What Shapewear to Wear Under Bodycon Dress

For those nights when you are going out with friends for drinks or on a date with your boy friend or husband, you want to wear something that will turn heads and get you a few nods of agreement. A tight body hugging dress will always work for these nights and it is hard to go wrong on these because they essentially fit perfectly onto your silhouette. However, there is no way you can pull off confidence under such a dress if you have bulges slipping out all the time.

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For your bodycon dress, choose shapewear that will highlight your best assets by targeting those areas that need to be compressed and tucked away. If your tummy is the huddle that you need to go over, opt for a shapewear that focuses on that part of the body. A high-waist shapewear would do well for anyone who needs to work on their waist, hips, bumbum and thighs.

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Though the whole intent of wearing shapewear is to give you the right shape, it should also be comfortable at the same time. Despite the tightness of your bodycon dress, you still want to have some mobility and be able to breathe. Choose a shapewear that is breathable and will give you room to move. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being stuffed into a dress. Comfort will show on your face and reflect in your attitude on your night out.

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For a bodycon dress, it is also best to choose a shaper wear that has a small hem or whole line cannot easily be seen through your slip on dress. The more invisible it is, the better. Let the fact that you had some help be your little secret revealable only to those who absolutely need to know.

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