an old bird.

“I am proud of how I look at 60. I don’t want to see 30. This is the message I want to convey. So if I still close my toolkit when I am 90, then that’s it. Sorry kids. ”
For many years, Dennis used drugs and alcohol to treat depression and anxiety, and then was consumed by food addiction when he was awake in 2012.

But she lost 2 pounds and 4 pounds in nine weeks and was able to lose weight due to cognitive behavioral therapy. Her health prospects allow Dennis to recognize
Cole on Corrie is a poster girl of middle-aged salvation.

She said: “Many people don’t like 60 years old, but I like it because it is better than 50 or 40.

“People think that once they are in their 50s, they have already lie down and have to lie in bed. It is rubbish. I changed my life, and if I can change, anyone can.”

Denise is having a rare disagreement with the Calendar Girls, a Gary Barlow musical about the North Yorkshire Women’s Institute, which provided nude photos for charity in 1998.

In the scene where the photo was taken, Denise had a nude thong and a plate of baked goods to protect her modesty. But she was frustrated by letting her bun fall off. Son, actor Louis, 17 and 1975 lead singer Marty Hilli, 29, is not completely shocked. “The boys will never be embarrassed by me,” she said.
“Before looking at Louis, I said to him, ‘Do you know that Mom is stripped of this show?’ He said, ‘What is new?’

“What I want to ask is, if someone sees a little more than they want, keep sitting and don’t scream in the theater.

“But if I encourage a person to wear a bikini and walk proudly along the beach, I am very happy.”

In fact, very happy, Dennis chose this moment to break into a song.

Dennis, who had been married to actor Tim Healy for 24 years, became awake six years ago when she and her second husband, 45-year-old Lincoln Tomley, decided to face their addiction. Denise has just returned to Loose Women after five years of rest and is still busy at 60. She said: “When many women said they felt that I have a lot of work.
invisible. I think it is very obvious. ”

Busy and awake helped her resolve depression and anxiety. She will still receive a serious plot – the last episode lasted three days at Christmas.
But she said: “I will never drink again. My life, outside my depressed plot, is great now.

“Beverages have had a very negative impact on my life. I used to treat myself and live a life that is not very good.

“Facing the reality – no one stood on the podium and said, ‘I want to thank me for drinking and drugs today.’ I still have problems, but I will handle them in a sober way.”

Dennis, born in Tynemouth, is eager to emphasize that waking “cannot cure depression.” She said: “When I was asleep, everything was beautiful. After I woke up, the situation did not change, and that was the case. But waking will complicate it.”

Changed her life, when Matty revealed four years of heroin addiction, she must feel a bit silly?

In October last year, rock singers entered the rehabilitation center, but she insisted: “I am proud of my children because they are following their dreams. They are doing very well.”
Matty and Louis have held positions at Ivor’s Vera, and he knows the pitfalls of fame. “They didn’t have the illusion of lack of charm. They grew up on the father and my TV.”

When talking about his 66-year-old Tim and his wife Joan Anderton who married in 2015, Dennis said: “Lincoln and I have great friendship with Tim and Joan. We live together and we spend the year together. It’s so cute for Christmas. “Dennis is now looking to increase their big family and admit:” I just look forward to my grandchildren.”


Her novel “Mother’s Bond” focuses on adopting children, so she would like to study with Lincoln?

“No,” she stressed.
Instead, she focuses on saving lives. She uses LighterLife to lose weight, which is a diet plan and uses CBT to address the emotional causes of overeating.


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