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The new swimwear manufacturer Alexandra Miro enters Selfridges

swimwear manufacturer

Deluxe, how label Alexandra Miro will be launched for next month for Selfridges department store, the latest collection of its flagship swimwear manufacturer at the retailer in Oxford street.

The brand’s full range of high fashion, SS18, engraved swimsuit, will be placed in the body’s studio, in the third floor of the mall.

Earlier, Alexandra Miro launched Harvey Nichols earlier this year.

SS18 collection includes conjoined swimsuits and two bikini styles in Navy, black, white and red.

Highlights include the best – selling Tatiana single piece in the Navy / white, red / white contrast color for SS18.

This style is characterized by a shoulder sweep design, with asymmetric incision details in the waist and the contrast belt.

In the range, there are styles to adapt to the pool lounging, or more active travelers. Styles including Lara and Kate swimwear manufacturer provide a sports atmosphere, full coverage, supporting the details and charming contour, neckline shape.

Designer Alexandra Miro created her same name line last year. Learn from her experience as a traveling underwear retailer and enthusiastically, she hone her skills to create a swimwear manufacturer brand, which embodies her love for design, exploration, and many disguised forms of women’s structure and admiration.

The luxury fabrics and components produced in Italy are produced in a small family factory in Portugal.

“The main goal of every piece of my work is to show the form of women in the best way.” This is all the great swimsuit design benchmarks, “Miro said.

“I fit and judge the clothes of each person to ensure it not only looks good on the hanger, but also to flatter, to enhance the feeling of the skin.”


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