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Tropical beauty! Bikini model Madi Edwards shows off her sensational figure, wearing a thin rainbow swimsuit and launching a new brand Marli

She is a gorgeous model who recently curated her “dream costume brand” Marli.

Before the much-anticipated release on Monday, Mardi Edwards showed off her enviable figure in a series of eye-catching works.

The 22-year-old social media star filmed the storm on a tropical background, showing her famous Insta long skirt and slender clothes.
In one shot, Madi wore a colorful vintage high waisted bikini with yellow red and green.
Madi’s bikini is designed with high-breasted thongs and a triangular swimwear, not just a skin.

The Maxim model retains her loose blond hair for her photos.
Among the other buttons, she saw her wearing a striking corolla while resting behind a palm tree.

Choose from neutral makeup, this stun can add flawless skin tone, shiny lips and clear eyebrows.

Madi replaced the crown with a rainbow-colored headband and then provided the passerby with a view of her almost uncovered shoe rack.
Later, her linen lock was designed with a low ponytail as she walked on the beach while shaking her long sleeve swim top.

The sun-kissed model then launched her two-piece event suit, which features a tropical touch.

The top of the midsection is decorated with quirky crosses, decorated with yellow, green and yellow bands.


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