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Kimberly Ghana wore a robes and immersed herself in the festive atmosphere while celebrating Christmas with the rabbit.

She proved to be the best advertisement for her collection of sexy bathing suit.

On Christmas Day, Kimberly Ghana put on a bright red tights and once again showed her amazing figure.

The 28-year-old reality show star took a group photo with her new pet rabbit bunny.

Her plump cleavage and slender waist were revealed, and the charming star snorted on her short piece.

She picked up her pet rabbit and took a cream bathrobe on her shoulder.

In another sweet moment, she poses in front of the Christmas ornaments and kisses the newly added family members.

sexy one piece swimwear

Kimberly became famous in the 2012 Made in Chelsea, and then she founded her own swimwear company on the reality TV career.

Earlier this month, she madly gave fans when she modeled the night photos released on her Instagram account in Barbados.

The socialite is wearing a bold polka-dot bikini and playing in the waves, showing her incredible figure in three sweltering moments.

The TV character arched her back, broke her leg, and magnified the back of her peach color in an image.

The second photo shows the real estate developer facing away from the camera, leaning his knees on the melted sand and looking back naughty.

printed bathing suit

In the third and final photo, Kimberly stared at the camera fascinatingly while posing in the sea.

Following the tempo of the surfers, the reality star shaped a dark brown model that shaped her hair with loose beach waves.

Swimwear designer free makeup to highlight her amazing natural features.

Kimberly’s two-package can be purchased through her website and retail price of £130.

Swimwear design is not the only business in the Kimberley portfolio; she is now following the footsteps of home high-end real estate development.


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