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Stick-on swimwear is the trend from Miami Swim Week that we absolutely do not need

Warning: There are very bad, near-naked photos in front.
Pipeline tape – this is a must-have household item for almost everyone, right?
Because we still can’t understand why, packaging things in super power is the latest fashion trend.

Now, wearing bikinis with bikinis has officially become their debut. Yes, you read it right.
Last week, the models took the stage of the fashion brand black belt project and demonstrated this experimental style.
As part of the Miami Swim Week show, these styles range from dazzling blonde swimwear to the more obvious “I wrap myself in black tape.”
However, if it is not bold enough to replace the traditional cossie with tape, we say that this style is not suitable for people with bad heart.

These amazing “swimsuits” are actually made up of a layer of tape covering the nipples and ankles.
We have officially seen it all.
We can only imagine that what they have to do is a nightmare.
Yes, this has turned the “pain” that took off the wet swimsuit into a new height.

Don’t let us start doing those sticky things.
Although there is one thing about it? These “bikini” are actually tailored to your body, and it will make your muffins and drooping shapes a thing of the past.
But when everything is finished, we leave this to professionals. Someone passed Leica.


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