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This large size swimsuit series is designed in rainbow colors and is absolutely beautiful.

If you like to wear stripes, especially in the days of ladies swimming costume and sunshine, then you will panic about some of the big-size swimwear collections that have just been released. Brazilian swimwear designer Bruna Malucelli and size fashion and lifestyle blogger Katie Sturino creativity, from the lineup so simple – they are perfect for one-piece and a bikini, all of which have color linear pattern. It is bright, easy, and inclusive AF. This is also the time for such things!
“Plus swimwear usually looks like it’s for you to add, or just like it tries to hide something. I just want a suit that a non-oversized friend wants to buy, not something I have to buy, because there is no Something else is available,” Sturino explained as Refinery29. “We still have very few choices in the swimwear market, and when we do, they usually look like they are made for large women,” adds Malucelli. “I don’t believe that women with curves want this, they want to have what other girls wear, and they want more choices. Not just screaming plus size.”

Go Sturino’s blog The 12ish Style, you will find her not just like swimsuit season, she likes it. In an article, she even used the label “#lovesummerhateeverythingelse” and thought that on May 22nd, National Swimwear Day, her “favorite festival.” In other words, the girl knows her swimsuit and she understands what makes a good swimwear so good and turns it into a new collection of design ace.
According to Refinery29, the designer said her swimsuit collection has a simple goal:
Top coverage. I want to make sure my girl is fit to wear a suit, not an adventure pop up or an unconscious deficiencies. I also want to make sure that the suit feels fun and celebrates, not too sexy or super-covered.
Check out this series of products, you will find that her goal is top of the triangle T. Toid, which includes two bikini top style, offer comfortable coverage, with a spaghetti straps, and one with thick straps. Single-piece as well as a thicker strap – they are classic maillot of cool style. In terms of stripe patterns, some are iridescent, some are two- or three-tone; some have horizontal lines, while others have parallel lines. However, all of this can be customized by hand embroidery, so if you want to add a name, abbreviation or anything else to your swimsuit, now is your chance.

The series is exclusively released through CoEdition, a new fashion e-commerce site dedicated to the 10th and above. Brooke Cundiff, co-founder of CoEdition, told Refinery29, “CoEdition is a powerful platform for creating changes in the retail space, serving women who are overlooked by traditional retailers. So when we think about the first collaboration, we naturally think of it. Bruna and Katie.Katie are great advocates of physical enthusiasm, inclusiveness and personal style. Our values ​​fit perfectly with Katie and we are very happy to work with Bruna. Her Brazilian style is very suitable for CoEdition, she has created a female favorite Unique and fascinating design.”
Each swimwear in the collection retails for $229 and initially looks a bit steep and can only be worn in a fraction of the year. But when you consider the idea of ​​creating each style, their high quality, and the fact that they are legally more reliable than 90% of other swimming products, it is completely worth it.


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