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Emily Ratajkowski designed the world’s most confusing bikini

We all have very beautiful but very unrealistic swimwear.

From dramatic cuts to deep V clothing, it’s definitely not suitable for swimming. We all brave the tan lines to make it look fashionable on the beach.

Emily Ratajkowski, wearing a thin bikini, took her glamorous swimwear to new heights with her latest Inamorata Swim design.

The 27-year-old launched the brand in 2017, and the debut series is full of dramatic silhouettes, with almost no two.
However, Rattakovsky’s latest decline has already shown new levels.
The latest collection in this style is the “Las Olas” style, the youngest and smallest series of bikinis. One person promises to turn his head on the beach.
The set has a sophisticated wrap-around waist detail that twists numerous times around the torso, creating a confusing, despite the declared beach look.
Although Ratajkowski effortlessly introduced new swimwear – black, white, nude and red – most of us definitely need some kind of guidance to reproduce the look of the beach.


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