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Red Sweater + Jeans, Looks Youthful And Energetic!

Red is a perfect color for all those people, who like to attract attention, and share the energy back to everyone around them. Of course, a win-wi ensemble for spring and fall time is a casual combination of a red sweater and comfortable pair of jeans. The best thing about red is that it looks great on everyone, you just need to find that one, the perfect shade for your skin tone. It can be oversaturated with yellow tones, bright and creaming, or slightly muted blue-based red. The final result is always going to look fashionable, and wearable. Here are a few great outfit ideas for a youthful and energetic look.

The very first outfit combines the romantic vibe of French spring weather and a very casual appeal. Anyone can pull off this look with ease. The red, off-shoulder sweater, which looks like a sweater-dress. Slowly flowing onto the hips, protecting your back and bottom from cold spring weather. The bottoms are a pair of cropped jeans, with a frisky cut, paired with simple, white loafers. And, the main accessory — beret, or any soft, rounded hat.

The next outfit idea is to wear a tight, thin red sweater with a pair of classic skinny jeans. Such an outfit is going to be easily layered with an oversized jacket, trench coat. Or your favorite cardigan if the spring weather plans to change suddenly. As for the bag, opt for something as simple as the jeans. A large, black shoulder bag sounds just right.

What about some cutout back parts? The classic combination of bright red, and bright blue. Is going to top up your sweater look with style and appeal. How do you like this outfit?

Another super combination o white and red can’t be missed if you are a fashionista. We think it looks even better than red and blue, and what about you? Pair your spring red sweater with white skinny jeans, and don’t forget about animal print flats, and a similar handbag.

Of course, when it comes to planning your sweater weather outfit, a belt is one of the last accessories that come to mind. But a thin, subtle belt may play a crucial role in your look. Wear such a belt around your waistline, to emphasize the best features of your figure, and rock this look all spring long.


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