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Ashley Graham shows off her amazing figure and shows the bikini look in her collection.

striped plain bathing suit

Her curves make her one of the best-known models on the planet.

Ashley Graham showed them on Thursday with two hot bikini looks.

The 31-year-old stunner has her 7.9 million Instagram fans in her series of self-portraits, browsing her delicate body and sexy bathing suit from her own collection.

At first glance it looks like a revealing two-piece cyan bikini, and her amazing assets are barely included.

The second sight saw that she wore a two-piece bathing suit of more shiny black and white stripes.

Both appearances are done with large tones and wide-brimmed hats.

She used this video to advertise her recent interview with tennis GOAT Serena Williams, who shared her beautiful blockbuster podcast on the same day.

Ashley’s swimsuit is suitable for all kinds of images; she recently said that some major beauty companies are still not inclusive, which is “unbelievable.”

She said she was confused that big brands still “have not caught up with the times” and are not suitable for “all types of women” because they wear cosmetics every day.

In an interview published on Monday, Ashley told Allure magazine: “It is unbelievable that other major beauty companies do not really consider all types of women.

“It says a lot about the cosmetics industry and how they really didn’t catch up with the times, because no matter what nationality you are, what religion you are, which part of the world you don’t care about – we are all all makeup.

This year’s Nebraska-based knockout made American history when she signed up to become the Revlon brand ambassador.


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