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Vicky Pattison showed a stunning figure in red cheap sexy lingerie before she married fianc John Nobel.

VICKY Pattison hinted that the pie and wine were resolute in her cheap sexy lingerie holiday menu to show her her bodybuilding figure in her latest Instagram self timer.

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When the bride is wearing a red bra and a pair of pants, she looks very serious.

Vicki, 30, her gym hone the body after the body increases its fitness this year.

She undertook the juice detoxification this summer to also reach different training camps in revealing that she was always ashamed of the body’s online trolls.

Countdown is the plan of Vicki and fiancee John Nobel. Their wedding will be spared no effort to attack next summer — and the latest snapshots of the former Geordie shore star show that her bride’s body is the top priority.

She didn’t wear makeup, tied her hair in a messy bun with her cheap sexy lingerie mirror to her beautiful bedroom unit.

But she still seems to be in the spirit of Christmas as she posted: “Ho, Ho, ho… Tan Flick thanked @ fakebakeunited for @ thetanexpert.

She jokingly said, “underwear @annsummers.pineapple heads with my pineapple ornaments!”

cheap sexy lingerie

The frothy black hair fan awe her muscles and looked at the left. One wrote, “if not the motive is enough to let myself do not know what the gym is. .

Another post said, “you look great! “Although third wrote:” smoking is hot, burning heat, burning heat, hot! ” It’s hot, hot and hot.

A fan then said, “all powerful Christ!” You’re killing it! X!

Earlier this year, Vicki admitted that she had gained weight when she became a celebrity two years ago.

She said: “In December 2015 to Miami I just came out of the jungle, a lean and mean queen, I was a more than 9 year old.

“But then I was attracted by daytime TV, evening TV programs, evening activities, late restaurant dating, and little drinking.”

“By the end of this year, I was over eleventh years old.”

Vicki admitted that Cheap Sexy Lingerie she was a fire in her size, and lashed out at critics felt attached to Instagram.

She wrote: “Beauty has a variety of shapes and sizes. I’m just number 10. I try to keep my breasts and buttocks, I like it!”


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