Which shampoo can be used for 3 days without washinging

There are more and more marketing selling points about shampoos now, what is silicone-free and does not stimulate, anti-dandruff and itching, deep nourishment, soft and smooth, moisturizing, moisturizing and fluffy. But picking it up and using it may not solve the problem.

What we want to say about this is:

A shampoo that suits you is not determined by advertisements, packaging or price, but by ingredients and hair quality.

So how to choose?



I recommend to friends with oily hair:

German krauterhof shampoo

Evaluation: Polarization. Extremely like or hate.

In summer, I use it every night after running, because then the scalp has a lot of oil secretion, the scalp is very refreshing after use, and the hair can be kept fluffy all day long, and the air feels out. My big round face hair can’t fall down.

There are 4 kinds of krauterhof shampoos, the green compound is one of my favorite, with vitamin B5 moisturizing, and the soothing ingredients of chamomile, hops, lemon balm and other plants. There will be a refreshing feeling after using the scalp.

However, the shortcomings are also obvious. The blisters are general, and they feel very dry when used. If you use dry hair, you will doubt your life, so the evaluation is also very polarized. But because I am a big oil head, I love it.


I recommend to friends with dry hair:

Amino mason

Suitable for hair: people with dry hair will not regret buying it

Last year, it was quite hot. I started with a good-looking look and got a really textured bottle! Because it is made of very hard PET glue, the bottle is very glass-like and heavy.

This is an amino acid surface-active shampoo. Both surface activity and preservatives use a mild system, but there are too many types of active ingredients and plant ingredients! If you count it carefully, there are at least more than 30 kinds, which will greatly increase the risk of sensitization. It is a little bit more, and the recipe table is too complicated. There are not many good ingredients, it is useful as long as you add enough.

In addition, this shampoo is for dry hair. Don’t touch if you are oily hair! Don’t say I didn’t remind!

Finally, I wish everyone can find a shampoo that suits you.



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