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9 Australian swimwear labels we are obsessed

As a country that is widely recognized for its beach culture, Australia should have many internationally renowned swimming suits for ladies brands. We shared the brands we are happy to buy this season.


Perhaps one of our most internationally recognized brands, Seafolly has been one of Australia’s most recognizable beach brands since 1975.
Aqua Blu

Designed for local and focused on prints and fits, Aqua Blu is a brand that is inspired by the world’s strong and confident women.
She let me

She Made Me is a small town on the east coast of Australia that has been carefully crafted. Each style of product is of limited quality, hand-knitted crochet, and craftsmanship.

The peony is designed to last many beach days, focusing on the “easy feminine style” inspired by the joys of summer.
Her line

Designed for modern women, Her Line focuses on quality construction and is easy to wear. Each piece is made in Australia.

Fashion avant-garde pays attention to detail, Zimmermann designed the internationally renowned elegance and considered swimwear.

When Ephemera is doing business in Sydney, he prefers to use non-traditional collections and believes that swimwear should be used with ready-to-wear labels.
Bondi was born

Bondi Born is designed and made for women by women. Each style has been carefully designed to fit perfectly.

This is the label for all girls who grew up in the 1990s. As an early pioneer in the women’s surfing market, Roxy has grown globally and has been supporting women in competitive surfing.


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