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Do You Know These Useful Hand Creams?

Our hands are the most active parts of our bodies. They are how we interact with others around the world. Take a moment and think about what your hands have done today. You probably replied to a hundred-plus email, browsed through your LinkedIn notification, or greeted some friends. In a day, you have used hands to do a gazillion things. So, we must take care of them.

With all the exposure that hands go through, it makes them prone to damage. Luckily, we have hand creams that will help from withering. We have summed up the best five below.


  1. Eos Shea Butter Hand Cream

It offers all-day hydration. The ingredients that include lightweight shea oil and ultra-rich shea butter provides moisture and lasting solution even after a hand wash. Not to forget the fragrance that leaves your hands with a great smell

  1. Burt’s Bees Ultimate Care Hand Cream

The ultimate hand cream for dry hands. It is infused with moisturizing baobab oil, natural fruit acid, and nourishing watermelon seed oil. It is clinically approved, providing moisturization 24 hours.

  1. Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Hand Cream

This luxurious hand cream offers glove-like protection and seals in moisture. Regular use of the cream softens and profoundly hydrates rough, cracked, and dry hands. Its super nourishing ingredient is the building block for softer, radiant skin.

  1. Cetaphil Repair Sensitive Hand Cream

This dermatologist-tested and clinically proven hand cream quickly absorbs and is gently on your skin. It is excellent for dehydrated, sensitive skin and provides a hydrating and lasting relief by preventing moisture loss from its surface.

  1. StriVectin Volumizing Hand Cream

It is an anti-aging hand cream that offers a healthy-looking appearance. It contains powerful beauty ingredients to fight signs of aging skin.

The best hand cream should have an SPF 15 or higher for sun ray protection. One that sinks in quickly without leaving your hands greasy or claggy. Whichever is your favorite, its benefits are countless. Next time you go shopping for toiletries, don’t forget what works hard to get those essentials.


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