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Solid + striped swimwear ads are spread because of the lack of diversity


The brand “solid + stripes” in the swimwear brand has only 13 color patterns in this week’s advertising. In the image sharing brand of the Instagram feed, the model Zhuo Dan Deng stands in a row of white models as a single color model. After the photo was published, the people in the review began to cry out a shocking lack of diversity. “It must be a joke.” Follow. I really don’t have to explain why. “You know,” one user wrote. “Do you have only one kind of customer?” The other customer asked. Other people also note that all 13 models are tall and thin, and the images reflect no size diversity. I am sad to use this picture. It doesn’t attract people. It’s not white. It’s not No. 2, “an uneasy comment.” another adds, “no diversity, no difference in body shape. Us! Need! Diversity! Here! All! Field! ”

It is essential that fashion ads begin to reflect the different societies we live in. Tolerance should not only be a marketing strategy, but should be a pillar of the core value of any brand. With social media, fans have the ability to make brands responsible for multiple fronts. As one fan said succinctly, “people are very concerned about brand and brand awareness. This is the emergence of a new sober, partly because the platform likes to laugh. Women especially want a meaningful brand.

We have come into contact with the solid + stripe reviews and will be updated if we get a reply.


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