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Dressed for success: Debbie Crane is an expert in woodland clothing

WOODLANDS, Texas – many teenagers have part-time jobs in high school to get extra cash or save for college, but some people eventually find a passion and turn into a lifelong career.

This is Debbie Crane, a village resident and the owner of custom swimwear manufacturers in a crane.

“In high school, I worked in the sales floor in fowler in Almeida mall,” he said.” I thought I was going to be an accountant, but then I fell in love with the retail business.

Crane didn’t completely forget her math. She realized that her interest in business and fashion might be a win-win combination.

He graduated from University of Houston with a marketing degree and worked as a buyer for fashion. She took her career to New York, where she eventually became a custom swimwear manufacturer, selling goods to stores across the country.

Although crane is responsible for other series, such as coats, underwear and swimwear, there are only a few clothes that are most suitable for her.

The crane said, “the clothes are different from the others.” You dress customers up from head to foot. It’s an industry that’s hard to succeed.

The crane wasn’t sold directly to a woman in a real store for a while, her career, the path she walked in the corporate office – she missed it.

When she and her husband, Jimmy, decided to move back to Houston, they settled down in the forest. Jimmy was a coach at Woodland high school, and Crane completed her lifelong dream of opening her own clothing custom swimwear manufacturers last month.

Cranes always want to be at least six months. In fact, she had bought something for the dance, and soon she was going home. Most importantly, she prepares the bridesmaids for the wedding season, the bride’s wedding, the bride’s mother and two.

The crane is also ready to meet the ladies’ holiday needs, from cocktail parties to the glitz and glamour of new year’s eve. That’s what she said about the season:

Patterned sequins, metal lace

Novelty sleeves, Neckline: neckline and cuffs, clock sleeves, drama or other accessories

Color: Hunter Green and Burgundy, though the classics of gold and silver are always the point

He also focuses on the more casual aspects of fashion – such as Friday night appointments, business activities, or just the occasion for dress.

He said, “a piece of clothing is a complete statement.” One of my favorite words is that women are never more beautiful than they are in skirts.”


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