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Women Trending Pants That Have Set A Style Statement

Fashion and trends always evolve year after year with new designs, styles, and versatility. Women pants have also come a long way with new styles and a range of collections. The numerous and massive pant styles have raised the bar to experiment and add new pant items in women’s wardrobe.

Here is a list of trending pant styles that every woman must have in her wardrobe.

1. Palazzo Pants:

If you are tired of wearing your regular and straight fit pants, upgrade your wardrobe with palazzo pants. These wide legs pants are super comfortable and voguish at the same time. You can wear almost anything you wish. It can be a long kurta, shirt, t-shirt or top.  It is perfect for summer wear to avoid sweat and hot weather heat.

2. Culottes:

Give yourself a different and unique look with flared culottes’ pants. You cannot ignore wearing this style and adding up to your wardrobe. These culottes give a comprehensive and immense look when paired with a t-shirt or top. It has set a new trend for working women; it is a unique style for formal wear as it gives both traditional and stylish look at the same time.

3. Boot Cut Pants:

Go back to the early ’90s and enjoy the vintage look by wearing these retro boots cut pants. It is perfect bottom wear for those skinny and chicken legs that make them look taller and adds length to the lower torso. It is available in various brands and can be best worn with platform heels and high heels.

4. Cigarette Pants:

The most popular pants among ladies that are best for regular wear. The reason it is known as cigarette pants is due to its narrow and straight fit style. It is the only pant that can be worn as casual wear, office wear, and party wear or even for a casual date. Pair it up with a casual top, t-shirt, or shirts with casual shoes or funky footwear.

5. Baggy Pants:

Who says you cannot slay in baggy pants. Experiment and confidence are key that can make you kill in every look and outfit. You should try or experiment with these baggy pants with casual and formal tees and formal t-shirts. Set the trend by making a style statement on your next occasion with these baggy pants and allow people to make some noise on your gorgeous look.


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