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The sexiest swimwear in New York Fashion Week: from a low-necked neckline to a flesh-colored flash

New York Fashion Week only started yesterday, but we have already seen some sexy looks on the runway.

On the first day, MISTER TRIPLE X launched their latest swimwear collection for Spring/Summer 2019. Here, let’s take a look at some of the designer’s pulse racing series.

The flickering of the flesh-colored flash has a high profile in the collection. An eye-catching swimsuit stood out from the crowd because the model showed everything in a cut-out fishnet number, sparkling some serious low-key.

The only thing that protects the sexy shrew’s modesty is a snake skin material in the middle.
The T-stage uses a very rubbish and punk style, with leather gloves and texture locks.

The model’s cosmetics are very bold, black eyes and bright red lips, extending along the center of the golden stripes, enhances the sexy charm.

A black style shows off her versatile style with a cut-out silhouette, featuring a leopard print and a gold glitter.

Showing off her abs, the swimming suits for ladies is cut around her waistline and has a jaw-dropping low neckline.
Guide her inner heroine, the model wears fingerless gloves on one hand and adds extra temptation to black strap sandals.

Almost no other organization has been cut down, which is unimaginable.

Pushing fashion to new heights (or new lows in this case), the neckline collection plays an important role in the bright series.

Micro-bikinis is another eye-catching theme, from metallic silver to tropical plants, which are a complete set of swimwear.


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