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What Color of Eyeliner Do You Like?

Color eyeliner makes your eyes look more pretty and vibrant. There are numerous colored eyeliners available in the market. There must be your favorite color eyeliner that you always love to wear on your eyes. Let’s have some talk about the different color of eyeliners that gives different looks to eyes, some give bold look while others give a sophisticated and elegant look. Let’s discuss all in this blog.

1. Bronze Color Eyeliner:

Bronze color eyeliner is the best to wear when you are going to a party or any occasion. This beautiful color gives a glamorous and stylish look. One must have this eyeliner in their makeup vanity.

2. Green Color Eyeliner:

Tired of wearing the same usual black eyeliner? Add some fun to your usual makeup look with green color eyeliners. It will grab the attention of others towards you. Olive green color eyeliner blends very well with brown color eyes. Shimmer green can give a party look, and it gives an intense look to your eyes.

3. Grey Shade Eyeliner:

Add a little bit of shimmer to your eyes with grey-toned eyeliners. It is a unique and dramatic shade that is suitable for various styles. It can be wear on a regular day and for party occasions as well. A single stroke of grey eyeliner is perfect for daily routine, and a shimmery, and for a party or any other occasion, you can apply more than two coats.  

4. Golden Eyeliner:

If you are bold enough to experiment with different eyeliner colors then you should try gold eyeliner. Add a touch of glamour to your simple look with golden eyeliner. No other eyeliner can compete with gold when it comes to glamour. The glitz of gold gives a fabulous look and adds more beauty to your entire look.

5. Blue Eyeliner:

Want to give a dramatic look to your eyes. No other color can beat a blue color when it comes to drama and a dramatic look. Wear blue color eyeliner and be a versatile and style statement queen in a crowd. No one can take eyes off you when you wear this blue color eyeliner into your eyes.


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