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Hermès Classic Ladies Backpack

Among the most famous bags of the French Maison, there are three that have marked the history of fashion and which still today are the most requested and most celebrated models in the world. They are Kelly, Birkin, and Constance!

The Kelly

A historic creation by Émile-Maurice Hermès, the Kelly bag initially had the name of “Sac à dépêches” and was originally produced in 1935 to be carried by the creator’s wife. The bag reached fame twenty years later when in 1956 Princess Grace Kelly used her “Sac à dépêches” to hide the belly from the paparazzi: it was following the numerous requests that identified the bag as Kelly that the French house decided to rename the model in honor of the Monegasque princess.

The Birkin

The meeting between actress Jane Birkin and Jean-Louis Dumas, then creative director of Hermès, in 1983, took place on a plane. Legend has it that the two immediately began to draw the sketch for what would become the Birkin Bag and did it on the paper envelopes supplied to passengers in case of discomfort.

The differences between a Birkin bag and a Kelly bag

A Birkin bag is easy to open and has a double handle to be much more practical to open. The Kelly bag, on the other hand, has only one handle and is designed to be a little less functional, having been designed to be a classy bag, rather than a practical bag. For both bags, green light in colors and sizes of all kinds, just to be able to adapt to anyone.

Which is the better of the two?

However, there is a question that many might ask themselves after reading the article, namely: which is the better bag of the two? Which one is more congenial to choose in order to satisfy one’s purposes both in terms of taste and utility? In conclusion, there is no better or worse bag, first of all, because they are two wonderful models and you just can’t make a ranking. They are two similar models but at the same time very different, which must be chosen only and exclusively on the basis of your personal preferences.

The Birkin is considered a more practical and “young” bag, for career women who are always in a hurry, with many things to carry and always have at hand. In fact, the Birkin can also be carried around open, to always be ready when we need to take something from the bag.

The Kelly, on the other hand, must always be closed, it remains more elegant and refined, for some less young. They are two beautiful bags anyway, and whichever you choose it will be an honor to own one!

Here is another bag: La Constance

The first prototype of the bag is said to have left the factory on the same day that the fifth daughter of Hermès designer Catherine Chaillet was born. For this reason, the model then took her name. The Constance Bag, which arrived on the market in 1959, is today, thanks to its elegant lines and functional design, one of the most requested models by collectors. According to experts, a collectible Constance would be even more difficult to find than a Birkin or a Kelly.

The Constance is a small shoulder bag, perfect to show off in the evening or on weekends. Characteristics of the Constance are the large H placed on the buckle, emblem of the Maison and symbol of essentiality, and the adjustable strap, which can be doubled, allowing you to carry the bag either over the shoulder or on the shoulder, by hand or arm.


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