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Jan Juc surfing and diving with Eastbourne called create Aku oceanwear swimwear manufacturer


According to a study released last year by the Alan Macarthur swimwear manufacturer foundation, plastic waste will exceed 2050 of the fish in the world’s oceans.

One month, JUC surfing, diving and designers combined their passion to create real change to reverse this prediction.

Zoe Strapp launched her swimwear manufacturer brand Acoo oceanwear March 2017.

At the age of 24, she has completed her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, specializing in marine sustainability. She said she thought about this idea when she completed her degree.

“I found myself with a degree, enthusiastic about surfing, and eager to change our marine environment,” she said.

“I don’t like a nine to five job, and I can’t find a marine ecosystem that keeps me focused,” he said.”

It was 2016 and Zoe had just finished surfing and ocean protection, back and forth in Indonesia and Thailand.

“The sea worms are thriving,” she said with a smile.

“I think there’s a better way to bring women together to promote the protection of our oceans, not to build a platform to encourage women to explore and protect the oceans.

“This is my passion for surfing, which inspires me to be interested in marine sustainability and diving. I want to arouse the enthusiasm of others, and I want to produce a product that is sustainable and risky.”

The first set of Akua is called the tropical kiss.

Each piece is full of vitality, 100% reversible, printed with the inspiration of the sea, and classic, summer inspired colors on the other side.

Zoe drew on her see in diving in colors and patterns, especially in Great Barrier Reef.

She says the design process is challenging because she wants to create the perfect fit while maintaining the beautiful range.

Zoe said, “I want women to feel confident and beautiful both in sports and in passion, whether surfing, diving or swimming.”

“Women are becoming more and more prominent in all aspects of life, and I hope that this area can support and represent this.”

“The fun and function of collection; women and confidence, they can explore the beauty and beauty of the sea without bikini,” she said with a smile.

“I’ve been longing to feel the charm of my swimwear in the waves, and I still feel confident and beautiful.”

“My ideas often come from hours of sketching, think about me, as a surfer and diver, like and dislike in bikinis, and I think my clients would love to watch it.”

On the other hand she designed with a surfboard, Zoe realized her dream journey in Indonesia.

She explained: “after a lot of hot days, across the street from the streets, trying to get a taxi and many disappointing meeting, I found a great Australian owned swimwear manufacturer is very lucky.”

“This is a couple from Queensland, who have the best teams to work for them, all the moral working conditions and wages.

“They were very patient with me to create the perfect shape and figure I wanted.”

Argentina is shipped from Bali to Australia, completely free of organic biodegradable plastic bags, rope and carton.

Once the stock reaches Zoe, her swimsuit is recycled in reusable bags and plastic free Australian postal satchel.

Zoe also prints all her business cards from 100% recycled paper from a sustainable Wind Power Ltd.

As well as ensuring the minimum recyclable waste of product production, Zoe also donated 2 dollars each purchase to Koh Tao Xintiandi protection, Thailand.

The new paradise is dedicated to the protection of coral reefs in Thailand through research, reef and population monitoring, reporting, disaster mitigation, and active and passive restoration on the island.

She participated in the organization of education and certification programs.

The young designer said that both entrepreneurship and operations are faced with many challenges.

She said, “you never know how to run a business. You just have to jump to the bottom, clean your head, and learn.”

But she has a dream of improving her brand.

Next summer’s collection will be made of recycled fabric made from swimming suits.

“It’s an exciting transition for Akua, and it’s a dream for me,” Zoe said.

Zoe said she wanted to continue to support women and the oceans.

She said, “surfing makes me healthy and happy, and I see lots of amazing places and people.”

“I want to help protect a world that will hopefully come from generation to generation, while encouraging women to explore the oceans, create memories, smile, and find the passion for life.”

“Oceans account for more than 70% of the earth’s surface.”

“This is one of the world, I hope everyone can find swimwear manufacturer, appreciation and protection, passion and help in any way I can make Akua Oceanwear is why a sustainable brand is too important for me.”


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