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Fall 2021 French Manicure Styles

Summer is over, so it’s time to scrutinize the trends that will reign in the coming half-season. And to ensure flawless vision, remember to pay special attention not only to the choice of clothes, hairstyle, or makeup but also to the care and beauty of your hands. After reviewing the sartorial predictions for the coming season, today we dwell on another important question, including what are the trends for top fall nail art? Many original design ideas and useful tips can be found in the lines below. Dive into a fairyland of varied manicures to find your favorite fall nail art style.

The star colors of the half-season

As with most fashion trends to know the latest news in nail art, you have to start with the predominant colors this season. With the transition period having a strong influence on our dress style as well as our mood, it is no surprise that the seasonal nuances dictate the tone in the choice of varnish. This year, classic tones like brown, purple, red, orange, and any other shade reminiscent of fall nature continue to be very popular. Plus, fuchsia pink also takes the stage to sweeten up the fall manicure. White and gray, meanwhile, remain a classic option for this chill period; opt for a seasonal color to be right on-trend.

Coffee shades

Unsurprisingly, Brown is a top choice for next season. And we will especially fall for the multicolored nails in different shades of coffee. In the shiny mode for a glamorous look or with a matte finish for a cocooning touch, the shades inspired by the favorite drink will quickly win our hearts.

A thousand and one shades of blue

This year, a new color took to the podium. It’s about blue. Its many shades will dress our hands with an original and hyper trendy touch. Whether it is too dark a blue like eg. midnight blue or on the contrary an extremely light and soft shade like sky blue, opting for a blue-tinted varnish would be an excellent idea for the months to come.

Shades of green to dress your hands with natural elegance

Another very popular color is green. We’ve already seen it emerge as a star option for neon manicures during the warmer months. However, for the fall and winter months, green has reserved its more natural shades such as sage green, fir green, or basil green.

The nude manicure

Nude shades continue to be very current. A classic solution for enjoying a simple and stylish manicure. Suddenly, nude shades go easily with each style of clothing but also with each skin tone. On the other hand, if you are looking for an original idea that will allow you to stay within the framework of a nude manicure, do not hesitate to succumb to the baby boomer nail trend.

Matte Finish Nails

Among the changes that will take place during the new season, there is also a hijacking of nail finishing. Thus, the shiny nails give way to the manicure in a totally matte look. This effect adapts more easily to the autumn mood which presupposes a softer and pampering vision.

Monochrome manicure

As we have already mentioned above, the multicolored manicure remains very popular. Shaded nails, in particular, will be a hit this fall. Long-awaited, for the fall season, the shades of orange, brown, or nude are the favorites.

Abstract nail art

If you follow the trends more or less on social media, you’ve probably come across pictures of swirling nails several times. This type of abstract patterned nail art is another popular option to try this year. One of the greatest strengths of the trend in question is its versatility and power to sublimate long nails as well as short nails.


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