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How to Look Beautiful When Travel with My Friends

Makeup, dressing, outfits are all topics that girls have been enthusiastically discussing since ancient times, and dress collocation during travel is even more of knowledge. For many girls, being able to travel long distances is a very precious thing. Being able to take beautiful photos while traveling is sometimes even more important than the scenery on the road.

The beauty makeup videos and dress collocations on all platforms focus on different angles. So how to match the elements of the clothes during travel is more suitable? This article is to teach you how to wear good-looking and photogenic during a trip. Let’s get ready for beautiful photos to record every trip!

It is usually said that if you want to take a good-looking travel photo, you must first look good, but this sentence is not completely correct. To know beauty, it can be accumulated through learning and continuous experimentation. Everyone has different definitions of beauty. , But as long as it suits you, can inspire your own temperament, and find your own style, it is your beauty.

In the choice of clothing, girls always hope that clothes are complete and good-looking. Here I suggest that the beauty of wearing does not lie in deliberately grand dressing, but according to the travel destination, choose clothing that matches the local environment, blend In the local customs, try not to superimpose all ethnic elements on your body.

Clothing color is also very important. It is recommended to travel with large color blocks and single uncomplicated clothing, and no more than three colors throughout the body, so that the environment is easy to match, and the utilization rate can also be improved in different scenes.

If you go to colorful countries such as Morocco and Spain, you can bring more hair bands, headscarves, scarves, glasses and earrings. Use these small objects that are better and do not take up space to add color. If you just take pictures on the beach, you can still choose Dresses or skirts with simple colors can also be exposed appropriately, so as to better fit with the background, coordinate with the colors of the beach and sea, and look more refreshing.

Each place has its own characteristics, one of which is the color, such as the blue and white town of Tunisia, the pink cherry blossoms in Japan, the purple lavender in Provence, the white snow in Harbin, etc., are some large areas of color. In terms of photography skills, clothes can be chosen to contrast with the colors of local buildings and scenery, etc., which will be more photogenic. This trick is particularly useful for shooting large scenes, where people and scenery are integrated, and they are particularly artistic.


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