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Woman, 34, who took a lightbulb when travel became a $one million share of the former empire, now Swimsuit Bikini trend on the beach this summer


For some people, the hours of their happiness are coming, months of hard work and dedication.

For others, it’s at a moment of genius.

This is the case of Sydney swimsuit designer Ruth Hurley, who came up with an idea that she now sells swimming tags, RH swimwear manufacturer, while traveling in the United States with her husband in Latin america.

Here, a 34 year old woman says how she grows up, her holiday plan for Top Bikini, beloved blogger blog Empire Oakley, you should wear this summer on the beach.

The company has entered the fourth year, with a business size of $one million, and revenues doubled.

For Ms. Hurley, when she started talking about her own swimming labels after a few glasses of wine, she didn’t really start thinking about it until she traveled to the United States with her partner for a year.

She said in an interview with the Daily Mail: “after I moved from Britain to Australia, I was surprised that swimwear manufacturer there was no affordable swimsuit there.” Australia.

But, except for a little bit, I did nothing. Then, when I was traveling, I decided to do some business research.

After meeting suppliers and making travel plans, the 34 year old realized that it would be what she actually would do.

She said, “I’ve never seen myself as an entrepreneur, but entrepreneurship is really exciting.”

When it started, Ms. Hurley’s first step was to design.


She said, “I taught myself how to use illustrations, and started working on fabric printing and bikini style.”

“I studied existing swimsuit styles and trends – I know, before I was addicted to Bikinis night clubs.”

The second big step is to find a swimwear manufacturer and create a brand.

Ms. Hurley says that deciding a name is a more difficult task than you think, because everything has been accepted.

In addition, ambitious businessmen are also dragging down full-time jobs in the market.

It helped huge, “Oakley has been a wonderful support from the beginning,” Hurley explained.

She said, in order to help the word, RH swimsuit gifts, fashion personality and influence, such as yoga stars, Sjana Earp, travel blog, gypsea desire and more swimsuit.

Then they tag on social media, and then put tags on their big screens.

When it comes to shopping for fancy swimwear and good-looking ladies this summer, Ms. Hurley said, “you need to shop around because there’s style or everybody.”

She said, “look for a bikini or a suit that suits you, and if necessary, provide support for your personality.”

“Don’t worry, the following trends make you uncomfortable – you want to play at the beach, don’t pull your clothes.”

She said, this summer, RH swimwear manufacturer swimsuit is very neutral, whether it is white solid, low-key photos or naked.

“If everything fails, choose the stripes,” she adds.” You can’t be wrong, especially the vertical stripes that we’ve seen over the last two years – that’s so enviable.”



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