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Elite sport, the Dauphine swimwear manufacturer, hired a new CEO

Elite sports, L.P., the world’s leading professional sportswear and swimwear manufacturer, is pleased to announce that Girisha Chandraraj is the new president and ceo. Girisha came to elite sports with rich experience in consumer goods and private equity.

swimwear manufacturer

“I’m a part of global leaders who have been excited by the highest standards of performance and quality,” Girisha said. “The team is passionate about their commitment to our sport, and I’m looking forward to pushing the limits of the company’s potential.”

Girisha will replace former CEO, Dan Casciano, who is now assuming a full-time directorship. Girisha brings more than 15 years of consumer product leadership with marble brain storage, essendant experience, art materials and peripheral brother swimwear manufacturer.

swimwear manufacturer

“Girisha is a perfect fit for elite movements,” Cassiano said. He brings a wealth of experience to our growing category, and has the ability to promote growth at the top and bottom.

Girisha will be in Reading, Pa., in the elite headquarters, lead portfolio of swimwear brands including GK and UA: the gymnastics, gymnastics, GK and UA all the cheers, cheers, distorted dance and dolfin swimwear.


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