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How To Match Sweaters Without Looking Bloated?

One of the best winter sweaters to wear in winter or on colder days is certainly the sweater. In addition to being comfortable and warm, most models bring elegance and practicality to both a normal look and a more sophisticated look that works perfectly for a work meeting.

One of the things that keep many women from investing in sweaters is the stigma that it’s outdated or grandma’s clothing. Indeed, seniors are great adepts in this style, but perhaps this is an occasion to hear the voices of the experience and bring it to your style.

On the other hand, you can join that type of sweater and create modern and contemporary looks. But for this to happen it is important to pay attention to the model, colors and cut off your piece.

For example, plain pieces or with few details end up bringing a more up-to-date touch to the look. Also, dark colors like black, brown, or even navy blue are the right choices for those who don’t like to make mistakes.

However, if you like a more vintage style and with a retro feel, the sweaters with checkered or plaid print can be an alternative to bring your grandma’s classic style. Neutral colors such as beige or white can be mixed with an accented tone, making the composition more personalized.

In addition, you can also find embossed prints on the sweater. They are those pieces that have a better-knitted pattern. In other words, they are also beautiful, however, they have a better chance of offering you a more traditional look. Even more, if you choose to combine this sweater of yours with other more traditional pieces as well.

Another very nice thing about the sweater is that it is good for days where the temperature is not so low, as for days when it is really cold. That’s because you can basically use it in a few ways. The first one is directly on the skin. Yes, you can take the sweater and put it directly on your body, with nothing underneath. The piece will warm you up but it is usually a light mesh. The second option is to use it as an overlay, that is, on top of another piece, be it a t-shirt or a shirt.

Here are three different ways to wear a sweater without looking bloated:

1- With jeans

One of the most classic combinations and very easy to adapt to any style is jeans. Very democratic and timeless, it can be used in any season and in any biotype.

To give a touch of more sophistication and elegance to your look (since jeans are simple and discreet), opt for sweaters in darker tones, such as navy and black, for example. Take care of accessories such as a mix of necklaces and earrings, they will be essential to transform the look!

2- With a skirt

The sweater is a more relaxed piece, but if you want to give a more romantic look to your look, the combination with the skirt is interesting. Likewise, it brings a versatile air and can also be worn with a coat inside. There are several combinations: pencil and shorter skirts are amazing to match with looser sweater models, on the other hand, wider skirts would be the best choice to match models that are tighter to the body and with shorter lengths. On days with milder temperatures, pantyhose can be a great option for your legs not to be unprotected in the cold. On the feet, tall and short boots, as well as high heels and sneakers, can be good choices.

3- With dress

This is a combination for those who like glamor and being fashionable at the same time, that is, betting on trends and colors that are on the rise. Here, the sweater can be used in two different ways: over dresses or with the dress itself, try to choose the oversized sweater that is the right option and full of style.

This combination can be used any season of the year and is suitable for both day and night occasions. To give a refined touch and full of glamor is to bet on the boots, whether they are short or over the knee, they will be responsible for making the look even more powerful.


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