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Great grandma’s swimsuit is a hot mess

Modern women may think that they have swimwear problems, but compared to the past “swimwear”, the current available fashion is enviable, whether you want to report comprehensively or less. In the past century or so, cheap high waisted swimsuits have remained a relatively new invention and have undergone tremendous reforms.

The ocean may have formed 3.8 billion years ago, but swimming became a popular pastime until the early 19th century and was called “bathing.” The emergence of this kind of leisure pursuit pleads with the question of what a person should wear. Men do not follow the old modest rules as women do now, and it is easy. However, since the display skin is traditionally inseparable from sex and morality, it can be said that the woman is completely a small stream. This modern transformation is in stark contrast to the ideals of thousands of years ago when the ancient Romans and Greeks were proud of the sporting body and even exhibited women’s paintings in two-piece clothing. Oh, horror!

Fast forward for many years, the influence of Christianity is evident in the development of swimwear. (Merriam-Webster said that it was not until 1926 that the “swimsuit” was used for the first time). In fact, the original swimsuits for most of the 19th century required women to wear long-sleeved lace-up dresses on their trousers from head to toe, often wearing bulky pants. Insults of injury – due to its waterproof properties, this combination is usually made of wool. As our owner pointed out, the entire garment easily weighs about 30 pounds (nearly 14 kg) when wet!

Although this dress is very delicate, it looks pale and weak compared to the scene actually appearing on the beach. In fact, women of this era are expected to enter a cabin (wearing clothes) that can be rented on the beach. Once safely hidden in this “bath machine”, she became a bathing costume, and only dared to appear after the house was hit by a team of horses. Then she can leave the hut, swim relatively privately, thank the waves for sheltering, re-enter the hut and be pulled back to the shore, her virtues intact.
Come on, it’s so hard to roll your eyes. Let’s wait

Although many women today will undoubtedly resist this process, this sentiment lasts for a long time. Even after people start waking up and developing better choices, they are still difficult to wear, let alone swim. In addition, these somewhat curvy, slightly skinned clothes sparked a lot of controversy, inspiring debates, laws regulating swimwear, and even a large group of police swarming beaches to arrest violators.

However, the final trend began to provoke public perceptions of swimsuits and made some much-needed changes to clothing.

Listen to podcasts and learn more about the people and companies that are driving this change, and the extreme lengths they have to go. Then, put on your swimsuit and proudly support your things, I believe no one will arrest you unless you are really crazy.


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