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The biggest mistake women make when buying swimwear – and the best cut for each size

With the arrival of summer, women began to look for their swimming closet
Bikini shopping is hated by the vast majority of people
The creative director of the swimming giant Seafolly revealed the biggest mistake we made.
Swimwear influencers share tips for finding the perfect suit
With warm days and the ocean calling our name, women across Australia are preparing for the summer and everything that comes with it – a new swimming suits for ladies.

But as the country waits excitedly for some of the much-needed seasonal sun, many people are less interested in the prospect of finding a fit and flattering bikini.

Genelle Walkom, creative director of Sydney-based swimwear giant Seafolly, said there is a simple reason why women continue to struggle with swimwear shopping.
In an interview with Whimn, Ms. Walkom revealed that the difficulties are due to the fact that women do not know their bodies.

Ms. Walkom revealed that the key to finding the ideal shape and texture is to “keep an open mind fand explore new contours and design features” that may be a miracle for your unique body.

Designers caution not to buy the latest trends just for fashion, as they may not add to the problem areas of the hips, stomach, chest or leather.

She said: “You want a style that can support your troubled area to ensure you are confident, sexy and relaxed.”
In November 2017, Australian swimwear influencers Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman shared their expert advice on selecting the most flattering items for your body size when speaking for FEMAIL.

According to the girls, the most flattering bikini is the “Classic Tie Triangle Bikini”, which is popular for its versatility in any shape.

For women looking for larger breasts and smaller women behind, social media stars recommend wide shoulder straps and adjustable pants.


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