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Skincare Tips You Need To Know

During the last five years, there has been a revolution in terms of skin and skincare. Many new brands offering you and educating you on how to keep your skin perfect and healthy. There are new products and ingredients that we have never heard of and that we needed. In those times of adolescence and acne, serums have become part of our daily routine, and sunscreens a must in our bag that is why I have decided to tell you my 5 favorite skincare tips.

Not all cleaners are for you

Depending on your skin type you will be able to find a cleanser that suits your needs, if you have an oily face like me, you need one that is Oil-free and that leaves your face soft but not dry, while if you are from face close and you have very sensitive skin you need something with much more hydration to help you balance the pH of the skin. I know there are many different cleansers and brands out there, but talking to a dermatologist can help you understand your skin a little bit more.

Serums are your best friend

If I had known serums 10 years ago, believe me, my acne would have disappeared a long time ago, serums are that best friend who listens to you and helps you fight those little details on your skin that you don’t like or bother you, from the Acne and the marks that it leaves until rosacea and aging lines, these help you fight daily skin problems and help you look much healthier skin.

The oils are really good

Although before we were not fans of oils, now they are a favorite, and no, I am not talking about olive or coconut oil, I am talking about oils formulated specifically for the skin, do not use those oils that your grandmothers used to use, the most Probably what you do is make your skin even worse, there are many brands that have formulated different types of oil serums that help you achieve a healthy glow on your face and hydrate your skin in a safer way.

Masks don’t help much

We have all bought these masks in stores thinking that they will help with something specific for your skin, but mostly these masks are only to give you that glow just for that day, it is not something you can use every night because they are not made for that. , They are perfect for when you need to relax and give yourself a little love, the effect of them is to make you look bright when you take them off but they do not make miracles, that is why you must accompany them with a daily routine before using them.

Always wear sunscreen

Yes, even if you are indoors you must use it, if you live in a place where a lot of light comes in from the windows, you are receiving sunlight that can damage your skin, sunscreens are the most basic product you can have, the Sun is the cause of many things on your skin and using it can help you combat many of them.


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