The Best Niche Jewelry This Year

The fashion world is all about accessories this year. But niche jewelry? Oh, heck yes! Here’s a list of the best niche jewelry that is definitely going to turn heads wherever you go this season.

 1. Charming Charm Bracelets

You’ve heard of, and have probably owned one before— charm bracelets. It’s making its way back into the glittery world of accessories. Only, this time around, you can totally customize them. Personalize them to make it your own.

These niche bracelets are catching people’s attention because that’s what today’s fashion is about— uniqueness.

2. A Penchant For Pendant Necklaces

Necklaces aren’t news. Pendant necklaces are a staple when it comes to this type of neck bling. But what’s catching on are pendants that aren’t you ordinary. We’re talking striking in design and in detail.

You can even have a go at initial pendants, or spell out your name for that matter, to really make the necklace really YOURS.

3. Make A Statement With Large Statement Necklaces

This type of necklace usually is among the highlights of an ensemble, hence its name. This year, it’s about large chain necklaces. Or necklaces that aren’t just large, but are detailed or are very striking.

They’re a great piece to bring oomph to any getup, no matter how simple.

4. Chunkier With Bangle Bracelets

Another win when it comes to wrist bling are bangles. This works the way statement necklaces do. Bangle bracelets are meant to be worn as a highlight of your getup. However, the rule usually is that if you’ve got a statement bracelet on, all other accessories should be less loud.

In fact, some stylists balance it out this way— if you wear a statement bracelet, it’d be best to NOT wear a necklace at all. Or if you can’t help it, make sure the latter is much more toned down.

5. Get Funky With Niche Dangling Earrings

There’s a hype going on about uniquely designed dangling earrings. Although the “balancing” thing comes into play here as well. Loud earrings will mean a less loud necklace. Still, going for uncommon, “Wowza” earrings are a must this year.


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