Ultimate Tips for How to Choose Right Jeans 2019

Jeans is a must have clothing item in every girls wardrobe. There are different kinds of jeans that you can go for according to your body type. Investing in a good pair of jeans is a smart investment and will benefit you in the time when no other clothing item will. Owning a comfortable pair of jeans that perfectly fits you is the real deal.

Different types of jeans that you can go for to style your clothing in a better way:

High waist jeans – these jeans are perfect for the girls who are of short height. These jeans give an illusion of long legs and tiny waist. It also enhances all your lower body curves giving you the perfect fit. These jeans are mainly paired up with the crop and tube tops. You can also pair up with the tees tucked into the jeans.

Slim fit jeans – these jeans are perfect for the thick girls. Slim fit jeans covers up all your extra fat and give you the slim look. You can go with the darker shades of theses jeans. These jeans can be paired up with any tees and top.

Boyfriend jeans – these jeans are loose fitting and paired up with the body hugging top. Well fitted top in these jeans balance out the whole look and provide you the perfect chic casual look. You can go with the black buckle belt to enhance the entire look. Small casual backpack perfectly suits up with the boyfriend jeans.

Flared cut jeans – if you are looking for a boho look, you can go with the flared cut jeans. They are very comfortable and provide you the picture perfect look. These jeans are usually paired up with loose lace tops and a statement sunglass.

Distress jeans – these pair of jeans are very trending on the internet. There are various types of distress jeans that you can go for. Some are too much distressed and some are distresses only at the knee area. Whichever looks cool to you pair it up with the well fitted top and you are ready.


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