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Millie Mackintosh poses in slinky swimwear on a wellness break in Thailand as Hugo Taylor pines for his ‘incredible’ wife at home

During a healthy break in Thailand, Mulie Mackintosh wore a tight-fitting swimming suits for ladies because Hugo Taylor was happy at home for his “unbelievable” wife.
She and her husband, Hugo Taylor, have been enjoying a new marriage since they entered her marriage and family after getting married in the summer.

On Sunday, at the winter wellness break at the Rosewood Hotel in Phuket, Millie Mackintosh’s wedding life seemed to suit her.

The 29-year-old reality TV star set off a storm in a series of tight-fitting swimwear scenes. She enjoyed a relaxing yoga weekend, Thai cooking classes and sightseeing at Wat Chalong Temple.
The fashion designer showed off her figure in the gym, wearing a striking red and white bikini with a new collection of gowns from socialite Alicia Rountree.

Millie looks at the queen of every inch of style, because she glimpses her lavish champagne breakfast with her fans, pairing her swimwear with a stylish matching gown and vintage-inspired tones.
The former Made In Chelsea star once again landed on Instagram Monday morning, posing in front of the hotel’s mirror, wearing a faded rust-colored swimsuit made by Melissa Obadash and a matching blouse.

Millie and her agent told her followers about the rest time of the girls, how much she enjoyed her weekend rest and relaxation.
Using the Thai greeting sawadee ka, she wrote: “Sawadee Ka. I have been here for 2 days, but I have fallen in love with the island and the kindness of the Thai people I met.

Although Millie seems to be exploding, her husband, Hugo, 32, is struggling for his wife, telling his Instagram fans that he took photos on the couple’s stunning country wedding on Sunday afternoon.

Sunglasses entrepreneurs released a pair of short films on their special day and wrote: “One person’s love… I just had a wonderful Sunday afternoon to see the photos of this summer’s wedding. It feels like a physical experience.

‘Happiness, miracles and happiness will last forever. I like to be the husband of the most incredible and beautiful wife.
The couple married on June 22nd at Whithurst Park, the uncle of Hugo’s in West Sussex, and then spent a romantic Greek honeymoon on Crete and Kefalonia.

Millie and Hugo co-starred with Made In Chelsea for the first time in 2011, but when Hugo cheated her with her friend Rosie Fortescue, she broke up.

In May 2016, Millie reunited with her first husband, rapper Green, after the 34-year-old breakup.

Millie and the musician, real name Stephen Manderson, married for two and a half years, and they announced their breakup in February 2016.
The couple completed their divorce in May 2016, and in the same week Millie and Hugo went to the Monaco Grand Prix to celebrate Hugo’s 30th birthday.

Hugo then raised questions during his vacation in Mykonos, Greece, in July 2017.

Talking about his bride, Hugo tells you! Wedding magazine: “I know they are The One in about five minutes after we got together.”

Millie agreed: “But if we were together when we were young, we would not be together.

‘We must leave, do our own things, and grow like people. We need to separate time. “


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